Anya the Mistress of Darkness

Fear can always be transformed into admiration, be it by rational means or perhaps enticed by a higher deity. In one specific case, it was pre-ordained to her delight. A human granted powers that rivaled a god, which could shift the balance of the world, all in the palms of one child. Her name is Anya, the Mistress of Darkness. Whilst Anya grew up, she dared never to sleep without a source of light. She had begged her parents to watch as she fell asleep at night, scared of the looming shadows stretched across her room.

As she grew older her parents had decided that she had outgrown her fears and removed her light, her salvation. Anya begged them over and over not to remove it but her voice fell on deaf ears, her parents reasoning echoed again in her head. “You’ve outgrown it Anya! Just try it…please? ” They would always say to calm her worry. However as night fell, she hid under her covers and shook with fear, her mind focused on the shadows that would try and steal her away. At the slightest creak in her room, she screamed terrified.

She threw her covers over her and ran for the door, only to be inches away before warm hands reached out and grabbed her. Anya thrashed fruitlessly as her parents voices cut through the darkness. It was only her mother and father, worried for her sake and came to check up on her. As realization hit her, she sobbed bitterly in their arms as they soothed her with calming words. They had decided to allow Anya to have her night light back, in hopes of quelling her fear slowly. For a few fortnights Anya slept soundly and happily with her salvation returned.

However within one night, her light flickered slowly then shut off. Anya had been tossing and turning, unable to sleep that very night and her heart nearly stopped as the room flooded with darkness. She whimpered softly, unable to call out to anyone for help. She threw the covers over her face, hoping to find some sanctity, a safe haven, for herself. After what had seemed to be hours, Anya could hear a soft voice calling out to her. Her room seemed to light up with a white and black hue as she peeked out from her covers slowly.

She found that her room was dimly light by a floating pale black and white tome. Anya gazed at the tome, mesmerized by its beauty as the soft voice fell onto her ears. “Do not fear the darkness…It is like a blanket, cool and comforting in the night. ” The voice had said to a bewildered Anya. It vanished as her parents turned the lock to her room. They had been worried about her and came to check up on her condition, when they found her she was smiling happily as if receiving a present on Christmas day. Since that encounter she had slept without a light and seemed to dislike the day time.

Many times, Anya would sneak out of her home at night. She would wander all throughout the area, enjoying and laughing in the darkness. Her parents found out one day and they were furious, forbidding Anya to go out anymore and locking her room window and doors. One night they came to check up on her and with the door and windows still locked, Anya vanished into the night without a trace. Anya took up her mantle as Mistress of Darkness, the Goddess of the Night. Ever since Anya stopped fearing the night, she became more cheerful during the night.

She sometimes refuses to sleep in order to enjoy the black sky adorned with stars and graced with the moon. Anya is rather cheerful talking about the darkness and adores others who enjoy the same things she does. Anya still retains her personality as a little girl, as she continuously treats everything as a game and smiles very often. Since her parents were rather protective and tried to do everything to keep her safe, she had become naive to other things and showed her innocence as she traveled through the city at night.

However she was protected by her given powers, and made her more ingenuous to her actions. Her laughter and smiles can give off a rather threatening aura as if not to approach her unless you have business. Anya is rather contradictory since although she would rather no one approaches her, she dislikes being left alone. This is most likely due to her guileless nature since children dislike being separated from someone they know in order to find comfort. As the Mistress of darkness it is rather clear she adores the night, the moon, the stars and the shadows.

She has come to worship the glory it holds and adores others who enjoy the same things she does. She has a fondness for taking walks under the night, her destination always unclear. Despite being transformed into a higher deity, she still enjoys “human” acts from time to time. She favors sweets such as cookie dough truffles and chocolate due to her nature of being a child. To her there are “just some things you can never outgrow. ” Even as Anya shows off a rather “leave me alone” personality, she loves talking to others and will approach with less animosity when she is bored and wishes to converse with others.

She tends to talk about the Darkness to the point where those around her begin to think she is mentally ill. Within her long walks in the night there is one thing she has come to fear, Cats. They tend to freak her out with their glowing eyes, piercing through the veil of darkness. She backs away slowly, worried that they will do something to harm her precious darkness. Although in reality that would be impossible, she still stays far away from cats. Anya takes many attributes of the night, one trait is being forgotten by everyone. She realizes that many others fear the dark and feels a never ending loneliness as a result.

She highly fears that one day she too will disappear because people stop believing in her. Many times, she argues with Kira, the Soldier of Souls. He believes her acts are unorthodox and will only serve to harm humans. She merely believes her acts are justified so no one will forget her, be it in a kind way or fearful way. Anya has earned her reputation through the acts she does although others may not agree she refuses to listen to others. With her newfound powers that could tip the world forever she merely laughs and smiles enjoying the game. She is Anya, The Mistress of Darkness.


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