Anna solving social problems and finding cures for

            Anna Maria Chavez wanted one thing, and that was to
change the world in a way. According to, Anna Maria wanted to change
the world because ever since she was little, her mother and grandmother wanted
her to learn about leadership, community service and being and activists. When
she was a little girl she joined a girls scout, ever since that day she kept
telling herself. “how will I change the world?” years later she attended, Yale
university and became a lawyer. According to in 2011 she was named
CEO of the girl’s scout. According to one of her interviews, Anna Maria said
that the world becomes more and more competitive throughout the year that she
wants to teach this generation of girls to grow up to be at the leardership
tables solving social problems and finding cures for diseases. Although it was
hard for Anna Maria to accomplish all of this, so many people respected her
because of how much effort she put into the girls scouts and everything else
she did.

            Anna Maria had a rough time trying to pursue her dreams.
According to, Anna Maria Chavez faced a lot of challenges.
Some of those challenges may include, membership numbers plunged 20% from
2003-2012. The organization had a lot of financial problems, most critically,
and rising pensions obligations. Also, According to September
2013, Ms. Chavez soon faced a lot of criticism due to her management style,
because she had fired the national staff pf 330 by 25 percent. Which included
40 determinations and 45 buyouts. According to Makers, in 2016, former
employees tried to take Ms. Chavez leadership because she created a mass
departure of senior staff while failing to deliver positive financial results.

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 According to National council of aging, Anna Maria
accepted  the Chairman’s award from the
United Stated Hispanic Commerce and was given the women of excellence award
from the association of Latino’s professionals in finance and accounting. Anna
Maria graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Yale University, after she
graduated with her Bachelor’s she pursued a Juris Doctorate from James E.
roger’s college of law university. According to her own website in 2016, she
was named as one of the world’s 50 greatest leader by fortune magazine. Anna
Maria has received a numerous amount of recognitions by many people for her
work. which include, Fortunes world’s greatest leaders of 2016. According to She was number 22 on Fast company’s 2016 annual list of the most
creative people in business and most importantly was initiated into the U.S.
news and worlds reports STEM (science, technology, engineering and math.)  leadership hall of fame.


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