ABSTRACT: or Micro SD card reader (models A+


            This paper proposes real time Face detection
for an ATM security using Raspberry Pi and Image Processing. Today image
processing is used in various techniques. Raspberry Pi is a basic embedded
system, which itself is a minico-mputer of credit card size and is of a very
low price. The system is programmed in python language. The Raspberry Pi camera
module is used to capture images once the motion is detected by the PIR Sensor.
The captured image is checked with the database images. If the image is matched
with any of the database images it gives access to the user else the captured
image is sent to the mail-id and SMS alert is sent to the authorised mobile

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Keyword: Open CV, Raspberry Pi, PIR Sensor, camera
module, python.


image processing is a form of signal processing where the input is an image,

 a photograph or video frame, the output of an
image processing may be either an image or

a video frame or a set of
characteristics or parameters related to the image. The Raspberry

Pi is based on the Broadcom BCM2835
system on a chip (SOC) which includes an

ARM1176JZF-S Core (ARM V6K)700 MHz CPU
processor, Broadcom Video Core IV GPU

having 17 pins, 3.5W of power, and 512
MB of RAM memory. The Raspberry Pi
system has

Secure SD card reader (models A and B)
or Micro SD card reader (models A+ and B+) sockets

 for boot media and persistent storage.  The system provides Debian Linux operating

Raspbian image for download. Python is
used as main programming language for raspberry


Concept of Image Processing:

general, any digital image processing algorithm consists of three stages:
input, processor and output. In the input stage image is captured by a camera.
It sent to a particular system to focus on a pixel of image that’s gives, its
output as a processed image.

Image captured
by a camera

Digital Image Processing System

Processed Image


block diagram of image processing.



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