About Central Carolinas Inc.

IntroductionUnited Way of Central Carolinas Inc. is a non-profit Corporation that is portion of the 100s web subdivisions of Unite Way since 1957. The cardinal office of United Way of Central Carolinas Inc. , is located in Charlotte, North Carolina. The organisation is a non-profit providing comprehensive service to the needing, under the direction of United Way ( United Way of Central Carolinas, 2014 ) .

To day of the month, the United Way of Central Carolinas Inc. is a corporation governed by its new Chief Executive Director, Jane McIntyre. The administrative forces and staff consist of 22 voluntaries Board Members and 79 paid staff, and voluntaries from Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Mooresville-South Iredell, and Union counties ( Better Business Bureaus, 2014 ) . The Corporation provides support services to 98 bureaus including Anson, Cabarrus, Charlotte, Mooresville/Lake Norma, and Union communities ( Better Business Bureaus, 2014 ; United Way of Central Carolinas, 2014 ) .

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The Better Business Bureau ( 2014 ) describes United Way of Central Carolinas as — “These voluntaries, along with 1000s of others, program and form the one-year fund raising run, cod parts, and find how United Way ‘s Community Care dollars should be distributed to service suppliers and agencies” ( Better Business Bureau, n. p. , 2014 ) . It is their run and parts to the Corporation aids the others non-profit organisation to run into their fiscal and operational end. Therefore, the United Way’s Community Care dollars is the overall benefit to the community.United Way of Central Carolinas Mission StatementMission:“To create permanent alteration for those most in demand, through strategic community philanthropy” ( ( United Way of Central Carolinas, n.

p. , 2014 ) .Vision:“Awakenthe greater community – to light solutions that uplift this region’s quality of lifeLeveragesingle and corporate contributions – to accomplish mensurable, permanent consequencesStartlethe best non-profit-making bureaus and spouses – to work out jobs consistently and collaborativelyUpheavalour neighbours confronting adversity – to assist households and persons toward autonomyMaximizeour limited resources – through changeless accent on answerability, stewardship, and integrity” ( United Way of Central Carolinas, n.

p. , 2014 ) .HistoryIn 1913, the first Community Chest foremost was established for the one-year fundraising to assist the local concerns. After several name alteration, the organisation continued turning countrywide, and in 1963 Community Chest opted the United Way organisation. Soon, United Way has about 1,300 local organisations in the United States and its web serves 45 states and districts worldwide ( United Way of Central California, 2014 ) . The one-year fundraising motion has positively changed communities in demand, measuring community jobs that have become stepping rocks in the advancement in instruction, wellness, and fiscal stableness of the communities. Embolden of Live United represents the call of action for everyone in their communities to go portion of their community ‘s betterment and advancement.United Way of Central Carolinas Inc.

In 1931, the first United Way organisation was established in Charlotte under the name of Called Emergency Relief. As the organisation grew in Charlotte, others organisations merged. Organizations such as, Mecklenburg County, Union County Combined Charity Organization, and other United Way organisations in the District of Columbia makes what is called today, United Way of Central Carolinas Inc.In 2009, the effects of economic made an impact in the United Way of Central Carolinas Inc. , coercing the new hired Executive Director Jane McIntyre to take her station at half of the wage of her predecessor. With that said, the full board resigned in December of the same twelvemonth, giving chance for cut downing the new Board of Directors at a 3rd of the anterior board ‘s size.

The Corporation runing budget and staff were reduced by about 50 per centum.Fiscal Budget

Entire Income: $ 26,986,287
Expenses % of entireExpenses % of entireIncome
Plans: $ 24,081,323 84.47 % 89.24 %
Fund Elevation: $ 2,002,528 7.02 % 7.

42 %

Administrative: $ 2,423,332 8.50 % 8.98 %
Other: $ 0 0.00 % 0.00 %
Entire Expenses: $ 28,507,183
* Excess of Expenses over income $ 1,520,896
Ending Net Assetss: $ 14,571,923
Entire Assetss $ 32,795,153
Entire Liabilitiess $ 18,223,230

*Excess for the twelvemonth indicates the part of income remaining after disbursals. Beginning of tabular array: Better Business Bureau. ( Better Business Bureau, n. p.

, 2014 ) .Employees ‘ gift constituted the bulk of financess, which totals 62 % of the 2012 run beginnings:• Workplace runs and gifts from single givers – 62 %• Corporate gifts – 22 %• Particular events – 9 %• Other gross ( including rental gross, grants and sponsorships ) – 7 % ( United Way of Central Carolinas, n. p. , 2014 )United Way of Central Carolina Community Care FundThe Community Care Fund are investings financess are dispersed to bureaus community-wide assisting the bureaus in supplying services to clients, aiming the most important issues impacting the clients.

The United Way of Central Carolinas supports the Children & A ; Youth Fund, the Housing & A ; StabilityFund, and the Health & A ; Mental Health Fund.

  • United Way of Central Carolinas, through their supported human service bureaus, provides comprehensive services to households and persons in crisis with fiscal adversities because of the loss of occupation, homelessness, unequal health care, kid attention, and to kids with academic issues.
  • United Way supports more than 80 bureaus in five-county part that address critical issues within the countries of kids and young person, lodging and stableness, and wellness and mental health-– ” these bureaus are more effectual when they work together ” ( United Way of Central Carolinas, n. p. , 2014 ) .

Agency Support and Funding

  • United Way of Central Carolinas provides support to non-profit bureaus using for financess and run into the require standards:
  • the bureau has demonstrated its public presentation is an indispensable service to the community
  • the bureau must be a tax-free, non-profit-making corporation governed by a volunteer board of managers whose members are elected and supported by trained professional staff
  • must hold an one-year, independent fiscal reappraisal audit and meet sensible criterions of fiscal duty and efficiency ( United Way of Central Carolinas Inc. , 2014 ) .

PlansThe United Way end is to aim the demands of the most-affected population life in or near poverty degree. Since 2009, United Way of Central Carolinas has implemented plans to increase– United Way is partnership with the Goodwill Industries Job Source assist clients with professional development accomplishments, occupation interview, and facilitates occupation Bankss increasing client ‘s chance to happen a occupation.

Goodwill provides client vesture and housewares points at really low cost ( United Way of Central Carolinas Inc. , 2014 ) .– United Way is besides partnered with Housing Authorities to supply lodging through low-income lodging, Section-8, exigency shelter and other authorities plans to help the homeless ( United Way of Central Carolinas Inc. , 2014 ) .– Many of United Way financess are dispersed to back up human services organisation to go on supplying everyday and exigency medical and mental wellness attention for the households at income base wage graduated table ( United Way of Central Carolinas Inc. , 2014 ) .– Child and young person are provided with after school plan with academic extra-curriculum to assist them better academic public presentation with the aid of voluntaries, instructors, and wise mans ( United Way of Central Carolinas Inc. , 2014 ) .

“United Way of Central Carolinas, Inc. provides services to the community both through internal plans and enterprises, every bit good as support of indispensable plans that are administered through its member wellness and human service bureaus and concentrate country grants receivers. The one-year run financess plans and services that support five Community Impact Areas: Fixing kids to win, Promoting wellness and health, Strengthening young person, households, and communities, Increasing autonomy, and Helping seniors and handicapped unrecorded independently. Each of these impact countries is established on the premiss that all occupants in the community will bask equality of chance, and will see understanding, regard, and good will of others. United Way of Central Carolinas, Inc. operates, through its voluntaries and staff, the undermentioned internal plans and enterprises: Community Investment ( Grants and Member Agency Fund Distribution ) , Success by 6, Community Works ( Community Planning ) , Public Policy, United Way 2-1-1 ( Information and Referral Services ) , Regional HIV/AIDS Consortium ( 13 counties ) and Volunteer Center” ( Better concern Bureau, n. p.

, 2014 ; United Way of Central Carolina, 2013 ) .Program effectivityHarmonizing to Charity Navigator, United Way is an independent, non-profit-making organisation that evaluated with overhead rate 14.4 % ( United Way of Central Carolinas, 2014 ) .United Way of Central Carolinas Inc. Leadership Structure and CultureThe United Way of Central Carolinas Inc. , is governed by the Chief Executive Director and Board Members.

The Board Members have the duty for reexamining proposals, make recommendations, and conveying issues to vote by Board and Chief Executive Director.Chief Executive Officer: Jane McIntyre, Executive DirectorBoard Size:22Paid Staff Size: 79 Full-Time.Volunteers: Thousands worldwideEmployees working for United Way are caring and dedicated, and committed professionals, and voluntaries who enjoy assisting others and supplying different human services to communities in demand. United Way seems presented its work environment as warm, lovingness, and a safe topographic point to work. The staff are professionally developed, at the same clip, there are non excessively formal, doing the clients comfy to bespeak the aid for services ( United Way, 2014 ) .United Way Absentee PolicyUnfortunately, United Way of Central Carolinas Inc.

, does non hold the corporation’s employee policy manual available to the populace. Assuming that United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona ( UWTSA ) , has the same employee policy for all United Way Organizations, UWTSA has established a Paid Time Off ( PTO ) hours for their employee to equilibrate their unrecorded off from work. Employees must work at least 20 hours per hebdomad and have work for periods of yearss are entitled to PTO.Procedure: Eligibility, Availability, and Accrual and Payment of PTO

Old ages of Service Accrual Rate per Hour Annual PTO Accrual Maximal Accrual
1sttwelvemonth .


12 yearss ( 96 hours ) 360 hours
2neodymiumand 3rdtwelvemonth .0769 20 yearss ( 160 hours ) 360 hours
4Hand 5Thursdaytwelvemonth .0962 25 yearss ( 200 hours ) 360 hours
6Thursdaytwelvemonth + .1154 30days( 240 hours ) 360 hours

Beginning of tabular array: United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, employee policy manual, page 19, 2009.Family Medical Leave/Other AbsencesQualified employees are entitled to household medical leave of absence—“for up to twelve ( 12 ) hebdomads of unpaid leave per twelvemonth for the birth of the employee ‘s kid ; the arrangement of a kid with the employee for acceptance or Foster attention ; for employee attention of a kid, partner, or parent with a serious wellness status ; or for serious wellness status which makes the employee unable to execute the indispensable maps of his or her place. The twelvemonth is defined as a peal calendar twelvemonth, which starts on the first twenty-four hours of the employee’s absence” ( United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona, p.

20, 2014) .North Carolina Leave of Absence ( FMLA )Contrary to the United Way Family Leave of Absence, the State of North Carolina employee does non allow clip off for the birth or acceptance of a kid, neither to care for a household member with serious unwellness. Lone employers with 50 or more employees are covered by the federal Family and Medical Leave Act ( FBR, 2014 ) . It is to the discretion of employers with less than 50 employees to supply or unpaid household. Upon common understanding with the employer, employees with who are parents or defender of school-age kids are entitled to take four unpaid hours per twelvemonth to go to his or her kid ‘s school activities. Employees may bespeak blessing for unpaid clip off in composing 48 hours in progress to help to school activities, and may hold to supply confirmation from the kid ‘s school verifying that the employee attended school activities during the requested clip off. Employees involved in domestic force have the right to take sensible clip off to obtain or seek to obtain protection under the province ‘s domestic force jurisprudence ( FBR, 2014, n.

p. 2014 ) .Family Leave Policies in United StatesIn comparing United States with other industrialised states, United States was one of the few states less generous to pregnancy leave of absent.

I was non until The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993, employers of 50 employees or more, allow employees allowed to take up to 12 hebdomads of unpaid for the birth or acceptance of the kid, attention for a household member with serious unwellness, or to take off for personal serious unwellness. In 2002, few provinces enacted paid household leave act, leting employees to take six hebdomads leave up to 55 % of their hebdomadal rewards: Washington D. C. , California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Wisconsin ( Catalyst, 2013 ; FBR, 2014 ) .Maternity Leave Policiesaround the World

Australia Mothers are entitled to 18 hebdomads paid at the national lower limit pay, paid parental leave ( authorities funded ) ( Catalyst, 2013, n.

p. ) .

Canada Female employees are entitled to a standard 17 hebdomads unpaid, job-protected pregnancy leave. In add-on, both male and female employees are granted up to 37 hebdomads unpaid, job-protected parental leave ( 35 hebdomads for adult females if being combined with pregnancy leave for a sum of 52 hebdomads ) ( Catalyst, 2013, n. P. )
China The minimal length of pregnancy leave was increased in May 2012 to 98 yearss.

Germany Replacement rate of old labour net incomes 67 per centum for either male parent or female parent for up to 12 months postpartu. ( Catalyst, 2013, n. P. )
Italy Mother is pay 80 per centum of hebdomad wage and allowed six months parental leave ; after the six months mother receives 30 per centum of hebdomad wage ( Catalyst, 2013, n. p. ) .

Japan Mothers are guaranteed leave for 14 hebdomad for pregnancy leave, including six compulsory hebdomads post-childbirth. Pay depends upon the employer and assorted other elements. In add-on, female parents have entree to child attention leave, which lasts until the kid ‘s first birthday ( Catalyst, 2013, n. p.

) .

Nederlands Women receive a guaranteed 16 hebdomads paid pregnancy leave ( Six hebdomads earlier and 10 hebdomads after childbearing ) . In add-on, adult females can take 13 hebdomads of full-time leave or six months of parttime leave before their kid ‘s 8th birthday ( Catalyst, 2013, n. p.

) .

New Zealand Mothers can take up to 14 hebdomads of paid pregnancy leave, and particular leave, which consists of up to ten yearss for pregnancy-related medical attention. In add-on, both female parents and male parents can portion up to 52 hebdomads of extended leave ( Catalyst, 2013, n. p. ) .
Norway Nine hebdomads compulsory pregnancy leave, 100 % salary.

May besides take parental leave for 44 extra hebdomads at 100 % salary. May besides take an extra twelvemonth of unpaid leave ( Catalyst, 2013, n. p. ) .

Soviet union Women receive 140 yearss, 70 of which are to be taken prior to deliver, with 70 taken after birth, with up to 100 % of wage at a ceiling. The pregnancy leave is compulsory ( Catalyst, 2013, n. p.

) .

Spain Mothers can take 16 hebdomads paid pregnancy leave, six of which must be taken, instantly after birth. If they wish, female parents can reassign some or all of the optional 10 hebdomads leave to the male parent, if eligible. In add-on, upon return to their same place, employers must supply returning female parents with two paid, half-hour interruptions for suckling the first nine months after childbearing. In add-on, female parents and male parents can each take up to three old ages of child-care leave, and parents receive the right to work half-time until their child’s 8th birthday ( Catalyst, 2013, n. p. ) .

Sverige Mothers receive 14 hebdomads of pregnancy leave ; seven hebdomads may be taken before childbearing and seven after, and two hebdomads are compulsory. In add-on, parents may take 18 months of parental leave. In add-on, until their terminal of their child’s foremost twelvemonth of school or 8th birthdays, parents can bespeak to cut down their working hours ( and wage ) by up to 25 % ( Catalyst, 2013, n. P.


Switzerland Mothers receive 14 hebdomads of job-protected pregnancy leave, at 80 % salary. Swiss female parents are non allowed to return to work within eight hebdomads of childbearing. For the first twelvemonth post-childbirth, female parents must be provided with entree to a nursing room and be able to take nursing interruptions of one hr ( Catalyst, 2013, n. p. ) .
United kingdom 26 hebdomads of Ordinary Maternity Leave and 26 hebdomads of Additional Maternity Leave doing one twelvemonth in entire. The combined 52 hebdomads is known as Statutory Maternity Leave.

A recent amendment makes it compulsory for adult females to take a lower limit of two hebdomads ‘ pregnancy leave instantly after childbearing ( four hebdomads ‘ lower limit for mill workers ) . Pregnant employees may besides be eligible for a Certain Start Maternity Grant, a erstwhile, tax-exempt payment, offered to low-income female parents to purchase supplies for the babe, which does non hold to be paid back ( Catalyst, 2013, n. p. ) .

United States Employers of 50 employees or more, let employees to take up to 12 hebdomads of unpaid for the birth or acceptance of a kid. In some provinces, the female parent is allowed to take six hebdomads leave and up to 55 % of their hebdomadal rewards ( Catalyst, 2013, n.

P ; . ) .

Table information beginning: Catalyst.

org. Knowledge Center: Family Leave – U.S. , Canada, and Global, 2013.