Addressing Social Issues In Palestines West Bank Social Work Essay

The mission statement of the PalTel Group is maximising stockholder value with ageless growing and enriching Palestine ‘s information communicating engineering sector with a committedness to excellence and with continues committedness to major society societal issues. Not merely did the group adopt that mission but they promised ageless growing in Palestine. A promise non easy, yet taking into consideration the kineticss of PalTel, one can see the pride behind that promise.PalTel Group is the taking telecommunications and internet supplier in Palestine employing over 3000 people ( work forces and adult females ) in the West Bank and Gaza. It comprises of the Palestine Telecommunication Company ( Paltel ) , Palestine Cellular Company ( Jawwal ) , Hadara, Hulul, Reach, Palestine Multi Service Company ( Pal-Media ) , Al Etisalat Academy, and Philistia ( The Paltel Group Corporate Foundation ) . These kineticss guarantee that it be heard in efforts to turn to societal issues as it has done sharply as portrayed by its one-year societal duty study, the first study of its sort in the Arab universe, get downing 2005.

PalTel Group believes in engineering as a tool for both human resource development and state edifice. The first challenge is using those chances with a certain, solid subject that is based on the scientific thought procedure and good administration. In this journey PalTel vowed to use the glare of immature Palestinian endowments ( both work forces and adult females ) in order to harvest the benefits and portion resources with society.PalTel has sponsored and funded many adult female associations covering with developmental, charitable and societal issues.

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It supported the engagement of adult females in local and national elections, and sponsored assorted events observing the function of adult females. However, one country that PalTel has n’t officially addressed is that of turn toing “ deficiency of calling gender equality ” within its ain boundaries. Something nowadayss an chance for PalTel to play a pioneering function as the largest employer in the private sector.

And decidedly an of import measure necessary for the Group to alliance itself with the human resource criterions and orientation of assorted International telecommunication suppliers. This study on ‘Gender Mainstreaming ‘ purposes at making consciousness at the top executive degree of PalTel about the construct and pattern, so that action can be taken to follow Gender Mainstreaming within the strategic way of PalTel.


There are a assortment of issues related to adult females engagement in the labour force. A general one in the Palestinian context is the lower general degree of engagement by adult female in the work force due to socio-cultural influences or 1s alone to the rough political environment. However, another job that is get downing to acquire noticed as assorted establishments of the Palestinian economic system develop and grow, particularly in the private corporate sector where there is a high employment of both adult females and work forces, is the challenge faced by extremely educated and/or experient adult females as they progress towards upper degrees of corporations and organisations.

They have been known to disproportionately constellate in certain ‘female friendly ‘ places and sections or the bottom grades of direction and lowest paying industries. Well-qualified adult females face barriers engendering from stereotypes or prepossessions, employers who feel an antipathy to taking a hazard by engaging a female, or non carefully be aftering their callings or occupation assignments to profit them. As if there is an unseeable ceiling “ glass ceiling ” that prevents the promotion of qualified adult females in their calling promotion.If a company chooses to go on to except qualified adult females from top direction places, it is really losing extraordinary sum of endowment, creativeness and productiveness. This leads in many instances qualified adult females to take avoiding working in large organisations due to fear of deficiency of advancement and to be given to their households and instead seek places that are more hearty yet that does non cultivate their endowments and productiveness.It would function both organisations and adult females to review the obstructions that prevent females from progressing and from being valued in the workplace. ‘Gender Mainstreaming ‘ is the term coined to depict a comprehensive attack to that consequence.

Globally, there are assorted definitions for the term gender mainstreaming, nevertheless, the normally accepted and most widely used definition is officially defined by the United Nations ‘Economic and Social Council ‘ :“ Mainstreaming a gender position is the procedure of measuring the deductions for adult females and work forces of any planned action, including statute law, policies or programmes, in all countries and at all degrees. It is a scheme for doing adult females ‘s every bit good as work forces ‘s concerns and experiences an built-in dimension of the design, execution, monitoring and rating of policies and plans in all political, economic and social domains so that adult females and work forces benefit every bit and inequality is non perpetuated. The ultimate end is to accomplish gender equality.

” ( UN ECOSOC, 1997 ) .Gender mainstreaming is a transforming procedure instead than a end. It was foremost proposed at the 1985 Third World Conference on Women in Nairobi.

Then the thought developed as a major scheme for advancing gender equality at the Fourth World Conference of Women in Beijing in 1995. It was adopted to undertake the failure of the old schemes refering adult females ‘s position.


Womans every bit good as work forces experience life otherwise ; they have different demands and different duties. Mainstreaming gender equality means traveling off from handling deficiency of equality in a society or organisation as a particular instance concentrating on adult females plans and undertakings merely.

The purpose is transforming the full mainstream to guarantee that it involves all members of society at all degrees.The principle for the gender mainstreaming scheme is both one of societal justness and human rights – accomplishing equality between adult females and work forces – and of advancing and easing development.This comprehensive attack to gender equality leads both work forces and adult females to every bit profit from national, political, economic, societal and cultural developments.

It has been proven over and over once more that gender derived functions are non ever recognized in regular policies, and that unreflected premises include ( most frequently unwilled ) biases in favour of the bing unequal gender dealingss ( Verloo & A ; Roggeband 1996 ) . Though one company might non be able to alter a whole society, following gender mainstreaming within a company boundaries recognises that equality and the authorization of adult females can merely be achieved by taking into history of and turn toing the relationships between adult females and work forces in the organisation overall. Consequently, it directs the manner on what needs to be changed, aiming policy processs as the chief alteration object.

To mainstream gender is to beef up the Organization ‘s ability to make the conditions for adult females and work forces likewise, to every bit take part in the continuity and development of the organisation, besides, their societies in big.


Gender mainstreaming does non merely intend equal Numberss of adult females and work forces in all activities ; alternatively equality means that adult females and work forces enjoy equal position within a society. The aim is to alter the manner we work so that gender mainstreaming is non limited to adding or incorporating more adult females into activities. It should besides affect reshaping policies and plans in order to progress Torahs, constructions, attitudes and types of behaviours that consequence gender inequalities in the designated environment we are trying to ‘gender mainstream ‘ .The accomplishment of gender equality through mainstreaming requires an uniformitarian attack that involves methodical inclusion of gender concerns in each degree of strategic planning and plans development widening to execution.To accomplish this, it is important to construct up ownership of common apprehension and values with regard to this subject. Rectifying inequality is a communal duty by all the organisation staff ; it is non merely the occupation of one section of the organisation. Effective integrating requires altering attitudes, capacity edifice, developing new accomplishments and geting new working methods, programmes and tools.

To be bold, it besides means redesigning organisational civilization.Necessary measure to use gender mainstreaming:Re-organizing processs and modus operandis, re-organizing duties and capacities for the incorporation of a gender equality position. Identify and make full the spreads in current and future programmes. It places new demands on the on the job staff.All staff must take duty forPaltel can supply a safe and stimulate environment to the on the job staff.Understanding the different functions, duties, experiences, and inequalities between Women and work forces in relation to the issue being addressed ;Identify chances to actively affect adult females every bit good as work forces in the audience procedure ;PalTel can keep preparation and workshops Sessionss for all the on the job staff.Act on adult females ‘s every bit good as work forces ‘s precedence concerns, for illustration programmes done by PalTel group should aim both adult females every bit good as work forces.

Identify ways to advance benefits for adult females every bit good as work forces ;Identify schemes to cut down gender disparities and advance gender equality.This means that an equality position must be brought to bear on all plans and at all phases – from scheme development to selling and information proviso, from undertaking application, assessment and choice through to monitoring and rating.PalTel can continuously better internal systems and processs.Overall, it requires bring outing the hidden ( unwilled ) biases that bound adult females ‘s and work forces ‘s ability to bask equal rights and chances and happen the appropriate agencies that drive to societal alteration.PalTel can make a gender mainstreaming office within the Human Resource section to cover with all gender issues jobs and suggest the needful solutions.

The Organization and It ‘s Interaction with Society

The Swedish International Development Agency ( SIDA ) has identified gender mainstreaming schemes as being relevant in three linked spheres or “ domains ” : ( A ) in an organisation ‘s constructions, policies and processs, and in its organisational civilization, ( B ) in the substantial activity that it undertakes – its merchandise offerings, services, experiences, programsaˆ¦etc. and ( C ) in the impact of this work on increased gender equality in the broader community ( Shalkwyk et al.

1996. p 3 ) .Figure ( 1 ) shows the inter-relationship between these three spheres. Activities in each sphere are critical to guarantee effectual gender mainstreaming. However, “ at times schemes and appraisals have tended to film over these three spheres, and have frequently lost sight of the fact that alteration in the 3rd degree is the concluding end. It is of import non to blend these three spheres, as different schemes and indexs of alteration apply to each ( Shalkwyk et al. 1966 p.4 ) .

Figure 1: The Interlocking Arenas of Gender Mainstreaming ( Murison, S. 2004. p2 )The three degrees are different, with a demand for networking, planning and capacity development ruling at the organisational degree, socio-economic ( gender ) analysis and audience at the plan degree, and assorted signifiers of monitoring and information-sharing at the degree of impact. A gender mainstreaming scheme is likely therefore to necessitate considerable internal review, and strong confederations between those organisational divisions responsible for policy, plan and human resource direction.Successful action on each of these elements will guarantee that the basic organisational constructions that promote gender equality are in topographic point. It will non needfully, nevertheless, address the critical, and prior, inquiry of organisational civilization.

Organizations in which work for greater gender equality has most possible have an organisational civilization that is unfastened, good connected to their constituency and environment, knowledge-sharing and team-based. They are “ learning organisations ” in the sense that diverse signifiers of cognition are valued, that information and cognition flow freely in the organisation, that single cognition is converted readily to team cognition and squad cognition into organisational cognition, and that direction is pro-active in integrating new larning into decision-making procedures.


There are several expected outcomes when there has been a successful execution of a gender mainstreaming attack. On the national degree, it can be argued that gender mainstreaming involves conveying the parts, positions and precedences of both adult females and work forces to the Centre of attending in all countries of social development:Equal engagement by work forces and adult females in the decision-making procedures for puting precedences and apportioning resources.Equal entree to and command over society ‘s chances, resources and development results by adult females and work forces.Equal acknowledgment and position for work forces and adult females.

Womans and work forces basking equal human rights.Equal betterments in and criterions of quality of life for adult females and work forces.Decrease in poorness for both work forces and adult females as assessed through a scope of indexs, particularly those associated with countries where important gender spreads exist.

Improved effectivity and efficiency of economic growing and sustainable developmentAt the organisational degree, it is of import to see an acceptance of a gender mainstreaming doctrine in all phases of strategic direction. ( David, 2006 ) :In the planning phase, it means being explicit about the differing demands and experiences of work forces and adult females ( as expressed by adult females and work forces ) .In the design phase, it means guaranting that there are clear and specific aims, actions, and indexs that will take to decreases in gender disparities and finally consequence in equal results for adult females and work forces ; it means guaranting that resource allotments explicitly benefit work forces and adult females every bit.In the execution phase, it means guaranting that adult females and work forces take part every bit in the decision-making procedure and are treated with equal regard.

In the monitoring phase, it means roll uping sex-disaggregated informations, and tracking indexs that measure the different impact of intercessions on adult females and work forces.In the rating phase, it means doing certain that both adult females and work forces take portion in finding the rating standards, that the impact of the intercession on gender equality is explicitly assessed, that the rating squad has a balance of adult females and work forces, and the rating design is gender-responsive.


It is deserving observing here that warnings have been raised on the hazards of utilizing gender mainstreaming merely as a scheme to accomplish other ends than gender equality ends.

Care must be taken in the usage of the gender mainstreaming scheme non to go excessively “ instrumental ” , so that the aim of advancing gender equality is neglected ( Razavi, 1997 ) .

Cultural Issues: While the specific nature of gender dealingss differs among societies, the general form Is that Many people are convinced that it was traditional, and culturally justified, that adult females consider all work forces to be superior to them, that adult females have less personal liberty, fewer resources so should non be involved in communal determination devising, and that adult females ‘s function was to function work forces.

Culture shapes the manner things are done and our apprehension of why this should be so.

Expectations about properties and behaviours appropriate to adult females and work forces, and about dealingss between adult females and work forces ( the manner day-to-day life is lived in the household and the work topographic point ) are shaped by civilization.

Fear of the alteration. Change is normally disputing for most people ; typically, there is a strong opposition to alter. Many people think things are already all right as they are and do n’t understand the demand for alteration. Those who feel that they might lose in the alteration procedure might actively defy the alteration.

As gender mainstreaming involves disputing the manner we think, act, react, relate, and work ( in general altering the long held beliefs of the declared functions of adult females and work forces ) many people reject the thought fearing of the results.

Social idleness: another job that arises is that when the widespread apprehension is that all staff should be responsible for its success, a potentially contrary result of this apprehension is that when mainstreaming is everyone ‘s undertaking, it can go cipher ‘s duty.

Get the better ofing Obstacles

Awareness Raising: We in our organisations respect our traditions and cultural heritage and we believe that for the endurance of our civilization it must accommodate alterations to run into the new times and altering universe environment. This requires the publicity and execution of a gender mainstreaming civilization and pattern.

Keeping developing workshops to increase consciousness and cognition of gender issues, Ensure that gender mainstreaming does non replace the demand for targeted, adult females ‘s specific policies and programmes or positive statute law, and furthermore, that it does non function as a replacement for gender units or focal points.

Making environment where attempts towards gender equality is no longer a day-to-day battle.

Gender mainstreaming is a scheme to help authorities and society to go cognizant of and dispute the values and beliefs about the function and value of work forces and adult females.


Although gender mainstreaming is neither simple nor straightforward, it can be done. For it is about a positive alteration in thought, dealingss, intervention and work it requires difficult work and committedness which offers a vision of the hereafter.

Peoples are the assets of any organisation ; nil can be done without their work, cooperation, engagement and committedness. We in our organisation are working to better the working environment as at first it is a human right to hold equal entree, engagement and intervention and at 2nd we advocate constructive alteration ( people centered mode ) which leads for sustainable and better results.

In add-on, using gender mainstreaming scheme will ease the accomplishment of other development ends.