Art History Dq 1

It is debatable , whether art is “ whatever the spectator thinks it is; there are no rules, no criteria, no universal boundaries delineating what is and what is not art, who is and who is not an artist”. Getlein, the author of Living with Art; states that artist create masterpieces to fulfill six roles. This roles differentiate an artist from a normal, everyday person. A good example of art made to serve a human purpose is the Vietnam Veteran Memorial. Maya Lin created this memorial to commemorate and remember the heroes that vanished during the Vietnam war.

Whit such an art piece, Maya Lin accomplished several of the roles that artist fulfill. She was able to portrait the feelings and emotions of the millions of people that visit the memorial, and recorded the history that our ancestors lived in that area. In conclusion, art has to fallow rules that make the everyday live an extraordinary exploration of creativity and emotion. An artist has to have a grand imagination and a special sense of passion to transfer those thoughts and feelings into visual art. Getlein, Mark, and Rita Gilbert. Living with Art.

New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2010. Question 4 Defining what is and what is Not art is puzzling. I picked this discussion question because if you think about it hard enough, it seems like almost everything can be considered art. Art is a puzzle versus design. Design is a clear vision of what the object is to reflect. A hair style is a design but it will not reflect a second meaning or be relevant to the person that gives you the haircut. Art may need to be looked at numerous times , and every time you may discover something new and more meaningful.

A masterpiece can have a message that may need to be unfolded. Audrey Flack created Wheel of Fortune, a modernized version of Vanitas created by Juan de Valdes Leal in 1660. Wheel of fortune has the image of a skull that resembles death. A calendar, an hourglass, and a candle speaking of time passing. Including other contemporary symbols of personal vanity, like a lipstick and a mirror. While the roles of chance and fate in our lives are evoked by a die and a tarot card. In conclusion, Art should have the capacity to make us attentive and lead us to curiosity.

A something that is not considered art would not reflect any feeling, emotion, or curiosity. An artist does not see his or her creations as a job; they live by them. Getlein, Mark, and Rita Gilbert. Living with Art. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2010. Question 5 Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was created between the years 1503 and 1505, and in 1963, in respect to Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa, Andy Warhol painted the cleverly titled Thirty Are Better than One, which features 30 small pictures of the Mona Lisa in black and white.

Even though this two pieces of art feature the same model ( Mona Lisa), it is easy to compare the two. The original Mona Lisa displays a war color palette that in Da Vinci’s time, the painting was incredibly lifelike. Andy Warhol painted Thirty Are Better than One, in black and white. I think that because the painting is in black and white it makes the woman appear timeless, and it gives the painting a more modern feel. One of the most obvious differences of the two pieces of art besides color, is how asymmetrical one is from the other.

Thirty Are Better than One draws the eye to this thirty little clusters, fallowing a symmetrical pattern that has me focused in more than just a single image. In the other hand, the original Mona Lisa is completely asymmetrical with well-illustrated contour and outline , allowing the viewer to pay more attention to small details featured in the art piece. The similarities I see between the two paintings is that they obviously both feature the same woman sitting in the famous painting, and both have an indefinite mystery that intrigues any onlooker.

To me the famous Mona Lisa is more famous for its name and its impact on culture and history than for the greatness of the painting itself. Thirty is Better Than One was inspired by Da Vinci’s painting but is an artwork in itself and has a more modern appeal. I personally think that Andy Warhol’s painting is more pleasant to look at, and it is the type of painting I would hang in my own home. Getlein, Mark, and Rita Gilbert. Living with Art. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2010.


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