Abortion ; the Arising Problem

Can you imagine delivering a fetus by yourself? Not something you do every day, but that’s what Jennie Linn McCormack, a teenage mother, went through on a lonely Christmas Eve. She delivered a dead fetus prior to taking a dangerous abortion pill. (“The Rise of DIY Abortions” Ada Calhoun) She, like many other low-income women have taken the easier, cheaper route of ingesting risky abortion medications to exterminate unwanted pregnancies. This dangerous method of termination is becoming more frequently used as legal abortions become increasingly high-priced.

DIY abortions, or “Do-it-yourself”, are extremely dangerous. The effects are fatal and usually cause death. Staying aware of the effects are crucial to saving thousands of lives. This paper will investigate the consequences and causes of illegal, DIY abortions. Methods to terminate pregnancies have been around since 500 B. C. There are too many various techniques to list, but women up until present day have attempted self-induced abortions with mercury, quinine, pennyroyal, iron sulfates, and a mixture of camel saliva and deer hair. “The Rise of DIY Abortions” Ada Calhoun) Such methods were conducted because of the lack of knowledge and technology. Today, a much greater threat stands. Highly dangerous over-the-counter medications have become readily available for women to use. This is a dilemma because these medications are not legal or safe. On the other hand, these pills are cheap and easy to execute. This is the reason why women see these pills as a preferred choice over long, pricey terminations. Technology has a play in to this complication as well for it allows this medication to be widely and easily available to a greater crowd.

McCormack ordered such abortion pills on the Internet for $200. There was no legitimate company name or identification, but the pills were delivered to her and she proceeded to take them. McCormack experienced cramps and the next morning delivered the dead fetus. The common pill sold on the internet is a combination of the two drugs: Cytotec and Mifeprex. These drugs are 95%-99% effective for ending pregnancies in the first 9 weeks. (“The Rise of DIY Abortions” Ada Calhoun) The number of American women that have experienced home abortions is unavailable because illegal terminations are difficult to track.

Cytotec, is also not distinguishable from a natural miscarriage because there is no blood test for such drugs. But these substances are available online for as little as $45-$75. Compared to $300-$800 for a legal medicated abortion, this seems like a more desirable choice to desperate women. The availability of Cytotec and Mifeprex is the next big topic and debate in the continual argue regarding abortion. In the United States, 22% of preganancies end in abortion. From those pregnancies, 1 woman every 7 minutes will die due to a dangerous, illegal abortion. Women’s Center) These illegal abortions vastly consist of home, DIY abortions including pills. Many women die constantly from life-threatening abortions. Informing the public of the consequences and the effects will cause a great difference in the rates of abortion-induced deaths. Knowledge is power. The way to rid the United States of home abortions, is to educate teens from the beginning. Also, educate the greater public. Through knowledge, women will understand the risk and consequence.


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