A bills. Computer can also be used for

            A computer is a
device that receives digitalized data and generates some result based on
sequence of instructions. Complex computers are for storing data for a specific
duration. The importance of computer can be understood by seeing the
development of offline and online business, online education online communication
and digital banking. To store, access, and analyze data or information,
hardware devices and software applications were used. The people’s daily life
activities are based on such services, devices and software.

Computer is now a
necessity in people’s daily life to live. Computers are used for various
reasons and purposes by different people like kids, students, business owners,
and computer professionals. With the use of computer with an internet
connection, a business can start, run and grow. Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, and
Amazon are examples of websites created with the use of computer and internet.
Banking sectors also used computer for faster and more accurate service. Banks
provide automated teller machine or ATM to withdraw and deposit the customer’s
money. Computers are also important in banking because the customers can
monitor their account by doing internet banking. Using computer, the customer
can transfer money and pay monthly bills or shopping bills. Computer can also
be used for educational purposes. Different schools and colleges used computers
to teach students.

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Every university has a
cashier office that keep track on the daily cash disbursement and receipt,
providing data entry and student account information on computer database and
reporting cash received in the University’s accounting record. Each university
has their own way of doing that. One of the most traditional methods is the
manual processing. The cashier will usually calculate and key-in the data into
the computer or write the data into the paper. The payment system using cash as
input for payment is the most common and widely used method nowadays. This
method usually requires a lot of time to complete as example during manually
key-in the payment to the cash register. Using cash as payment is the slowest
method as cash needs to be verified first if it is fake or real. The cashier
also might mistakenly key-in the total cash into the machine.

faced by the university cashier’s current manual payment method is the slow
transaction processes. Example, student will only pay P60 but his/her total
cash is P1000. The cashier does not have enough change for this amount. This
then may give consternation to its staff that could slacken the process. Other
than that, the complaining of the students because of the long wait they have
to endure before a cashier can attend to them can be troublesome to the
students and to the cashier staff. The long queue is usually due to slow
turnaround time for every customer. Miscalculation of the amount to be paid is
also one of the problems faced by the cashier.

With the problems cited,
thus the development of automated payment transaction system using TAP card was
proposed. The study aims to automate the process inside the school to make
transaction faster by using a contactless smart card. The card can be used as
payment on services offered inside the school. The study will benefit the
students and the employee for faster payment at the TUP cashiers. It will also
benefit the parents or guardians of the students for the assurance of the
amount to be paid in the school through the web-based application that will
send them information about every transaction. The parents or guardian will
also be at ease when it comes to the safety of their children because the card
is safer to bring instead of cash.



of the Study

The general objective of
the study is to develop an automated payment transaction system using
tap-and-pay card.


Specifically, the study
aims to:          

Design a:

Software application that can:

Load a card amounting from P100.00 to P20,000.00

Register a card to single user only

Refund the remaining balance of a card anytime 

Web-based application that can:

Register an account online

Send reports to the account registered

Monitor the transactions and the available load balance

Create a software using the following programming

JavaScript for the application

Angular for the front-end framework

Node.js for server-side scripting

MySQL for the database

Test and improve the functionality of the system, and

Evaluate the overall acceptability of the project using
the Evaluation System ISO 9126 for software.


and Limitations

The study aims to develop
an automated process for Universities to fast-track the manual process in
payment transactions.

The project needs a
computer, contactless smart card, and contactless smart card reader. The
computers require installation of the contactless smart card reader. The
transactions made can be monitored by the customers using any browsers with
internet connection. The card is capable of providing effective transactions in
a flexible and secured way because there is a different module for every user
which has a unique username and login credentials. The desktop application can
only be used by the cashier and admin for activation and deactivation of
account, for loading and monitoring the card, and for generation of reports.

In the development of the
desktop application, JavaScript programming language is use. Angular for the
front-end framework and Node.js for the back end or for the server-side
scripting. In the development of the database, MySQL is utilized.

The function of the
proposed automated process is that the user will pay for the card and for the
load, it can be a minimum amount of P100 and a maximum of any amount. The card
can be used as cash card payment for university cash-based transactions.

If the card is lost or
stolen, the card cannot be used with any transactions. The remaining balance of
the lost or stolen card can be transferred into a new card.

The automated process
also has its limitations. In case of a brownout or disruption of electricity,
the transaction system can’t be used. The student only has 3 attempts to input
a password on login page. Also, the admin cannot print the user management tab.



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