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Dear Abby,

My hubby and I have a 16 twelvemonth old boy who merely disclosed to us that he is cheery. My hubby was shocked, but deep down I think I knew. He is our lone boy and we are devastated non merely for ourselves, but for what he must be traveling through. Abby, how can we assist him through his battle of “ coming out? ” Are at that place any marks we should be looking for? What do we necessitate to cognize about our boy?


Devastated Parents

Dear Devastated,

Your boy is really normal in stating you and your hubby about his sexual orientation. The mean age of unwraping sexual orientation is around 17 old ages of age. It is possible that he has known about his sexual penchants for the last 7 or 8 old ages.

Some things to cognize about homosexual and sapphic striplings is that adolescents already have many stressors in their lives and now more force per unit area has been added to your boy ‘s life in that he has disclosed his sexual orientation to you and your hubby.

Research has shown that unwraping one ‘s sexual pick can be associated with mental wellness issues. There are besides greater mental wellness issues when there is one rejecting parent to a kid ‘s gender. Besides, it has been found that the female parent ‘s attitude toward their young person ‘s sexual orientation can impact their issues with depression.

Gay work forces can hold jobs in covering with being made to experience different than others and the concerns associated with AIDS/HIV. Many of these immature work forces are physically and verbally attacked at school if their sexual orientation is known by others. Surveies have shown that cheery young persons have been intimidated or harmed with a arm at school twice every bit frequently as consecutive pupils. Because of this, many cheery pupils avoid school because they feel it is insecure. Some other frights your boy may see are fright of verbal maltreatment at school, fright they might lose friends, fear they may be assaulted at school and fright of verbal maltreatment at place.

In a recent survey when speaking to female parents of homosexual male childs, about 77 % stated that they knew of the boies ‘ sexual orientation and had discussed it with them. Not as many male parents were cognizant ; around 63 % . The more positive a kid ‘s relationship is with their parents, the more positive the parent ‘s reactions will be. There is a higher suicide rate among homosexual and sapphic striplings but maintain in head one survey showed fewer mental wellness issues with striplings who tell people about their gender.

One job your boy may hold is stating his friends about his sexual orientation. He may lose friends because of this and he may endure some mental wellness issues because of it. One good thing is that your boy must experience near to you and your hubby as he was able to state you about his sexual orientation. How you react to your boy ‘s proclamation will impact his mental wellness and assist him to go closer to you.

It is of import that you and your hubby receive reding with your boy. Besides, you and your hubby should fall in a support group which can be really helpful for understanding what your boy in traveling through at this clip.

Best of fortune,


Dear Abby,

My hubby and I have a 16 twelvemonth old girl who is enduring from anorexia nervosa. She has been treated by her baby doctor, has seen a counsellor, and most late was hospitalized for one month where she was tube Federal to renourish her organic structure. Now that she is place she has confessed to me that she has non menstruated for the last four months. She is still non eating decently and my hubby and I are concerned we are non making plenty for her. Make you hold any suggestions on what else we can make as a household to assist her?


Frantic Ma

Dear Frantic,

I would propose you look for a guidance plan that uses the Maudsley Model of Family-Based Treatment for anorexia nervosa. This plan is a parent-to-parent audience plan where parents and their kid receive about 20 Sessionss of outpatient guidance with a healer that has been specifically trained in the Maudsley Model and besides in household therapy. What makes this plan different from others is that between hebdomads 3 and 5 of guidance, the households and counsellor will run into with another set of parents and their kid who besides suffers from anorexia and who has already completed the Maudsley Model intervention plan.

By working with another twosome who has gone through a similar experience that you and your hubby are now traveling through will let you to inquire inquiries that you may hold in covering with the anorexia.

You should get down this intervention every bit shortly every bit possible as by and large most households begin intervention within one hebdomad following the discharge of their kid from the infirmary. The Maudsley Method was developed as it helps convey excess resources to the intervention procedure and hopefully give strength to parents and their kids covering with anorexia. The Sessionss are 60 proceedingss in continuance with the last 10 proceedingss being available to inquire the healer any inquiries you may hold.

Research has shown that with parent-to-parent audiences parents feel like they are non the lone 1s that are traveling through this state of affairs. By seeing another kid with similar symptoms as her girl, one female parent was able to step back and derive some penetration into what her girl was traveling through. Other parents felt before go toing a parent-to-parent audience that they could merely non understand what the hereafter would keep for their girl. After reding they realized their job with anorexia was non traveling to be mended nightlong and that it was traveling to be a tough battle. By seeing other parents who coped with this disease, it gave them hope that they excessively could cover with their household ‘s state of affairs.

Research indicates that parent-to-parent audience, along with regular therapy, seems to convey out more emotional and thoughtful responses, based on the fact that parents experience less entirely and more confident in covering with their kid ‘s anorexia.

I besides recommend that you look into a mentoring plan for your girl and seek to acquire friends and household involved in the intervention procedure as that might assist your girl understand that people love her and want to assist her.

Good fortune,


Dear Abby,

My hubby and I are disassociating after 15 old ages of matrimony. We have two kids, a male child aged 10, and a miss aged 13. My childs and I are really close and I do non desire to lose that bond after the divorce. It appears that this divorce will be an bitter one and I do non cognize how it is traveling to impact the kids. Do you hold any penetration as to what I can anticipate following the divorce?


Worried in Issaquah

Dear Worried,

Research has shown that when parents have a harmonious matrimonial relationship, that their kids tend to be emotionally close to the parents. On the impudent side, when parents have a troubled relationship, kids can emotionally draw off from their parents.

If you and your hubby have a labored relationship, your kids may hold a hard clip experiencing emotionally near to the both of you without, at the same clip, experiencing disloyal to each of you. Your kids may experience distressed in this state of affairs and merely happen it easier to pick a parent to be close to and so distance themselves from the other parent.

Keep in head that divorce can be peculiarly difficult on the father-child relationship, in peculiar, with girls. This happens because mother-child relationships tend to be stronger than father-child, peculiarly if you ( the female parent ) have detention following the divorce. Make non be surprised if your girl becomes closer to you following the divorce as misss her age tend to hold weak ties to their male parents following a divorce.

Remember that immature kids such as yours are traveling to necessitate to trust on both of you for emotional and economic aid for a long clip. Even though you are disassociating it would be helpful to your kids ‘s wellbeing that their fiscal support does non alter drastically.

Research has besides shown that if kids can keep a close relationship with both parents and if the parent ‘s relationship is hostile, than the kids may see a psychological quandary ; they will be in a province of mental struggle. The kids might experience that if they are faithful to one parent that they are being unfaithful to the other. If they feel caught in the center between you and your hubby the emotional cost may be excessively much for them and they may probably pick sides as it will be less nerve-racking for them than seeking to stay impersonal.

Surveies have besides been shown that girls who are close to both parents tend to hold particularly low self-prides when their parents have a hostile relationship. Besides, parents tend non to prosecute in supportive co-parenting after a divorce. This type of agreement would be optimum for your kids. I would extremely urge post-divorce concerted co-parenting to assist your kids through the post-divorce times.

Good fortune to you,



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