Analysing The Victims Of Female Domestic Abuse Social Work Essay

One twenty-four hours I visited “ Tando Bago ” with my friend and her household to go to a matrimony ceremonial. There I saw a lady sitting on swing “ Pinga ” acting abnormally and speaking to herself aloud. I asked my friend about her and she said “ The lady is my Aunt, and she is enduring from Schizophrenia ” . I was funny to cognize the grounds behind her unwellness. Upon inquiring several times my friend narrated her aunt ‘s narrative “ My aunt had n’t had the chance of instruction and at the age of 15 she was forcefully married to a adult male who used to handle her like a slave. Physical and sexual maltreatment was everyday for him that resulted in the loss of the life of her babe before it was born. If he was awful so her in-laws were atrocious. Peoples stigmatized her every bit BANJ as it took her two old ages to gestate. Presently she is a female parent of two kids but ironss of sorrows, hurting and depression have ruined her life and that of her kids. After all such maltreatments she has ended up with isolation, undernourishment, physical disablement and psychological jobs ” .

Women represent forfeit in our society. They are treated as slaves. They rarely fight for their rights and accordingly are still in procedure of happening their ain individuality. This analytical paper discusses societal, wellness and psychological issues that have lay waste toing effects in adult females ‘s lives. Furthermore, this paper sheds visible radiation on the grounds behind tolerance of domestic force and its preventative steps.

In our society adult females are non empowered with free determination devising and their self-government is violated by their household members. Harmonizing to Niaz ( 2004 ) “ Violence against adult females is really common in Pakistan. The misdemeanor of adult females ‘s rights, the favoritism and unfairness are obvious in many instances ” . A United Nations research survey found that “ 50 % of the adult females in Pakistan are physically battered and 90 % are mentally and verbally abused by their work forces ” . My friend ‘s aunt is an illustration of such gross unfairness. Harmonizing to my analysis foremost she sacrificed her instruction for the interest of her brother ‘s instruction. Zaidi ( 1996 ) stated that “ The chief causes of gender favoritism in developing states, are Legal restraints: a male-oriented legal system ; which do non acknowledge adult females as equal spouses ; Torahs which do non see work forces and adult females as equal ” . This gender prejudice by our ascendants has resulted in our adult females to bear the worst of it. She was invariably stigmatized by the society boulder clay she conceived. Her foetus was aborted due to physical maltreatment during gestation and even in this critical status she was non provided of wellness installations. She suffered with nutritionary lack due to consider famishment induced by her in-laws. Unsupportive behavior from society and household led to chronic psychological unwellness. Harmonizing to a survey by Haqqi ( 2010 ) “ In Karachi, verbal, physical and emotional maltreatments were common taking to bullying, emotional injury, continued depression and inability to take even minor determinations and force against adult females was estimated to be above 70 % ” . In malice of all these troubles, why did the victim non take a measure frontward for the improvement of her life? Then I came to cognize due to illiteracy and unknowingness about her rights she suffered from domestic force. Her parents had impressed upon her the strong belief that God has created her for the exclusive intent of functioning her hubby. Inability to do determinations for her ain life made her tolerate the force. Universal declaration of human rights, Article 3 ( Retrieved from CHS category ) , “ Describes that everyone has right to life, autonomy and security of individual ” . She was non given that autonomy. Any ideas of freedom from this snake pit through divorce could non even be conceived since her society and its cultural norms were highly stiff and dictated by work forces. Because of low self-esteem she convinced herself that she was guilty of error and she deserved this maltreatment. She was financially dependent on her hubby which could be one of the grounds behind her silence. She tolerated force to protect the repute of her household.

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Domestic force affected her life, her household and the community in societal, wellness and psychological facets. The impact of domestic force resulted in her isolation from society, she was diagnosed with schizophrenic disorder. Furthermore, she lost her foremost babe before its birth, changeless physical maltreatment resulted in disablement of her index ; and undernourishment caused terrible wellness issues. “ Karachi, Pakistan, a survey of 500 adult females who delivered at a infirmary reported that 43 % reported verbal maltreatment and 13 % reported physical maltreatment during their gestation ” ( Karmaliani et al. , 2008 ) . Furthermore, her kids were deprived from the love and fondness of their female parent ; they found trouble in get bying with the injury which resulted in defeat and more aggressive behavior. Groves 1999 ( as cited in Hornor, 2005 ) stated that “ Children who witness domestic force may exhibit aggressive behaviour decreased societal competences, depression, frights, anxiousness, sleep perturbations, and larning jobs ” . Poor academic tonss in school and stigmatisation from equals that their female parent is a huffy adult female led to societal isolation. Inadequate attending from female parent led to wellness issues such as undernourishment of kids. The hubby, due to his married woman ‘s unwellness, directed his choler towards his kids and inflicted force on them. In communities, largely females are incognizant of their rights, taking to male laterality upon them and ensuing in physical maltreatment. I would state that community has to take lesson from the unrecorded illustration about the effects of force on adult females ‘s lives and should take measure frontward to extinguish this force from the society.

The victim in our instance could hold prevented herself from the force by seeking support and protection from the constabulary. Furthermore, she could mention to spiritual guidelines on tolerance and avoiding domestic force against adult females. Prophet Muhammad ‘s Hadith that says: “ I recommend that you treat adult females with goodness. The best of you are those who treat their married womans the best ” . Furthermore, she could hold approached the societal bureaus ( NGOs ) who could assist her out in covering with the issue by reding her hubby. Lastly she could take defensive steps for herself and her kids by disassociating him if no other options were executable.

As a nurse I can follow ways which will assist in decrease and obliteration of the domestic force from the society, particularly against adult females. I will authorise my client by supplying consciousness about her ain rights ; supply her professional psychiatric guidance so that medical intervention could be initiated which would better her mental wellness. For households and community I will set up community shows affecting theater or other art signifiers in which work forces will be shown the affects of force on the household and community. Furthermore, I will, with the aid of NGOs, supply resources to adult females to larn other accomplishments to better their fiscal conditions. We can observe World Women Day, when all adult females will rest and work forces will be given the charge of all family work so that they realize the importance and outrageousness of work that adult females handle. I will set up for societal workers of community to see every house for the designation of societal issues among households. With the aid of Government I will buttonhole for including chapter on adult females rights in the secondary instruction course of study. Training should be provided to adult females on how to cover with opprobrious behaviour. In coaction with media ; importance and part of adult females should be propagated in the visible radiation of Quran to alter the perceptual experience of work forces. In the undermentioned poetry of the Qur’an, Allah warns work forces that “ If they retain their married womans in matrimony it should non be to take advantage of them ” . The verse reads: “ Retain them in kindness or let go of them in kindness. But do non retain them to their injuries so that you transgress ( the bounds ) . If anyone does that he wrongs his ain psyche. Make non take God ‘s instructions as a joke ” ( Qur’an 2:231 ) . Last I will register the households with NGOs so that they can see them and supply instruction on adult females ‘s right and safe wellness patterns. With the aid of all these activities, if even one person changes his behaviour towards adult females, so there will be alteration within the household every bit good as in the full community. In order to accomplish the self-respect in society every adult female has to contend for her ain rights. This is besides supported by Feminist Theory. “ Feminist theoryA aims to understandA gender differenceA andA gender inequalityA and focal points on gender political relations, gender and farther emphasize on the publicity of adult females ‘s rights ” . Retrieved from hypertext transfer protocol: //

In decision, adult females must be provided support towards improvement of their ain life. We envision a society free from all the stiff norms which could straiten physical, psychological and societal wellness of adult females. Womans should be cognizant of their rights from the really get downing so that work forces could non take advantage of their unknowingness.


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