An Overview and Analysis of Contemporary Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy


In the modern times when the Earth has shrunk well in size due to the surging effects of phenomenon such as globalisation, the universe with its varied scopes of nationalities, civilizations, societies, economic involvements and political position points becomes a individual entity which showcases an elaborately interweaved cobweb of involvements and concerns. On one manus merely as the remotest corners of the planet are in contact with each on the exclusive virtuousness of advanced engineering that gives rise to better chances of communicating, on the other manus the same engineering ensures the rise of some of the deadliest of arms powerful plenty to pass over out civilisations. Under such state of affairss where states are mutualist on each other for common trade dealingss and commercial benefits and must besides be cognizant of each other military moves and enterprises, an effectual foreign policy becomes the important necessity of the modern times.

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What is Foreign Policy?

Foreign Policy happens to be the form or manner in which a state is to interact with another state in all contexts that will cover spheres such as political, economic, societal and military. Foreign Policy may even be known as international policy or may even be merely referred to as diplomatic negotiations.

Functions of Images and Perception in the formation of Foreign Policy:

In the devising of foreign policy we can hence state that the class or manner in which a state is to act in the context of other states is determined. The determination doing leaders who takes a serious and formative functions are but worlds who happens to judge the class of a peculiar event from his or her point of position or concluding power. In the instance of which it does non go on to be really wrong to indicate out that the component of image formation in one’s mind or that the component of perceptual experience plays a major function in the decisive actions of the leaders. Thus the foreign policy that a state adopts in the context of any other nationality depends to big extent on the perceptual experience that the state has of the adjacent state in mention to whom the foreign policy is being drawn. Apart from the perceptual experience of the leaders it can be said that the functions or the offices of the leaders who are the determination doing caputs besides plays a major function in the determining up of the foreign policy.

In this context let us look at the illustration of UAE and the perceptual experience of UAE that is shared or observed by the other international states. From the point of position of the major national and political powers of the universe, UAE has been a state which is both looked up at with esteem for the unbelievable economic growing and substructure development that the state has achieved and the fast gait with which the state has caught up with the modern industrialisation of the West. However in add-on to the same we see that UAE is besides considered to be the oil resource of the universe. In this context it can be that the state has entered into bilateral dealingss with the other states such as the US. Even it can be stated that UAE as a state hjas adopted the peaceable collaborative being where the state has entered into friendly confederation with more than 60 states all over the universe.

In the last three decades the state has shown singular stretch in its development of economic system and national construction. It can be said that the state is seen as the universe one of the developed economic systems and its most dumbly populated metropolis Dubai remains to be planetary admiration in footings of the sophisticated and modern spending and substructure of life. The UAE is besides seen as a most progressive state that concentrates progressively on its educational aspects every bit good as happens to be welcome for the entry of foreign industries with in its kingdom

List the of import variables that shape up Foreign policy for Nation provinces. Choose one and discourse in inside informations.

Foreign policies are designed to safeguard the critical national involvements of a state, such as publicity of economic, societal, strategic and military involvements and saving of national sovereignty. Harmonizing to James Rosenau there happens to be five important forces that happens to be elemental in the formation of a foreign policy. Following are the list of the same as mentioned by James Rosenau:

  • The external or the planetary fortunes or the environment and in the context of which the national and the province authoritiess reacts, plays a major function in the determining up of the foreign policy of a state.
  • The single national or province leader who plays a major function in the formation of the foreign policy besides to a great extent influences the nature and the assorted stances that are taken in the foreign policy
  • As mentioned earlier in add-on to the perceptual experience of the leaders the functions or the offices that are occupied by the leaders of state who forms and designs the assorted facets of the foreign policy besides plays a major function in the determining up of the international policy of a state.
  • The other major factor which is different from the governmental facet of the state characteristically yet plays a major function in the diplomatic schemes of a state are the societal facets of a state. These societal facets will cover major non governmental societal groups, the nature and civilization of the society. The index of industrial development of the state.
  • Last we can state that the construction of the province and the relation between the executive and the legislative organic structures besides plays a major function in the determining up of the foreign policy.

To farther luxuriant one of the above mentioned points, we have already discussed the importance of the functions and the perceptual experience of the national leaders in the formation of the foreign policy of a peculiar state, hence in the undermentioned portion of the treatment new will be looking at the 4th point that is the societal facet. In this instance we may state that the general populace or the societal order or the province of economic system that besides influences the society has a major function in a nation’s foreign policy. In the instance of the UAE we see that the societal construction plays a major function in the states foreign policy with other states. The state happens to be instead unfastened in footings of economic development and welcomes legion foreign industries as good foreign labour. In fact we see that at one point of clip the population of the expatriate labour happened to be much higher than the national elements. Once once more the state is really unfastened in footings of educational chances and edifice of engineering in all the walks of life. Both the said aspects of the general life plays a strong function in the formation of the foreign policy of the state and besides outlines the form of its interaction with other international powers.

Major issues in modern-day Foreign policy:

In the kingdom of foreign policy we see that there are certain major issues and concerns that happens to rule the nature of foreign policy of the international powers. The undermentioned list attempts to sketch them briefly:

  • The altering kineticss of international security and terrorist menaces.
  • Emerging planetary economic and political powers and their elan for domination.
  • Foreign Assistance in assorted affair related to concerns of international peace, prosperity and development.
  • Illegal Immigration.
  • Addition in the development of the democratic

To lucubrate on twosome of the above mentioned points we would wish to exemplify the first two points.

International Security: It has been seen that in the recent times either on history of political domination or the satisfaction of some unreasonable political, societal or spiritual foibles assorted hawkish and reactionist groups have tended to the way of terrorist act and force the brunt of which is frequently faced by the inexperienced person and general populace. Hence it has become the increasing concern of the assorted international powers such as US to develop their foreign policies in such a manner so that they combat such forces in unison and confederation with other major powers of the Earth.

Emerging Economic powers: As mentioned earlier that UAE is considered to be one of the most developed economic systems of the universe. As a consequence of the same many international powers, chiefly the US, happens to be interested in being friendly footings with the UAE. In this context it is powerful to advert that UAE is considered to be the richest beginning for the Earth for oil resources and besides is a really fertile base for the flourish of concern. However the western powers are besides captive on seeing that the Arab universe does non step out of proportion and seek to derive political and economic domination on a planetary footing. Once once more the forces of Islamic reactionist forces besides make the assorted international powers wary of the Arab universe.

Impact of Foreign Policy on Nation-States:

It can be said that the internal conditions of a State happens to organize the foreign policy of a state and once more the foreign policy of a state besides affects deeply its societal systems and forms. The UAE history for it major portion has been a tumulus one. With the constitution of the federation in 1971, Saudi Arabia happened to deny the being of the UAE. Even Iran and Oman happened to oppugn the entity of the federation. Hence the history of the UAE political relations has been a contemplation of crisis in the assorted parts of the state. The foreign Policy of the state has been an enterprise so far to incorporate all the jobs. In malice of the unfavorable judgment of the US the UAE sees its flowering relation with the US as a beginning of security for its national elements. The foreign policy of the state that has besides helped the state spread out its commercialism and educational frontiers have helped the growing of the general facets of its common life. In fact it can be said that the booming province of the state is mostly due to its foreign policy and the international dealingss and diplomatic moves that the state has maintained in relation to the other international powers.

Why are security and strategic surveies deriving importance in the current twenty-four hours:

In this context it can be said that security and safety facets of a state plays a major function in the economic and the strategic development of the state. Merely when the state happens to be secure from the internal forces of force and besides enjoys a harmonious dealingss with the other international powers that it can be said to hold the right environments for national development. Once once more in the current times the component of international mutuality plays a major function in the coming and enlargement of the phenomenon of globalisation and cultural interaction.

In the modern times when the international powers are inter dependent for their commercial success, political stableness and societal enrichment security and strategic surveies are deriving more and more importance as the general populace besides happens to be progressively cognizant of the international personal businesss and plays a major function in the formation of the national foreign policies.


On a concluding note it can be opined that since UAE happens to be one of the most conspicuously developed national powers of the universe and holds a particular place in the universe personal businesss in footings of being the planetary oil modesty of the universe, a supremely developed economic system and one of the most possible chance for concern enlargement, assorted international powers will be holding their ain involvements in the position of this Arab federation. Hence even in the approaching hereafter we are decidedly anticipating to witness some interesting development in the sphere of foreign policy of other international powers that would be drawn pertinent to the UAE and besides frailty versa.


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