American Identity Paper

According to Crevecoeur an American is a person who doesn’t have much compared to the people in Europe. There are no kings, lords, or bishops that have all the power. In America every person works for himself and finds a way to travel to where is needed. Coming through America there isn’t castles or fancy mansions everywhere compared to Europe. People live in huts made out of clay and cabins where men and cattle lay to keep warm.

When a person comes to America they are considered free and are able to be equal among others. There isn’t one person who is in charge like a prince or princess that controls all of the people. Every person is able to make their own decision on whatever they choose to do in America. America is a mixture of people with different cultures that come together as one community who do not judge one another or look down upon. There is no rich or poor community, every person is considered to be equal among one another.

America is now considered the most perfect society in the world today. Living in the British Society, many people were belittled and frowned upon because they were poor or didn’t meet certain standards of others. As Crevecoeur says, “The rich and the poor are not so far removed from each other as they are in Europe” meaning that being poor led to being a slave and lived in horrible areas. Many people that were poor didn’t want to continue living that way. There was one ruler who may have been the king, lord or bishop that was in control of everyone and told the people what to do.

As man started traveling out of Europe and moved towards America, it was realized that they didn’t have to continue living the way they were. People were not being controlled in American and told what to do as in Europe. As America was being discovered the people saw what is was like to be free and equal among the other people and decided to move there. Any race or culture is accepted and will not be judged or criticized. Not one person is considered to be poor or rich and also every person was free and didn’t have to live under one person as a ruler. Every person was able to make their own decisions on what they chose to do.


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