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Abdulla MustafaFatima AljawderMs. MesserEnglish 11-A10 January 2018The University of ManchesterHistory and Location The University of Manchester is known for its background and history. The first building that was built for the University of Manchester was the Beyer Building. “The Beyer Building opened in 1887 to house geology, zoology and botany” (“The Beyer Building”). Since 1887, the building has been open and renewed until today. “The University of Manchester, in its present form, was created in 2004 by the amalgamation of the Victoria University of Manchester and the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology” (“The History”). The year 2004 is very recent and so that makes the building modern. “After 100 hundred years of working closely together both institutions agreed to form a single university, and on 22 October 2004 they officially combined to form the largest single-site university in the UK” (“The History”). To clarify, the University of Manchester and the Victoria University of Manchester merged together forming a big university recently. “Catherine Chisholm 1878 was the first female graduate of medicine from The University of Manchester, she was a paediatrician and founder of the Duchess of York Hospital for Babies” (“Catherine Chisholm”). The students of the University of Manchester almost always graduate to become successful individuals and Catherine Chisholm is a great example of that. In conclusion, that is mainly why the University of Manchester is known for its history and background. The city of Manchester is known for its beautiful location crowded with thousands of tourists. It’s easy to travel around the city because the city offers a variety of affordable transportations. According to the University of Manchester, “Manchester is well connected by all modes of transport so whether you are travelling to the city by road, rail or air, it is easy to reach” (“Location”). The most used transportation in Manchester is either walking or using the bus. “Manchester is well served by a number of bus companies that operate around the city and our campuses are located along the busiest bus route in Europe with buses running till the early hours (“Sustainable Travel”). In addition, there is a big variety of restaurants from different countries, especially because a lot of tourists visit Manchester and the international students who study there. “You will be spoilt for choice for places to eat and drink. From the Curry Mile to Chinatown, award-winning restaurants and cafe culture, there is something to suit everyone’s taste and budget” (“Why Choose Manchester”). Not only is the food great, but it’s also affordable, which comes in handy for students going low on budget at the end of the month. “Manchester is a haven for shoppers with the city centre Arndale Centre’s high street names, to King Street’s designer shops and the Trafford Centre on the outskirts of the city” (“Why Choose Manchester”). There is nothing better than a city with delicious food and great places to shop in. If people travel across the globe to visit Manchester for vacation, it surely is a great city to study in because of its fantastic location.Courses OfferedThe University of Manchester a great variety of majors to choose from. According to the University of Manchester, “We’ve got the largest selection of undergraduate courses in the UK” (“Undergraduate Courses”). This big variety leaves the students with plenty of fields to choose to major in. For those students who are interested in business-related majors, they could choose finance, business management, accounting, economics, human resources, etc. (“Undergraduate Courses”). Someone who would be interested in the scientific field could major in something like biochemistry, environmental science, chemistry, biological science, etc. (“Undergraduate Courses”). Some students are interested in unique majors that are hard to find, for example Mummy Studies or Zoology, but the University of Manchester offers majors like that as well (“Undergraduate Courses”). The University of Manchester offers a lot of different majors to choose from for undergraduates, postgraduates, etc. In conclusion, the University of Manchester’s wide variety of majors to choose from encourages students to explore what they desire to learn about the most.Admissions Process The University of Manchester has a high world ranking partly because it accepts students that meet the high educational standards the university sets for them. Students who apply have a deadline to turn in their personal statements, exam scores, school transcript, etc. “Each year you can apply via UCAS from 1 September, for entry in the September of the following year. For example, if you wanted to begin studying in September 2015, you could apply from 1 September 2014” (“Undergraduate Application Process”). Although, the deadline is different if the student is applying for Dentistry or Medicine. According to the University of Manchester, in Dentistry or Medicine, “the deadline for applications is 15 October in the year before you would like to begin studying” (“Undergraduate Application Process”). The expected IELTS score for students is 6.0-7.0, and 5.5  for foundation courses (“Undergraduate Application Process”). Almost every department in the University of Manchester has different entry requirements and so the students must check what the university requires for his or her entry depending on the major chosen (“Undergraduate Application Process”). The University of Manchester tries to accept as many students as possible in order to educate and inspire them to become intelligent, independent individuals.Campus Life and Policies The majority of the international students that choose to travel abroad to study in the University of Manchester need an accommodation to settle in. Most accommodations that are offered for undergraduates are located in the City or Victoria Park. The majority of them are ensuite and self-catered offering private bathrooms (Our Accommodation). An ensuite accommodation is recommended since it provides privacy for the student making him or her comfortable. “In catered halls, meals are provided for 33 weeks and their cost is included in the residence fee, which makes budgeting easier” (“Types of Accommodation”). Catered halls may be a bit more expensive than a regular accommodation although it makes food easier to provide for the student. Standard accommodations include a bed, a desk, a chair, a shower, wash-basins, a toilet, etc (“Types of Accommodation”). Those are the main things a student would have to pay a lot for but would no longer have to since they are already provided. “Students living in this area would have requested and be expected to adopt a moderated lifestyle in respect of alcohol, parties and noise etc” (“Types of Accommodation”). Students who continuously throw parties and cause a lot of noise would eventually disturb their neighbors (especially if they’re studying) and that would lead to conflict. So, excess alcohol, parties, and loud noise are unacceptable in the student accommodation. The University of Manchester provides many different types of accommodation for the students to choose which one they feel the most comfortable in. The University of Manchester is a very well-known university across the globe and so it includes a fair amount of policies for the students to follow in order to avoid any conflict. The general few out of all policies would be the Copyright policy, Health and Safety policy, and Drugs and Alcohol policy. “In order to avoid reputational damage and the incurring of liability, the University must ensure that its employees and students … adequately protect the copyright material they produce” (“Copyright Policy”). Students and employees should be aware of this policy because it is important to preserve the University of Manchester’s great reputation. “All students must not interfere with or misuse any thing, object, structure or system of work provided by the University of Manchester” (“University Health and Safety Policy”). Students must not interfere with or misuse anything provided by the University of Manchester due to safety reasons. A student involved in drug or alcohol abuse is not excused by the university for poor work performance (“Drugs and Alcohol Policy”). “Disciplinary procedures may be suspended whilst the opportunity is taken to identify potential alcohol or drug-related problems and, if necessary, to seek treatment” (“Drugs and Alcohol Policy”). The Copyright policy, Health and Safety policy, and Drugs and Alcohol policy are a few policies of the University of Manchester.Works Cited”Accommodation”.? 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The University of Manchester. http://www.conference.manchester.ac.uk/location/why-mcr/


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