Analysing Loss Caused By Separating Children From Their Homes Social Work Essay

Feeney and Noller ( 1990 ) mentioning ( Ainsworth, Blehar, Waters, Wall, 1978 ; Bell Ainsworth, 1972 ) , stated that the health professional ‘s sensitiveness to the kid ‘s signals through the first twelvemonth of life with the baby ‘s development of one of three fond regard manners ( secure, avoidant, and anxious-ambivalent ) . This essay nevertheless focuses on secure attachment manner.

In order to understand secure fond regard, it is necessary to clearly grok the construct of attachment theory formulated by John Bowlby. Bowlby ( 1969/1982 ) asserted that worlds are born with inbred psychobiological construction that prompts them to look for intimacy to others that are more important than them ( attachment figures ) in clip of demand ( Mikulincera and Shaver, 2005 ) . The earliest relationship bonds developed by kids with their health professionals tend to keep a enormous hit that usually continues throughout life which serves to maintain the baby stopping point to the female parent and thereby improves the kid ‘s likeliness of endurance from babyhood. The cardinal principal of attachment theory is that the kid needs to develop a bond with the health professional for societal and emotional development to happen usually that involves an exchange of comfort, attention and pleasance. For the kid to develop this bond with the health professional that brings emotional development there must be unafraid fond regard between the kid and the health professional. The contrary nevertheless applies to insecure fond regard which is associated with the effectual deficiency of emotional heat, insecurity and in certain cases, kid maltreatment. Insecure fond regard is associated with most emotional upsets, societal jobs in childhood and grownup life.

In the instance of Jordan Morgan, secure fond regard could arguably be assumed to hold existed with the female parent likely at the clip he was a babe. The female parent could hold provided him with the basic necessities that are largely indispensable to be satisfied for development and growing. Since every kid at birth need the basic ( provender, slumber, and wellness ) and affectional ( fondness, credence, security, stableness ) needs to be present, the female parent could hold provided them. However, it can be argued after reading Jordan ‘s narrative work that the Mother and the Nan failed to supply the basic demands required for unafraid fond regard to be. For illustration, Jordan at certain point was found walking entirely in the dark without being accompanied by the Mother or Nan. This is contrary to the dogmas found in the definition of a unafraid fond regard as the health professional or attachment figure is supposed to protect and offer security to the kid. It could farther be argued that the state of affairs was non unafraid because of a deficiency of close supervising by the Mother or Nan in supervising Jordan at the clip that he pushed Sally out of the window.

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Secure fond regard is import in the development of kids, it exist when there is established relationship between the health professional and the kid which is chiefly associated by being effectual, a safe and stable environment where the basic demands of life are to the full satisfied. Arguably, every kid needs basic necessities that are largely indispensable to be satisfied for development and growing. They need health professionals or attachment figures to fulfill basic ( provender, slumber, and wellness ) and affectional ( fondness, credence, security, stableness ) needs. A Caregivers or attachment figures usually respond positively to the demands of the kid. This type of relationship gives security, comfort and enjoyment to the child.A The relationship is associated with physical contact and effectual looks. It can hence be suggested that kids who experience unafraid fond regard sort of relationship feel secure, positive and established. Their attack towards the issues they encounter in the universe is with peace, as they have the certainty of emotional handiness ; in a instance of demand or menace they will be able to turn to the health professional or fond regard figures that will be available to assist them. This, largely, is one of the primary most of import parts of childhood development. Children need to develop a sense of trust in the health professional or fond regard figures ( first illustration, the parents ) . The sense that an affectional and handiness relationship exists, usually allows the development of the initial and basic trust. This in consequence subsequently transform to “ self trust ” , that foster the kid to put up satisfactory societal relationships based on trust and apprehension. In add-on, the development of ego assurance will let the development of liberty.

Jordan ‘s Mother and Nan failed to supply a secure base that he could hold used to research the universe. Due to miss of secure fond regard with his Mother and Nan, Jordan had to be put in Foster attention which someway gave him a loss of individuality when he started naming the Foster carer “ Mum ” . The physical hurting that he see in separating with his female parent, Uncles, Nan, Pets and topographic points are so painful and possibly terrorization at times and even life-changing. This could explicate why he kept on running off from one of the Foster attention he was placed in, to his Mother and Nan.

Although Jordan had unafraid fond regard with most surrogate carers he was placed in, it can be contended that any separation whether as consequence of decease, or resettlement, the decomposition of a unafraid friendly relationship or relationship brings depression, unhappiness, solitariness, loss of regard and way in life. For illustration when Jordan was told the life narrative work, he did non take it good at times which resulted in a batch statements that he had with his friends at school and the deficiency of corporation at place. This in itself can explicate that separation can convey batch unhappiness in the kid actuated by the life narrative work.

It can farther be argued that it could be hard for Jordan to develop proper internal working theoretical accounts or books and narratives because of the changing Foster carers he was exposed to. Since these motions kept on repeating and often-abrupt losingss, they could hold made him hard to set to different environments really hard. This job in itself could do him develop emotional upsets, societal jobs in childhood and grownup life allow alone swear anyone. This statement can farther be elaborated by taking into consideration Aber and Allen ‘s ( 1987 ) study on the effects of ill-treatment in early childhood development. The study was conducted: in abused kids, those who received public assistance and those who came from in-between category households. Harmonizing to their findings, maltreated kids had a lower mark than public assistance kids who besides score lower than in-between category kids on factors mensurating secure preparedness ( Abber and Allen, 1987 ) . The findings of their surveies concluded at babyhood, ill-treatment destroys a dynamic balance between the inspiration to set up safe, unafraid relationships with the health professional or fond regard figures and the minute to endeavor out and detect the universe in a proficiency advancing manner ( Aber and Allen, 1987 ) .


Research has shown that the theory of a unafraid base and internal working theoretical accounts exist and is critical in the growing of relationships in babyhood, childhood, and maturity. The theory of attachment manner has besides created a enormous footing to prolong the strength of fond regard in older kids. Harmonizing to Feeney and Noller ( 1990 ) , there have been increased suggestions that secure fond regard has a critical function in big bonds and competence, including romantic relationships. Securely affiliated kids tend to be positive, independent and the development of ego assurance will let the development of liberty in big life.


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