Abstract: success. 1.Introduction Benchmark is a process of

Abstract: The software processes which are being developed and utilized in the market and in new technology world have always a room for betterment and improvement. A proper strategy is adopted to accomplish the specific task of improvement so as to improve the existing system of a n organization and to get the remarkable success in the market and to give a tough time to contemporary organizations. The strategy used is known as Benchmark which is a program or set of programs to assess the performance of software and hardware components to assure their feasibility and then to take insight of these programs if the new incorporated improvements have the margins to be there or these misplace the area where they are. Benchmarks properly planned, analyzed, scheduled can enhance the worth and take an average organization to a peak of improvement which can compete their best to get success. 1.Introduction Benchmark is a process of executing a program, a collection of program or any methods, which may also include some formulated tests to assess the performance of a process , a project or a software which has been developed according to the prescribed standards and tools. Bench-marking is usually concerning with the performance of characteristics of the software and hardware as well in both situation the benchmark seriously handles the functioning of the product developed with the standardized tools.For an existing process to cope with the changing environment and to keep pace with emerging technologies, it is necessary to improve an existing process. In an organization there should be a system or a milestone, a point where a company or an organization can take a look to decide the deficiency in its existing system and to executive level decision to adopt new improvement. In phase of project management it can help to plan, selection, assessment and It compares different performance metrics for a given process or product.and doing such functionality , it defines some of best companies in the industrial area. The companies in which multiple processes and products are being developed simultaneously, benchmark compares their performance , their results and consequently their importance and reliability. In this functionality it is worthy some to diagnose a best ever metric and to formulate new standards and tests to achieve high level improvement in process and product development.Benchmarking is used to measure performance using a specialized  indicator I.e., cost per unit of measure, productivity per unit of measure, cycle time of x per unit of measure or defects per unit of measure etc, resulting in formulating a metric that is used to compare with others to assess the performance.In VEMR management, this process show its peak performance by developing a plan to decide how to use a specific practise to increase an aspect or partial or whole of a metric for enhancing the strategic planning and improvement.In this paper a key success to adopt a milestone Benchmark is presented as a boost to improvement process. In section II after introduction purpose and use of benchmark is prescribed in detail and in section III types are discussed in detail. In IV section methodology and in V section use of benchmarking in reliability and performance is discussed and in the last section future concerns are discussed. 2. Purpose and use of Benchmark With the passage of time, as new technologies have been incorporated into the development of processes and computer architecture have become more complex and elaborated. It seems tough to compare different aspect of a process and thus sometime specification donot present a clear picture of results those can help to measure the performance of computer systems thus it becomes difficult to judge their future reliability.For example P4 processor works at a high clock pulse than XP processor. So one can easily identify the characteristics related with the functionality associated with speed of the processors.  Benchmarks usually do work by imitating workload on a component or whole system. Especially synthetic benchmarks produce program to imitate the working while application represent the real world scenario in a much accepted and more sophisticated system environment. Benchmark used by companies are recognized to show the outform performance to excel with the best ever benchmark.Usually organizations or manufacturers opt to choose only best benchmarks which may be proved as insignificant as with the course of time. A benchmark should be used on the place of a real application to run or to show market existence. How to use a BenchmarkBenchmarking helps to search a way for what the best practice is being done to get the required result in an organizational scenario. The whole information then can be used to find any type of discrepancy in the proposed processes of the organization. There are some rules to be followed for using a benchmark in the improvement process:To get best understanding of purpose and then use of a benchmarkTo precisely


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