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“A person’s a person, no matter how small” ( Dr. Seuss). Resentment of abortion has always existed and it has been considered as murder of a child for centuries. Many imply that terminating an embryo is the same as killing off a young child. Killing others is against our beliefs and as Dr. Seuss says, why does size matter? In spite of the fact that abortion is considered immoral to some, we shouldn’t ban it because it’s rather self-explanatory that we all have a right to our own choices. Banning abortion would also cause a colossal increase of unsafe abortions, financial problems for the women and in cases where rape was the cause of the pregnancy, a painful reminder.To begin with, banning abortion would lead to countless more unsafe abortions which are both extremely perilous and possibly fatal. (1) Lisa B Haddad and Nawal M Nour from the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) state that roughly 20 out of 42 million worldwide abortions that occur each year are unsafe. Out of those unsafe abortions nearly 68,000 women die. Those who do survive have a unfortunate likelihood of being one of the five million who will go on to suffer long-term health complications throughout their life. They explain how 97% of unsafe abortions occur in developing countries where abortion often is illegal. (2) The website, Opposing viewpoints states that these countries include the Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Nicaragua, the Philippines and more. This evident points to the fact that countries who do ban abortion have a higher amount of annual unsafe abortions which are immensely jeopardising. For that reason banning abortion isn’t a solution because it would just cause more problems, including unsafe abortions.Furthermore, banning abortion is the wrong choice is because it would cause massive financial problems for the women. (3) In 2005 the Guttmacher Institute conducted a study to comprehend why women were having abortions. Out of the abortion patients taking the survey, 73% of the women answered that they could not afford the baby at the time. This is a large percentage and  if it weren’t for these abortions, many women would be having great financial difficulties. This would also increase the amount of homeless in America and that would have an atrocious impact on the government. This would also have a huge impact on the United States (U.S) economy as a whole due to the annual need for abortions. So is banning abortion really worth it if so many more will suffer financially. As previously stated, this would affect the pregnant victims of rape in an extremely damaging way. (4) Take the case of anonymous from Pregnancy Choices Directory, who shares her story of being raped by two men at 16. She was walking home from a friend’s house when a woman pulled up in a van. The woman asked her if she wanted a ride and she gladly hopped in. In the back of the van there were two men who began to rape her as soon as the van started moving and continued to do so for over an hour. They then left her alone in the parking lot and she called 911. A few weeks later she found out she had become pregnant with one of the rapist’s child and was devastated. Who wouldn’t be? Her parents weren’t supportive at all. The only person who truly supported her was her boyfriend. He stayed with her and helped her make the choice of abortion. She wrote, “Would I really want a reminder of what happened staring at me everyday? Would I ever tell this child about his/her father? Not to mention the mental and emotional stress I’d go through.” She then continued, “Now, over a year later, I don’t regret it. I won’t lie though, I think about it all the time. But I’m trying to let it go, I can’t hold on to the past forever.” This woman has personal experience of being raped and becoming pregnant and thought abortion was the better option because she couldn’t bear to live with that kind of reminder and she shouldn’t be blamed for that. It all engenders a feeling of rage knowing that countless victims are blamed for being assaulted. It isn’t their fault. It’s never their fault.  It would be preposterous to have the only form of tool they have to fix a mistake they didn’t even make taken away from them? Therefore, banning abortion would just be cruel to all the women with the outcome of pregnancy after rape.Admittedly, some people argue that abortion is the equal of murdering a child. This point of view makes sense because all life should be appreciated and valued. However, personhood is developed when a fetus is viable. A fetus under 24 weeks is incapable of this and abortion may be denied after 12 weeks of pregnancy. ( 5) As Britannica confirms, you can’t get an abortion after the 20th week so there is no way you can get one after the 24th. Therefore are you really terminating a baby or just the thought of one? To conclude, banning abortion will do no good, rather the opposite. As I stated before, it would put us on an path to unsafe abortions, financial difficulties and a painful reminder. This should be the choice of the woman. She’s the one who’s mostly affected by the decision so why shouldn’t she be able to control the outcome and impact her future? Life is all about the choices you make and this shouldn’t be another possibility that is so harshly snatched away. As stated earlier, “A person’s a person no matter how small” (Dr. Seuss) but a choice should be a choice no matter how hard.


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