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A viral epidemic of Marburg was spread throughout the east region of the United States. The virus is spread from flea, to rat, to human, then human-to-human contact. However, one doesn’t just become ill, because the virus is fatal in 100% of its victims. There is no cure.           Meet Adrian, a typical, independent, fifteen year-old, all American teenager. He has short,        wavy, strawberry blonde hair. His skin is olive and his eyes are hazel, but when he looks into the sun, they turn a piercing green. He is a lanky freshman who plays junior varsity football and always   loves to stand out.It was the last game of the season. Daniel poured a bucket of water over Adrian’s head. “Good game, bro. Good game.” said Daniel. He patted Adrian on the back and ran home.The next day at school, Adrian, Daniel, Emma, and Jade were going on a field trip to the CDC in Hazleton, Pennsylvania along with the rest of the class. Arriving at the CDC, the class was permitted to explore the premises without being chaperoned. Adrian and Emma planned to explore the Marburg exhibit together. However, Jade and Daniel wanted to go their separate ways, so they did. The class brought notebooks to take notes at each designated exhibit. At the Marburg exhibit, Adrian and Emma took notes on the virus itself. In 1967, a group of lab workers in Frankfurt and Marburg, Germany and Yugoslavia, Serbia accidentally contracted the virus in the development of a polio vaccine.After the proclamation for the end of the visit, the students got back on the bus and the class was brought back to the school.”Well, hey. That was fun. I guess.” murmured Jade.”Yeah… I guess so.” Emma reckoned.”I don’t know why you guys sound so reluctant. This trip was great and we learned a lot and you guys know it too.” said Adrian.”Yeah, sorry. It was a good trip.” Daniel said with a smirk. Jade rolled her eyes to the back of her head, blew a bubble of gum, and popped it with her two front teeth.Emma, being the first one to get off the bus, she saw a man limping towards her, coughing blood. She paused and said, “Sir, are you okay?” The man continued to limp towards her. His palms were black and blue. And his limbs were getting there too. He approached Emma and coughed on her arm.”Help. Please.” begged the man. He got down on one knee and continued to cough. He was on the ground.. dead in no time. He had choked on his blood. Emma wiped her forehead in relief. However, she used the same arm the man had coughed on to wipe her forehead. In just a few seconds, Emma was starting to cough blood.”No, please. No!” screamed Emma. She coughed into her hands, continuously coughing blood. She grabbed onto Adrian, then onto Daniel, crying, “Help! Please! How did this happen?!” She gripped Jade’s arm and whispered, “Jade, please. You’ve got to help me.””How did this happen?” Jade interrogated.Emma gripped her arm longer and Jade pulled away. Jade turned around to find Adrian and Daniel choking on their own blood. Now, there’s a circle of blood on the ground that surrounds Emma’s corpse—along with Adrian’s and Daniel’s. The class and the bus driver exited the bus. The students stopped and stared. “Marburg.” whispered the bus driver.


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