Artemis Fowl: A Summary

Artemis Fowl is a twelve year old boy. His family and Artemis himself are very rich, and Artemis are very spoilt. Artemis is a twelve year old genius. He is very smart, sneaky and have a very big intelligence. Especially when it comes to things he isn’t allowed to do. This time, Artemis travels to Ho Chi Minh city with his manservant, Butler, who is Artemis’ bodyguard, but also Artemis‘ friend and accomplice. They are going there to meet with an informant, whose name is Nguyen. Meanwhile sitting outside a kerbside cafe on Dong Khai Street, they are waiting for Nguyen, who is late.

The Butler family has served the Fowl family for generations, with a Butler being assigned to each new Fowl at birth. He has comprehensive knowledge of weapons and therefore extensive training in martial arts. Enlisting the help of his trusty bodyguard, Butler, Artemis tracks down an alcoholic sprite posing as a healer. He needs a copy of a book, which tells about the history of the fairies and spells out their rules and regulations for behavior. A book that all fairies must abide by. After a while sitting at the kerbside cafe, Nguyen appears.

Together they look up the sprite, but getting the book isn’t easy, and Artemis have to use one of his mastermind plans once again, to trick the sprite into giving him the book. Artemis have brought the finest Irish whiskey, which quickly, the sprite snatches out of his hand. But meanwhile they are talking with the sprite, as she drinks from the whiskey, bit by bit, Artemis’ plan have already succeeded. Of course, he had a plan. He have poisoned the sprite, by putting holy water into the whiskey which he gave her.

He now gives her two options, which basically is, to live or to die. If she won’t give him the book, then he will leave her to die. But if she is willing to give him the book, he will let her live, as he have brought two ampoules. One, is a vial of spring water from a fairy well, sixty metres below the ring of Tara – which is the most magical place on earth. And the other, is a shot of man-made magic. It will bolster the sprite’s failing liver and remove the dependence of alcohol. Of course, the sprite choose to live, and Artemis gets to copy every single page of the book.


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