Aphrodite and Dione.Despite her marriage to Hephaestus the

Aphrodite was the goddess of love and beauty.It’s hard to say what she looks like except really really pretty because she can change herself into what you find most beautiful. Her roman name was Venus.Her husband was Hephaestus and they had many children 16 to be exact.  There was      Eros,Phobos,Deimos,Harmonia,Pothos,Anteros,Himeros,Hermaphroditos, Rhode,Eryx,Peitho,Eunomia,The Graces,Priapus,Aeneas, and Tyche.Her parents were Zeus and Dione.Despite her marriage to Hephaestus the god of fire and metalworking she had many lovers such as Ares the god of war.Her and her son Eros also known as cupid teamed up and made her father fall in love with a woman named Europe.Since she was a daughter of Zeus she had many half siblings but no direct siblings.Aphrodite and Eros were believed to be the reason for love.She had many symbols here is a few of them sea shells,a dove,mirrors,sea foam,and a rose.Her weapon was a magic girdle.She was believed to be the reason for the Trojan War.She sided with the Trojans in the Trojan war.She even persuaded the god of war Ares  to support The Trojans.Her temple was located northwest of the ancient temple of Apollo Epikourios.Aphrodite is the subject of many works of art.She is sometimes called The Lady Of Cyprus.She didn’t love her husband Hephaestus it was an arranged marriage Zeus did this because he was afraid war was going to start because of her beauty.She had many more lovers too many to list. She was apparently born as a beautiful adult so she never had a childhood.Some of her friends were Artemis,Athena,and Algaea.Some of enemies were Her,Echo,and Pares.There was a beauty contest between her,Hera,and Athena of course she won because she is the god of love and beauty.She had many enemies because they were jealous of her beauty.Many goddesses did not like her because she had affairs with their husbands.By this point Aphrodite’s husband didn’t like her either because she had so many affairs with other gods.Some people liked Aphrodite because she was believed to be the reason of love but some people didn’t like her because she tricked people into loving her by shapeshifting into what they find most beautiful.She also had many friends because of her personality she was believed to be a very nice nurturing person.But she was also believed to be the reason for the Trojan War so people had mixed feelings about her.Well that’s all i have to say about Aphrodite.


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