An not see anything via a monitor, tv

An example of a non- graphical event driven programme would be a
smoke alarm. What would the event be? The event for a smoke alarm would be that
the smoke alarm has sensors built inside which will detect if there is smoke
inside the room. The smoke alarm will then get triggered and start beeping,
which is due to the sensors picking up the detection of the smoke.



Another example of a non-graphical event driven programme is a CD
player. The reason why this a non-graphical programme is because the user does
not see anything via a monitor, tv or a screen. A CD player has a lot of events
which happen. The first event to occur is when the user presses on the button
on the cd player, to stop or switch out a cd. The CD player will stop playing
the music, and slowly start to stop the disc from spinning in the cd player.
The next event to occur, a red light will usually start slowly flashing this
will indicate to a user that the disc is ready to be ejected/taken out.



Thirdly, an example of a non-graphical user programme would be a
car, within a care it shows the fuel wither it being full or empty. Once the
car has used up its fuel and the dial are on empty, a sensor will notice it,
from that a red gas pump icon will appear on the cars dashboard which will
indicate that the car needs to be topped up. I do think this is a good but
small event driven programme due to it making it easier for drivers to notice
when they must refill up the car.




systems, in houses are great, they have an event where once the house door is
unlocked a loud sound will go off, the only way to stop the noise is by typing
in the code/numbers that will stop it. 
The reason why this event driven programme is suitable is because if
someone who is not meant to be in the house tries to break in/ open the door
the alarm system will go which will scare that person away from the house and
it will also trigger another event which will alert the authorities, if the
alarm has been on for a certain amount of time. 


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