Wisdom and action scenario

The known facts are (1) director of an agency asked for an administrative assistant, (2) three foundations accepted the offer and agreed to pay $10,000 (3) each one had its own reporting requirements of how the money was spent, and (4) two of the requested foundations agreed for it to be used in the manner it was requested. The missing facts are (1) reporting requirements and (2) breakdown of the money. The stakeholders are the community and the agency. Potential outcomes that can happen are (1) the director of the agency returns the $20,000 to the two organizations (2) keep the $30,000.

I will seek out inputs to the 3 organizations. My conscience says that I should stick to the original plan of request. I should surrender the other 2 $10,000 to the organizations that granted us money. The values and perspectives of the affected are (1) respect, (2) action, (3) feelings and (4) thinking. Ethical obligations are (1) fidelity, (2) to do whatever good, and (3) make reparation. The two ethical theories apply to this scenario because it motivates the actions of the whole agency.

The agency seeks to create factors that can affect change and establishing an end-product. The two can be linked by creating goals in my mind and both focusing on the means and the en-product that our agency can contribute to the society. My decision will be to stick to the original plan and return the $20,000 to two organizations. The forces that I need to consider are the laws present in society, norms, values, the concept of sovereignty, environmental security, public opinion, and the media.

These are some important considerations for an individual or groups in order to take action. My civic obligation is to follow the prescribed norms and rules in the community. In addition, one must practice their individual responsibility and contribute to the overall welfare of the community and the organization. One must fight for individual rights and continue to be watchful to the actions of the organization or community. Each one must effectively communicate with each member to foster a cohesive, harmonious and orderly environment.


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