A that Hyde will tear of the acknoladgment

doctor’s name Dr. Jekyll and was addicted to his second personally Mr. Hyde. He
used certain self-made drugs to transfer himself into other person which was
called Mr. Edward Hyde. Dr. Jekyll was a chemist who was experimenting with
drugs to analyze how a human brain would reacts to chemicals. On one morning he
tried one of his discoveries on himself as experimental animal, and the result
of the drug was a transformation of himself into Mr. Hyde’s body and
personality. Dr. Jekyll was in the society highly thought and admired person,
who was born from a wealthy family. Whereas his second personality Mr. Hyde had
unsuitable, and a destructive behavior. However Dr. Jekyll felt fresh, young
and better after taking the substances. Therefore he kept using the drugs. When
the times went by Mr. Hyde’s evil personality was taking places than the
doctor’s personality, Dr. Jekyll had to take more and more from the
crystal-drugs to be able to go back to his original personality, also at end
Hyde arising without the consumption of the drugs. 84This He had killed
several innocent people

The stimulation of the drung was helping Dr. Jekyll only for
short term to recall himself because the medication worked more effectively to transfer
intoHyde than the doctor. At the final stage of this novel Dr. Jekyll utter
that was able to keep him self as Dr. JeKyll. As Dr. Jekyll explained on his
last confesion latter that he has lost control over Hyde’s actions for example
he wrote that when he turned into Hyde that Hyde will tear of the acknoladgment
latter. Jekyll is ont anly loosing power he is also getting while the
resurrection of Hyde taking more force over Jekyll. ” The power of Hyde seemed to have growth with the sicknessof Jekyll.”
(Stevenson 93) in the above statement of Dr. Jekyll showed his being weaken
by Hyde.

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” Yes I had gone to
bed henry Jekyll, Iawakened Edward Hyde. How was this to be explained? I asked
myself , and then another bound of terror-how was it to be remedied?” (Stevenson 83) On this morning Jekyll went to bed, and woke
up as Hyde. The above quote shows that the chemicals are giving hyde to triumph
over Jekyll’s body eventhough he did not take the substance. The arise of Mr. Hyde
did not only change Jekyll’s body it also his behaviour was over taking Jekyll.
For instance, Dr Jeky wrote, ” the
character of Edward Hyde become irrevocably mine.”(Stevenson 84) Hyde’s
unpeasant and monstreus habitdid not fir Dr. Jekyll’s way of thinking .
Nontheless, when the time went by it became it became inpossible for Jekyll to
maintain his dignified personality in fact he take more and more dosage of the

The story from dr. Jekyll can be used to teach adolecences to
prevent any addictions or drug abusing problems which might will happen in
their life time. Additionally it can be usefulll to demostrate to young people to
think critically about new dicovries including medications and technologies
before letting it into their lives. Nowadays, many people specially teens take
drungs without being aware of the side-effects,which latter leads to
concequences, they might have to face. 


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