A Case Study Of The Romano Family Social Work Essay

Drug maltreatment every bit good as intoxicant and baccy usage is the taking cause of all preventable deceases and unwellnesss in the United States. The consciousness by the populace about the medical effects of mistreating substances has over the last 15 old ages been rousing as a consequence of the ever-increasing rate of AIDS prevalence among substance maltreaters. However, AIDS merely represents a tip of the iceberg to the jobs presented by substance maltreatment. Tobacco, intoxicant and other drugs contribute to half a million deceases annually. This represents a ratio of one in every four deceases. The morbidity as a consequence of legal and illegal drug maltreatment is besides of equal desolation. Substance maltreatment has enormous cost in footings of the loss of productiveness and its demand on the heath attention resources. This is as a consequence of viral and bacterial infections from illicit drugs injections, cardiorespiratory diseases and malignant neoplastic disease as a consequence of smoke and vehicular clang and cirrhosis from intoxicant among other complications. This extract will offer a reappraisal of information sing the hazard every bit good as the protective factors that aid in the development of substance maltreatment every bit good as the effectivity of intercessions meant to forestall substance usage in this population. It will chiefly concentrate on the Romano Family instance survey and bring forth comparative literature that would help in the household ‘s intervention and bar of farther substance maltreatment.

The Romano household instance survey

The Romano kids exhibit most of the symptoms nowadays in substance abusing striplings. This include: sudden alteration in personality in countries such as subject, school attending and classs ; the kids have besides been reported to hold eruptions of piques and flair ups, two of the kids really insulted their several instructors ; a backdown from necessary duties ; a alteration in the overall attitude of the stripling ; loss of involvement in some of the kid ‘s favourite chases ; a alteration of friends every bit good as being loath to be visited by friends ; sudden aggression, jitteriness and jumpiness ; troubles in being attentive ; increased closeness ; impairment of preparing. The symptoms exhibits frequently differ from one person to another every bit good as across different substances abused ( Fisher & A ; Harrison 2011 ) . However, the most blazing symptom in any instance of substance maltreatment is a extremist alteration in one ‘s behaviour. Other physical symptoms amongst substance maltreaters include impaired motor accomplishments, memory damage, slurred address and attending damage.

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Substance maltreatment is frequently classified into three categories. Substance usage comprises the juncture usage of drugs and intoxicant without progressing to tolerance or sing backdown symptoms when one is non on drugs. Substance maltreatment comprises the continual usage of drugs while holding the cognition that it us making, physical, societal and psychological jobs ( Maguin, Zucker, & A ; Fitzgerald, 1994 ) . Once a individual develops dependance, so they experience substance usage over a loner period than they had anticipated or intended, they struggle with commanding the usage of the substance without any success, a batch of clip is spent sourcing the drug, utilizing it and retrieving from it, there are frequent episodes of detoxification and poisoning, uninterrupted substance usage even when there is cognition of the physical, societal and psychological jobs of the use, backdown symptoms, increased tolerance, utilizing the substance to alleviate the consequence of backdown symptoms. For dependance to be diagnosed, so, at least three of these factors must be present. In the instance of the Romano kids, they are non. They as such largely fall in the phase of usage and some in the substance maltreatment phase sing the behaviour alterations and societal harm in their several categories, dissing instructors and contending other pupils ( Fisher & A ; Harrison 2011 ) .

Diagnosis and intervention of substance maltreatment in Romano Family

The younger a kid starts prosecuting in drug use, the higher the hazard is that he/she will develop substance maltreatment upset subsequently on into maturity every bit good as suffer from serious associated wellness effects. Six of the Romano kids have displayed symptoms of substance maltreatment. To do affairs worse the youngest of them is 6 old ages. As such, their state of affairs needs immediate redress. This is because of the effects of utilizing drugs particularly at such a immature age. Accidental and knowing human deaths that are associated with the use of intoxicant and drugs in the adolescent population are the taking cause of preventable deceases in the 15-24 twelvemonth population bracket. Alcohol ingestion in this population presents the highest hazard of academic underachievement, depression, delinquency and teenage gestations. Drug usage has besides been presented as one of the lending factors to the rise in HIV infections witnessed between 1985 and 1990. Research shows that this period besides presented the cleft cocaine epidemic. The life style of drug and intoxicant abusing places the victim in a more unstable place of acquiring infected due to the decrease in suppressions, impaired judgement and the sex-for-drugs phenomena ( NIDA Notes, 2002 ) .

Predictive hazard factors

The risk-protective theory is the most relevant theoretical account in trying to develop an evidence- based theoretical account to supply diagnosing and intervention options for the Romano household substance maltreatment job. Harmonizing to these theories, dependence to drugs develops as a consequence of a complex interplay between the victims, the agent ( alcohol/drugs ) and the person ‘s environment. Interactions between cognitive, societal, cultural, personality attitudinal and developmental factor is normally the determiner of substance maltreatment in kids. As an person, one might be pre-disposed to alcohol and drug usage as a affair of their familial make-up. The household is normally a perpetrator in originating the first influence to imbibe intoxicant, fume or utilize other drugs. Other factors that are related to adolescent drug usage include hapless school public presentation, low religionism hapless ego image, household disfunction, parental rejection over- or under-controlling parents and divorce. In the instance survey, the parents are largely absent from their kids ‘s lives because of their busy work plans. This can be considered a factor as the kids may be experiencing neglected. The parents ‘ absence has besides helped the substance maltreatment wont to go on uninhibited so far ( Belcher, & A ; Shinitzky, 1998 ) .

Peer influence is besides a prima factor of originating adolescent into drug maltreatment. Children sensitivity to mistreat drugs frequently pushes them to seek out others who have similar disposition. The Romano household kids seem to follow this theoretical account in their maltreatment which affects all six of them, a big figure in one household by any one ‘s criterions. They have shunned equal groups in their school and merely tie in with one another. In this instance the influencing equals are the siblings. If there substance maltreatment is peer based so it is likely for them to be easier to abstain from the wont as opposed to if a psychological disfunction is present ( Belcher, & A ; Shinitzky, 1998 ) .

In the community, African American and their Latino opposite number are likely to obtain drugs in a comparatively easier and cheaper manner than their white equals. This exposure is nevertheless deceptive as the white striplings have a higher reported rate of substance maltreatment that their African American opposite numbers. However, the striplings in populations in lower privileged vicinity were most likely to be exposed to cocaine up to five times more than those in privileged countries ( Belcher, & A ; Shinitzky, 1998 ) .

The likeliness that a kid will develop projecting upsets can be traced back to preschool old ages. Oppositional defiant upsets, behavior upsets and attention-deficit/hyperactivity upsets observed in kids during their preschool old ages are likely to develop as a kid grows older. This conditions even if mild in the early old ages may progress into terrible symptoms such as aggression, stealing and substance maltreatment. Another factor is hard disposition in kids that is characterized by negativeness, moodiness, aggravations and hapless conformity may take to the kid being ostracized or criticized by authorization figures. If this occurs in the household, it presents the theoretical account of coercive parenting that is present in households where the kids adopt delinquency and substance maltreatment ( Belcher, & A ; Shinitzky, 1998 ) .

Protective factors

Protective factor comprise those features present in the person, his/her household every bit good as in the environment which are able to forestall persons from inauspicious results. The Romano household is most likely lacking in offering a nurturing place where the kids and the parents are in unfastened communicating and the kids have parental support that is positive. Personality traits such as self-denial, self-concept, self-esteem, academic accomplishment and societal competency besides assistance in raising the resilience of the stripling to avoid substance maltreatment. The challenge Model is utilizes the resilience rules on the capacity of the person to react every bit good as to pull off his/her life. It states that an person has the capacity of accomplishing past the negative factors that might be in their life. As such, a helter-skelter household does non needfully reprobate an person to be damaged everlastingly. The challenge theoretical account comprises of seven rules in the facilitation of healthy and adaptative development of persons: independency, insight relationships, wit, enterprise, creativeness and morality. Developing effectual bar schemes relies on sing both hazard factors and protective factors ( Belcher, & A ; Shinitzky, 1998 ) .

If the Romano kids were besides able to set up friends with positive oriented equals at school who understand the jobs presented by substance maltreatment, so these friends are bound to better their resiliency against the wont. The parents besides have a function to play, by set uping a sufficient parenting theoretical account despite their busy agenda. The parents are besides described as normal by the instructors and as such are in a place to stand for as protective factors to their kids. On their portion, the instructors and the school is committed to the public assistance of the pupils as witnessed by their concern and follow up of the Romano instance. The school besides has clear regulations and outlooks sing the usage of drugs by pupils. The household should besides take at exposing their kids to a supportive and safe household. This community should hold a negative attitude towards the usage of drugs. There are besides many positive services and activities that are available to the young person which the household should inscribe the kids in to busy their free clip when the parents are off. Educational and intervention attacks are besides presented by such communities to help the striplings enduring from substance maltreatment ( NIDA Notes, 2002 ) .

Children and striplings present a large challenge in the diagnostic of substance maltreatment upset. It is normally likely for the diagnostic rating to concentrate on a peculiar coexisting upset or pre-morbid status for illustration depression and/or behavior upset. This can ensue to the substance maltreatment being missed or overlooked. This is a common challenge in striplings as they will frequently fear being punished for their actions and will in most instances deny of all time trying drugs. They may besides experience threatened if the individual questioning them is non sufficiently sensitized with respect to the job facet of substance maltreatment. The demand for striplings to experiment every bit good as push the bounds besides presents a point of confusion. The rating of substance maltreatment will therefore necessitate the careful aggregation of information that can be quantified sing the preexistent conditions associated with the maltreatment. A rational intervention program can non be implemented without the public presentation of an accurate diagnosing which includes an rating of the preexistent jobs and the grade and type of dependence/abuse ( NIDA Notes, 2002 ) .

Effectss of intoxicant

Alcohol remains the figure one substance used by both the young person and grownups across the universe. The effects are present of this substance can be seen in the young person, within the household, the justness system and the public wellness sector. Alcohol ingestion forms revealed in surveies on such facets as imbibing and drive and orgy imbibing provides prognostic information that is important in the battle against substance maltreatment. Figures from 2005 indicate that the rate of intoxicant usage in populations aged 12 old ages and older bases at 9.7 per centum. In a province like Arizona, one out of every four persons indicated that had engaged in orgy imbibing in the month that preceded the study. Although intoxicant usage by grownups is of concern, its consequence on underage drinkers is dismaying. Alcohol is said to kill about seven more times more minor drinker than a combination of all the other illicit drugs. In add-on to this, kids ‘s imbibing is a high hazard factor for commiting force, falling victim of violent state of affairs and besides being involved in violent accidents such as auto clangs. Alcohol besides has hurtful consequence on the mental, physical and emotional development in the pupils. In peculiar it contributes to academic underachievement of pupils and their eventual failure as productive persons in the society ( Fisher & A ; Harrison, 2011 ) .

Underage imbibing increases the hazard of kids to develop academic jobs, make hapless determinations, engage in condemnable behaviour, engage in hazardous sexual activities, perpetrate sexual and physical assaults ( such as contending in the instance of the Romano kids ) , be victims of both sexual and physical assaults, increase their likeliness of deceasing immature every bit good as posse a hazard to damage their encephalons irreparably. In add-on to the negative consequence of underage on the development of the young person, on route safety and on the judicial system, it besides possess fiscal load on the society that is extraordinary. Managing the assorted countries of intoxicant maltreatment by the young person such as community intervention plans requires allot of money and resources and is as such a load to the community ( Fisher & A ; Harrison, 2011 ) .

Research indicate that in state of affairss where a kid starts imbibing before they are 15 old ages old, so the hazard of them developing alcohol-related jobs in their maturity additions fivefold. Alcohol besides posses a hazard of harming the encephalon of an stripling: acrobatics encephalon development. The information generated by these researches provides parents every bit good as other grownups with more grounds why they should move to protect and guarantee the wellness and safety of the kids non merely in America but worldwide ( Fisher & A ; Harrison, 2011 ) .

Impact of substance maltreatment among diverse populations

By 2003, the United States reported a 9.1 per centum of the population said to be enduring from substance usage upset, this is approximately 21.6 million people. 154 million of these were intoxicants dependent with drug dependance impacting 44 million. A combination of intoxicant and drug dependance was found in 3 million of them. The striplings and kids in the state are experiencing the effects most as about 25 per centum of them live in family where the grownups or parents are orgy or heavy drinkers. A kid in every 10 kids in the state is besides said to populate in a family that uses illicit drugs. The impact of these is that kids turn up with physical and mental drawbacks. A kid of an alcoholic parent is at a higher hazard of developing intoxicant usage than any other kid and besides suffers other mental wellness jobs. Male childs are likely to develop projecting behavior upsets and the misss internalising behaviour upsets both of which predispose them to substance maltreatment. Children with parents who are illicit drug maltreaters have a inclination to show irresponsible, unprompted or immature behaviour, have hapless school attending, low IQ mark and have behavioral jobs that may besides affect anxiousness and depression. Ion add-on, they are besides likely to attest fright, negative constructs of ego, solitariness and concentration damage. All this increase their hazard of prosecuting in substance maltreatment. The jobs of substance maltreatment besides conveying considerable shame and associated stigma to their lives which presents a job of designation in them ( Fisher & A ; Harrison, 2011 ) .


Adolescents engage in usage and maltreatment of substances for assorted and complex grounds. Most of these grounds can be explained by biological theories, for illustration, disease theoretical account and the societal acquisition theories which focus on environmental factors. The Romano Family instance survey, as would many instances affecting school traveling kids, points chiefly to the risk-protective factor theory to explicate the kids ‘s substance maltreatment. This theory is able to separate between high and low hazard factors taking to the development of the job of substance maltreatment amongst school traveling kids and as such aid in set uping effectual intervention plans for the patients.


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