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A Hospital’s Life

Raneem Ibrahim

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Unique experience and self-development is what
you gain when you work in a hospital. Working in a hospital helped me to be the
person I have always wanted to be. I am so fortunate to be given such an opportunity
to work in a hospital. It is a very special type of work and it really helped
me to find out where I belong. I am such a compassionate person and always like
to support families and help patients when they are in need. It gives me so
much pride of myself when I see those patients smile and appreciate what I do
and it takes away my exhaustion. However, it requires a lot of efforts, but in
the end, it is really worth it. Moreover, it gives me opportunity to develop my
communication skill and knowledge. On the other hand, it gives the ability to
solve problems, make a decision and to be a good listener. When we are
discussing any matter with others. “Whatever point you’re at in your healthcare
training or career, you’ll greatly benefit from taking the time to educate
yourself about the differences in these two settings” (AmericanInstituteofMedicalSciences,

In the end, I believe that hospitals are the
beating heart of the communities because without it we would not be alive.

A Hospital’s Life

Help! That is what everyone needs when they
are ill or feel pain in their body. The first thing that


comes to mind is calling a doctor or going to
a hospital. Hospitals are huge places that provide


treatments, medical or nursing care for sick
people who are in need of medical care. However,


depending on what kind of medical care is
needed certain treatments are provided. Hospitals


offer many types of careers for many
professions such as medical, administrative, technical,


engineering, housekeeping. This study by Dr.
Dressner predicted “the health care and


social assistance sector is one of
the largest service-providing sectors in the U.S. economy. It is


projected to be the fastest
growing sector through 2024, with healthcare occupations expected to


add more jobs than any other occupational
group” (Dressner, 2017). There are many fields of


specialties and different departments that
require variety of tasks such as cardiology, orthopedics,


pediatric, information technology, hospitality
department, maintenance department. One of the


major areas in hospitals are outpatients,
inpatients and emergency. All these three clinics have


various tasks and operations but at the end
they are linked together.


Outpatient or walk-ins are clinics that offer
medical treatment services for the patients minor health problems that do not
require urgent attention and without the need to be admitted at hospitals. “As a general rule, an outpatient hospital service is any
type of medical or surgical care performed at a hospital that your doctor does
not expect will be an overnight hospital stay. In some cases, you may stay
overnight in the hospital, but not be admitted as an inpatient” (medicareinteractive, 2018). In addition to that, those clinics also offer other medical
related services such as X-Ray, specialist referrals and laboratory services
and others. Outpatient clinics also consist of a few separate departments that
include call centers, customer services and receptions section.

Call centers receive calls or emails from
patients to briefly question their medical condition and then book their
appointments with specified doctors according to their medical cases. Those
appointments can be rescheduled or postponed depending on other urgent cases
that required doctors to give extra attention to. Also, appointments can be
canceled if patients fail to show up at their appointments time (some clinics
charge a certain fine or penalty for not attending appointments without prior

Customer service is
one of the main departments that plays a big role in communicating and
interacting with people, contractors and other sectors of clinics “This important job position is responsible for interacting
with customers and providing information or service enquiries” (Miller, n.d.). Customer service departments can assist with duties
such as providing patients who are in need for guidance or direction to certain
locations within clinics such as doctor offices or other departments. Also,
they follow up with patients to make sure they are well serviced and taking
good care of. In the end, customer service main objective to provide people
with the best satisfying service.

are considered to be one of the most important departments because they are the
ones to give clients the first impression by making sure that they are provided
with services in total satisfaction. Their job can be very complicated because
it requires dealing with patient and client issues and also dealing with bills
and payments. Such a position requires a person to have a multitasking ability
to cope with complicated tasks at times. Receptions are known to be the
beginning and the end of the whole prosses that the patient has to go through
starting from taking information, doctor referrals, treatments, appointment
scheduling down to billings and payments making sure after all this long
prosses, patients leave with a big smile in their faces. 


At inpatient clinic hospitals, they offer necessary
medical treatment services for patients who need extra care and stay within the
hospital under treatment and attention. People attend these clinics range from
light minor health problems to more severe cases. Patients are admitted only if
doctors see the need for them to be monitored, observed and cared for 24 hours
a day. Patients mostly get attended to inpatient care centers either through
doctor referrals or emergency room. Inpatient clinics also consist of a few
separate departments including nursing, relation patients and admission office.

 The nursing
department nurses are professionals who are trained to provide the best care
for patients and assist doctors with other duties like checking blood pressure,
sugar, heart rate and other emotional duties. Without doubt, nurses are
considered to be the angels of hospitals because they give patients the best
care with humbleness, compassion and help uplift patient spirits. This profession
demands a lot of skills and high energy that makes it very stressful and complicated
because it requires a lot of patience and experience to deal with people in a very
delicate way. Communication is a very necessary skill to have for this job because
at times nurses are put in tough situations like dealing with patient’s
families and staff within hospitals. The success of every hospital lies upon
the quality and achievement of this department. The better service the nursing
department provides the better repetition the hospital has, “The ultimate goal
of our nursing care is to provide safe passage for all patients in the health
system with care directed toward the restoration of the patient to the optimal
level of health and comfort possible” (Dallahhospital, 2014).

Patients relation department is also an important part
of hospitals that plays a big role in giving patients the mental and emotional
support and prepare them for with whichever surgery or treatment that they are
undergoing. The difference between customer services and
relation patients is that relation patients workers must have a certificate and
professional training in sociology or psychology. Part of what their job
demands is dealing with patients who are undergoing operations or in an unstable
health condition. they help calm down patients in stressful situation and also
help solve their problems. They also provide individual counseling sometimes to
determine the best treatment for patients if needed but normally they hold support
group discussions. 

Patients would not be registered into any
hospital without passing through admission office. Admission office is the
department that is responsible for taking patients personal information like
name, date of birth and other information then inter it into the hospital data
base system. They make sure of the identity of the patients and their referrals
and also check if they have the proper insurance coverage and paperwork. Admission
office also admits patients to the department they are referred to and follow
up from that point to the time that they get discharged from the hospital.

Emergency. Where would people in urgent situation
go in case they are injured or suddenly felt ill for any reason? That would be
the emergency room, this section of hospitals could mean life or death to a lot
of people with difficult situations and in need for an immediate care and

 The Urgent Care Centre has on-site access to
diagnostic imaging and laboratory services. Our Urgent Care team members are a
highly-qualified group of professionals, including emergency physicians,
registered nurses, registered practical nurses and clinical reception
assistants. Together we provide a coordinated team approach that meets
individual and family needs. (St.Joseph, 2017)

The emergency room is equipped with a
combination of all hospital services in one place. It would serve people in the
fastest possible way from processing papers to treatment and seeing emergency
doctor urgently. People suffer from traffic accidents or other work related
injuries or others suffer from sudden sector or heart attacks or any others
urgent situation that are in race with time head straight to emergency rooms
either on their own or by ambulance. It is considered to be a mini hospital on
its own providing all services that patients need in one compact area. Patients
attend through emergency go through of few different stages. First of all, it
is the reception and that where they provide their personal information and
brief explanation of their situation. Secondly, they get assistance and
diagnose by triage nurse these patients medical situation and also ask for any
history of illness or allergy to any medication then patients get referral to
either of the following section: General Emergency, Obstetrics and Gynecology Emergency
and Pediatric Emergency.

General Emergency it is the section at
emergency room that is responsible for all medical situation of all ages and
genders. They are trained to be provide immediate medical treatment for
patients who are suffering from major injuries.

Obstetrics and Gynecology (ob-gyn) Emergency
section is run by doctors who are specialize in obstetrics and gynecology. Some
of their responsibility is to provide care and urgent services to pregnant
women such as X-Ray, electrocardiogram test, electrogastrogram test and
laboratory to insure the well-being of mothers and their new born. At this
stage, doctors may referr pregnant women to either delivery or operation room
for caesarean section

Pediatric Emergency is where people would take
their children to in case of urgent care of injuries or illness. All doctors in
this section are pediatricians who give care and treatment only to children
from zero to fourteen years old.  

In conclusion hospitals are those huge medical
institutions with great responsibilities that give care to people who are in
need of medical services throughout outpatient, inpatient and emergency, whether
outpatient inpatient or emergency cases. Moreover, without exaggeration, people
should be very grateful to such an institution and people who run their
services. The main objective and purpose of hospitals is to save patients who
are in need, help to recover and improve their health and prolong their lives.
The help they provide dose not focus on patients only, but also reaches out to
those family members around them with total compassion and sympathy. Working at
this environment could get very exhausting at times but people who work at
these institutions are not after money or getting rich, but they are people of
great heart and eagerness to put smiles in other people faces. They are faced
with a lot of dangers of catching disease or face epidemic cases but despite
all this they have the strong will to continue doing what they are doing days
after days. Their knowledge and experience in medical field are limitless and
very professional like Debra stock says “We’re very high tech but also very
high touch”. (Stock, n.d)


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