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         All Business Should Go GreenBusiness is an organization or economic system where goods and services are exchanged for mutual benefits or profit.An Business Organization that uses renewable resources and holds itself accountable for human resources of their activities ( socially responsible ) is called a “Green Business”. ” Going Green ” is the latest trend for business owners who invest their resources in finding the most efficient ways to green their companies. It helps to create a healthy environment for employees at the workplace.Business organizations should go for green business. Because it has many benefits.           ? Legal and tax advantages.           ? Reduced waste and cost.           ? Workplace Improvements.           ? Public Response.           ? Sustainability.A large number of Businesses are choosing to go green. These companies are applying various methods to make their workplaces environmentally friendly. These methods are introducing materials and operational which are less harmful to the environment than earlier consecutive methods and ingredients. Many companies have already taken major steps toward going green.         • Going Green for businesses can be expensive in the preliminary stages. By reducing cost can add up to significant savings over time.          • Much energy can save by Small changes  like turning off the lights when they aren’t necessary.. In 2005 , United States they used computer almost 64 billion kilowatt hours of energy which cost around $6 billion.Computers consumed much of this power when they were idle by deactivating that we can save much energy.        • Reducing and recycling of materials are another strategies of go green business. Such as utilization of email instead of using paper to fax.We can reduce up to 50% of cost by printing on both side of a sheet of paper which will help much.         • Going Green can attract more customers to yours business.         • Sustainable packaging, water and environment stewardship are going green in priorities of manufacturers.In ” Green Growth, Green Profit ” Author Charles Edward Bouee discusses the ways business benefits and profits from green technologies and green good and materials.         • Managers can explain the products they sell by promotion and education about business practices in company policies about green materials, vendors and products.         • Companies Makes plan for sustainability part of the corporate mission and vision statements.        • Companies that are serious about green policies hire professionals employees to coordinate the green business practices of their business. They oversee the businesses waste handling, recycling, sustainable products and services developments and many other green initiatives.       • ECoG certification or green certification helps to let your customers, vendors and communities where you do business know that your company is serious about sustainability.Starting a ” Go Green ” business helps to maintain an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Green business sell safe products and provide services. One’s need to research the environmental industry to get ideas.  Necessary Things –         ?Green certification ( Optional ).? Permits and licenses.? Decide on your Business structure based on your business research.? Use your green training.? Write a business plan with details.? Consult govt. References and information.? Secure Workspace.? Green products or supplies.As peoples know the importance of conservation of the environment continues to grow in 2010,companies are looking for ways to became environmentally friendly also known as ” Going Green “. Not only it protect the environment of the workspace they may also help a company improve it’s bottom line.      • Companies that strengthen the fact that they are attempting to be environmentally friendly can achieve the favor of like minded consumers.       • It not only help the environment but also reduce companies costs. According to chemical manufacturer DuPont saved over $3 billion over two decades by reducing carbon emissions.       • A healthy workplace is very crucial for a company.According to the Green Business Bureau website report a 20% decrease in the number of sick days used by employees.       • The 2009 economic stimulus plan provided incentives for companies to go green in the form of tax credits which can enhance their bottom line.       • As environmental consciousness grows , consumers are demanding more green products and services – According to the Green Business Bureau Website.Businesses are expecting the going green bandwagon because consumers are increasingly aware if environmental issues. Some businesses are even implementing ” Triple Bottom line ” policies.       ? Sourcing of the raw materials.       ? Usage of water.      ? Carbon Dioxide Emission      ? Reduce the waste materials.Going Green or implanting environmentally friendly technology offers a extent of benefits to Business. It can be used to create responsibility and appeal to environmentally conscious consumer groups.       ? Cost savings.       ? Usage of power.       ? Environmental Factors.       ? Regulatory Compliance.However there can be number of disadvantages for Going Green Business.       • It can be tough for a corporation to maintain the variable costs to go green initially.       •  In some cases , the switch to using green materials can lead  to more expensive products to consumers..       • A process where companies may intentionally or unintentionally make false claims regarding th environmental friendliness of their products is known as ” Green washing “.     There are more disadvantages like Lack of support, Going paperless , customers Backlash which can harm a green business.Moreover, Go Green Business is a trend with variety of benefits for business owners.It also recognizes the role that business play in leading the way for social change.                          


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