Around of alcoholism causes 3.8% of all global

33% of people in the world consumes alcohol frequently. The moderate consuming rate
of alcohol for an individual per year is 6.2 litres. The excessive alcoholism
leads to many deaths around the world. A survey in 2009 found that the net
effect of alcoholism causes 3.8% of all global deaths. The long term use of
alcohol causes damages to every organ system in the body. It includes

Cancer- Continuous
alcoholism can increases the risk of cancer.

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Cardiovascular disease- Continuous
consumption of alcohol results in deadly condition which causes blood clot and
weakens the heart muscle.

Immune system- Too much
of consumption can weaken our immune system and makes our body system get
easily affected to any other disease.

High blood pressure-
Alcohol can increase the blood pressure which lead to health problems such as
heart and kidney disease.

The alcohol
consumption in Russia particularly by men has in recent years caused more than
half of all the deaths. The early deaths in Russia is due to consuming too much
of alcohol.  In 2012, the WHO found that
the 30% of the deaths is due to over consumption of alcohol in Russia. A
governmental report from Britain has found that there were more than 800 alcohol-related
deaths in 2007, lower than 2006, but more than double the 4,144 recorded in
1991. The alcohol-related death rate was 13.3 per 100,000 population in 2007,
compared with 6.9 per 100,000 population in 1991. 

The Global Status Report on alcohol and
health 2014 says that in India, 30% of peoples consumes alcohol regularly. Some
11% percent are moderate to hard drinkers. 
The average Indian consumes alcohol per year is 4.3 litres and the
average rural Indian alcohol consumes alcohol per year is 11.4 litres. The
Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NH&MRC) has
provided guidelines for safe daily drinking limits. The recommended maximum drinking for men
is 4 standard drinks per day and for women is 2 standard drinks per day.
One standard drink
contains 10 grams of alcohol. More than the recommended drinking is
known to cause harm and leads to many health related problems.

The health problems due to over consumption of alcohol is
based on short term and long term effects in the body. The effects depends only
on the amount of consumed alcohol. The short term effects includes loss of
memory, slowed breathing and lack of coordination. These affects the people
around the dipsomaniac person.  The long
term effects depends on the quantity of consumed alcohol. It can affect the
brain by changing the behavior of the individual. It also reduces the thinking ability
of a person because the consumption of alcohol reduces the communication
between the nerves in the brain. The long term drinking can cause damages to
brain, liver, heart and pancreas.

Our system is proposed for monitoring alcohol consumption and
reports it to the concerned person remotely. This system consists of microcontroller,
arduino, GSM and GPS. Two sensors are
used to monitor the health condition of a person. The sensors used in this
system are body temperature sensor and ECG sensor. The body temperature sensor allows you to measure the temperature
of a body. It is important to measure our body temperature. The body temperature
sensor is applied on the skin surface and it indicates the temperature in
degree after reaching the steady state. The average normal body temperature is 37°C. Some studies have shown that
the normal body temperature can have a wide range from 36.1°C to 37.2°C. Electrocardiography (ECG)
sensor is the device which is used to record the electrical activity of
the heart over a period of time using electrodes placed on the skin. The average range of ECG sensor is 440 ms. The normal heat beat range is 60
to 100 beats per minute. These
sensor is then interfaced to a microcontroller that reads the data from the
sensor and transmits the resulting data.

The data from the sensors
are used for prescribing the amount of liquor. The digital data is maintained and stored.
Then the microcontroller send the signal to the arduino to send message via GSM
module. The GSM module extracts the location from the GPS and send message to
the respective mobile number. The message includes health condition of a person
and location of the shop. Through this alcohol
sales, addiction and illegal sales can be controlled.






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