Anthem Study Guide Questions

The society in which Anthem is set is a very dystopian, futuristic, and harsh society. The only pronoun used is “we”. All individualism has been taken away. B. No, I would not want to live in this society because it is a very strict society with severe punishment. I think they (people who live in the society) suffer of too much pressure and stress. 2. The amount of work that must be done every day makes your body exhausted, which makes your health slowly decline. 3.

She describes his features as different than normal. 4. A more sinister motivation. Equality is punished just for being different. 5. In the future, because society has been completely reorganized and have completely gone back to a time where there is little to no development. 6. A. Teachers would appreciate Equality’s passion for learning. B. Because it makes him “superior” to his fellow brothers. 7. He doesn’t really have a choice. He wants to fit in, but stands out. Chapter 2 1. She is very powerful and beautiful and he takes interest in her. . No one can say I. if you do something you must do it for your brothers. You can’t love just one of your brothers you must love all of them. 3. He goes in the tunnel by himself. He is doing something before his brothers. He was not including them in anything. 4. People fear they are different and that they will be punished. 5. The unmentionable times is the past. There is war and people do things for them and not for their brothers. The uncharted forest is a forest that no one goes through.

The evil ones are the people from the unmentionable times that they went to war with. The great rebirth there new society when everyone is your brother. 6. A. I B. The word reflects individualism, which is forbidden in this collectivist, dystopian society. Chapter 3 1. A. He found the tunnel. B. It is very important because he will find things that will change his future. Chapter 4 1. He disobeys the rules and doesn’t want to follow them. He lives his own life. Chapter 5 1. His main motivation is curiosity 2.

His primary motivation to see himself is also curiosity, to experience something different. Chapter 6 1. They know not to and have no good ideas. Chapter 7 1. They do not want change. They do not want a repeat of the unmentionable times. Chapter 9 1. They’re tired of living the same life every day. Chapter 10 1. There is a big enough house that can fit 12men but there are only two beds. There are windows everywhere and they can see there reflection. There are books everywhere about the unmentionable times.


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