A Different Life: Comparison Analyze Essay

To get down. I will be comparing the fresh Night and the movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. There are many characters that change in emotion and actions during these plants. During the fresh Night. Elie changed his religion from being a strong Judaic truster in his Jesus to non being spiritual and arising against his beliefs wholly. In the movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. Elsa alterations from at the get downing being all right with the move of her household and her hubbies actions as a high-ranked German solider to non back uping it at all and fundamentally giving up at that place relationship because her hubby is making something so incorrect. However. to compare these two plants of literature. the characters both intended to assist person. Elie wanted to protect and be at that place for his Father through the whole battle while Elsa besides wanted to protect her boy Bruno from turning up to be merely like his male parent.

Conflicts besides occurred during this clip. When Elie gave up on his religion. he gave up on his God that he served even though he knew that was the chief individual that kept him alive and helped him last. Bruno’s male parent in The Boy in the Striped Pajamas causes a great struggle when he tries to conceal all this from his household by naming the concentration camp a farm. The difference and similarity in these to is that in Night. Elie’s a Jew seeking to suppress all these conflicts while in the movie. Bruno’s male parent is the one causation this agony upon the Judaic people. Now. you will see my reaction to The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

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Many emotions went through my head and organic structure while watching this movie The Boy in the Striped Pajamas. I felt choler. Anger arose in me when I saw that Bruno’s male parent was concealing the Judaic concentration cantonment from his household. Sadness besides arose in me when Bruno was put to decease by the gas chamber before his parents discovered where he was. I felt wonder when Bruno was so interested to travel on an “adventure” to detect the “farm” . I was funny to understand why he was so thrilled to travel see the cantonment. I guess since he was so immature and did non understand. I will now explicate how I felt about the actions of the characters.

The characters acted many different ways during the movie and thought different determinations and beliefs during the movie. Personally. I disagreed with the chief per centum of characters during the movie. I didn’t agree with any of the soldiers’ determinations to keep the Judaic people in surety because they are people merely like everyone but express their beliefs otherwise. I agree with Bruno’s determination to go friends with Shmuel but. they could hold at least had Shmuel escape the cantonment and enjoy life. All these people should merely recognize that the Judaic people are merely like the German people. the lone difference is they have different beliefs in their spiritual lives. If I could. I would state them to handle others the manner they want to be treated. Even thought this happened a clip ago. I will compare this to the existent universe now.


In the existent universe today. we experience many issues but racism and strong belief to faith stuck out most. I have personally experienced racism in my life. For me being an Afro-american life in a predominately white town it’s easy to be selected out for my large difference. Not merely myself. but my household experiences it excessively. On my dad’s occupation. his life was threatened by a white individual with a gun. Traveling out to topographic points with my household. being the lone black people in the edifice. and seeing the expression we get from people can truly ache. I pray that African-American’s in present twenty-four hours make non acquire treated like the Judaic people during the Holocaust or slaves back in the twenty-four hours. In add-on. being convicted for your religion is a job in existent life. For myself. I have experienced this but non as bad a Shmuel and his fellow people. Because I am a strong Christian truster in God I may acquire looked down upon. ridiculed. or talked about but I do non allow that convey me down. I stick strong to what I have been taught and raised on my whole life. Cipher should be disrespected or looked down upon because they believe in something different so you. Everybody is a human being no affair what. Through this all. I have reflected on my feelings and learned so much that I will now portion.

During this piece. I felt many emotions. Like I said before. I felt great choler during this movie. I besides felt overwrought during this. A female parent losing her lone boy for something stupid her hubby was making against another race.

I have learned one chief subject in this narrative: Dainty others the manner you want to be treated. Personally. I wouldn’t have wanted to be treated in anyhow like the Judaic people were taught during this clip. Sing one of my friends. a teenage from Springhill merely passed off. He was remembered for nil but good things. I haven’t heard one bad thing about him! When I die. I want to be remembered as person that made a difference. lived a great life. and treated others with regard. The Nazi soldiers in this movie will hold to populate with the guilt of the 1000s of Hebrews that they killed. I could ne’er populate with myself if I was one of those soldiers. If person in my household were to be covering with killing the Judaic citizens. I would non tie in with them any longer.

Having person. my age. which I really knew pass off hurts a batch! He wasn’t afraid to show his beliefs or be convicted of his religion even if people acted like the Nazis in this movie and ridiculed him. Life is to short now to desire to kill. injury. or roast person for being different. Whether they look different. act different. or believe otherwise so you may. In my mundane life. I will non disrespect others for something they may make or be different so me. This novel and movie really brought a different manner of seeing life in my eyes. I do non see what made the Judaic people so awful that the Germans had to handle them this manner! Every clip I do something now. I think would I desire this done to me or how do I desire to be remembered when I’m gone.

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