a. how to deal and recognize any kind

to comply with safeguarding procedures:

Those agencies and organizations working with
the children and the young people have their duty to engage staffs that are
qualified and appropriate for work with the children and the young people. All the
employees have a responsibility to follow the procedure and polices. The staff especially
working with the children noticed that any of their colleague not understand
his/her responsibility and not following the policies and the procedures about safeguarding
a serious action should be taken against them. Always report to teacher or the
head of the department because failing to obey the child can be at the danger
of harm. Safeguarding the children and the young people should be the first
priority. Sometimes emotionally it is very difficult to file the complaint
against the colleague; child or the young person can be at the risk, keep the
entire information secret and do not be share with any other staff member.


    Harming, abusing or bulling a child or young

Comply with the safeguarding the welfare of
the children and the young people can be very dangerous as the child or the
young people can be at the risk of harm, neglect, emotionally and physically
abuse. Every employ or the staff member of the institute should be trained in
how to deal and recognize any kind of abuse. A person as staff working in a
school supposes that may be involved in abusing or bulling or intentions to give
harm to the child, serious action should be taken. We should take an immediate action
to save the child by informing the teacher, head of the department, police, and
local agencies or directly to education authorities. When this issue is taken
by the authorities the school’s involvement is limited. School will not
consider as a part of investigation but can be called for taking the inquiries.
They can also be called to provide their support to the child and the young
people and their families. 


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