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A unique rebel group has been formed to liberate the people of North Korea from the cruel legacy of the Kim dynasty and the communist influence of China. Our elite resistance group is called the Korean Krusaders and we are dedicated to creating a new North Korea. This group was formed after I took an interest in North Korean prison camps and the stories of survivors. I had done tons of research  partially on Camp 14 and the well-known story of Shin Dong-Hyuk. I was so captivated by Shin’s story that I setup a spontaneous trip to South Korea to meet and speak to Shin about his life experiences in Camp 14. After interviewing Shin in a South Korean coffee shop, I was infuriated by how people were having their freedom and knowledge of the outside world stripped from them. However, I am also concerned about the people who live outside of the torturous prison camps,who seen to be in their own sort of camp inside the borders of North Korea. I took all the knowledge I learned from Shin home with me where I formed the Korean Krusaders, a freedom fighter group against the oppressive North Korean government. The Krusaders operate inside the United States were the main campus is located. We also have freedom fighters in South Korea too however, and we have a select few members who live in North Korea who report any new important information to us if possible for them to do so. We hold national protests and produce publications to educate others on the situation in North Korea, as well as to recite anyone no matter their origin to our group. Our mission is purely to free imprisoned people in North Korea and revolutionize the government into a new democratic form. Our groups’ biggest influence has been John Locke the “Father of Liberalism.” John Locke is widely known as one of the most influential Enlightenment thinkers and for his strong influence on the Magna Carta . Locke based his philosophy on the Natural Law theory. The Natural Law theory states that all human are subject to moral law and that all humans have the right to life, liberty, and security of one’s person. Locke also has said himself “All mankind…being all equal and independent, no one ought to harm another in his life, health, liberty or possessions.” However, Locke is unique in the sense that morality is based on the right that every person has to preserve himself and purse his own good. “Every man has a property in his own person. This nobody has a right to, but himself.” Our group also is heavily influenced by Locke’s idea of limited government, in which governmental powers are restricted by law on a written document. Locke’s idea of limited government is solely based on giving the people more power. The government exists for the consent of the people and is put into place to protect the rights of the people, as well as promote to public good. This is the philosophy that we believe should be brought into the country of North Korea. The government of North Korea should only exist for the good of the people, yet it only exist there to oppress and enclose the citizens in the country. The Krusaders also very strongly believe every man should be free in every sense of the word.The Korean Krusaders are formally writing a new Declaration of Independence for the country of North Korea. The need for a new declaration is urgent. The North Korean government has too much of a strong hold on citizens, and the citizens have no sort of true freedom. The imprisonment of North Korean citizens for past faults is unexceptable and inhuman, this must be stopped at all cost. The current totalitarian/dictatorship type of government has is only putting North Korea in a farther oppressive spiral. We believe in a total revolution of North Korea, as well as the freeing of all citizens and formation of a new government.     We have made a formal list of  five grievances against the current North Korean government. First grievance against North korea the tightening of borders. Kim Jong-Un as increased efforts to stop citizens from traveling outside of the country especially into China. The government has heavily increased patrol and has put barbed wire on northern border leading into China. Citizens should be free to leave the country without permission. The North Korean government should loosen the border regulations and take down any physical borders around the country as well. The second grievance has to do with the lack of freedom of expression and access to information . All forms of domestic social media inside the country of North Korea is strictly controlled, and all foreign media allowed inside of the country are severely controlled too. International calls, publications, and even the internet are heavily monitored. The government should allow citizen to freely express themselves without worrying about being imprisoned or having their family imprisoned. Freedom of speech is essential to the strength of a government, citizens should be able to trust the government and feel free to truly express themselves. The third grievance is violation of labor rights. Many workers in North Korea are denied freedom of association and the right to organize for a strike. If  a citizen decides to try to organize he or she will be thrown into camps, as well as the next three generations of their family. The fourth grievance is forced labor in North Korea. The government has been using forced labor from citizens to sustain their economy and control their people. A large amount of citizens have to perform unpaided labor at some point in their lives. This is enslavement and is illegal in most countries. This type of type toward citizens should not even be an idea. The last grievance is one of the more critical complaints against North Korea. This is the inhumane treatment and detention of citizens is common yet kept secret by free citizens and most of the outside world. The government practices collective discipline for citizens who bring alleged anti-state offense to North Korea. As of today, hundreds of thousands of citizens, including children are enslaved in prison camps and other detention areas. The people who are detained face grueling conditions, sexual abuse, beatings, and torture by guards, as well as forced labor in sometimes deadly conditions. To hide their offenses the North Korean government has hidden this camps far in the mountains with miles of barbed wire so one can go come of go easily through the camp. These camps are described as cruel abuse, including little to no food which leads to sarvations, no medical care, lack of quality housing and clothing. Mistreatment in these camps is normal it includes sexual assault, torture, and public executions all carried out by paid North Korean guards. Our friend, Shin has even said himself as a child they were told they “should always be ashamed of their traitorous blood, they could go a long way towards ‘washing away’ their inherent sinfulness by working hard, obeying the guards and informing on their parents.” This mistreatment of human beings in North Korea is inhuman and will be illegal in the new North Korean government. We the Korean Krusaders want to close by directing ourselves to Mr. Kim Jong-Un. The Jong dynasty will be the last and final dynasty in North Korea, and the government will be revolutionized. All the citizens of North Korea will be have equal rights and will not fear of the government.     The new North Korean government will be based on a democratic form of government in which the new government will have the consent and trust of the people. The form of democratic government we will be using is an indirect form where citizens are free to elect representatives and be given the responsibility to make their own laws. Through this form of government will allow people to have a choice in how they want their country to be ran. The people will also be able to elect a leader for their country, as well as branches of government so that no one person will have power again. Also through the new North Korea government we plan to make peace with South Korea. We slowly want to form a better relationship with South Korea, though many citizens might not want to rejoin with the other half of Korea it is imperative that we create a better relationship with them. Through this form of government the people of North korea will truly know what the word freedom means.


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