Abstract: attitudes and behaviors of employees involved with


qualitative research study focused on the effect and impact of change
management on Employees’ job performance, aimed to identify the impact of
change management on employees performance, through a research study at NGOs
directorate ministry of economy, this research point out overall change
management including three areas of change has been emphasized the change in
organizational structure, technology change and change in individuals review of
literature revealed a for system implementation upgrades and its impact on
employees’ performance this research questions studied the attitudes and
behaviors of employees involved with governmental sectors . Data collection was
through purposeful sampling and face-to-face interviews with minimum 6
employees. Datawere analyzed through manually technique.

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The findings
which were come out form collected data analyzed mentioned as below:

lack of awareness about the  advantages
and disadvantages of changes which employees face before implementation of
change management

Change cannot be successfully managed without taking
care of employees’ Emotions.(employees motivation is a major is issue on
management performance)

Changes  depends
on their  types ( personality ,structure
technology and  culture )effects

Identifying where employees stand in resistance to change for the aftermath
of change (Confusion, Anxiety Frustration Fatigue Resistance fear of losing
jobsthey are for, indifferent, or against change.

Outcomes of
this research including:


 Change in the administration structure is not
appropriate at the beginning and therefore consideration in regarding the
changes in this part is little crucial.

 On the other hands there is a positive
relationship between the areas of change (organizational structure, technology,
individuals)and the performance of employees

The study found
a range of recommendations including:

ensure the success of the change program it is appropriate to focus on
organizational structure, human relations and technology and there must be a
balance between these aspects to improve the levelof employees’ performance.


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