Articles:- trouble brews and livelihoods suffers over the


1. We managed to get ________ room.

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A      b) An     c) The   
d) No article



1. _______ the 3rd of June, I can
swim outside or practice Yoga _____ the grass.

 a) at, by    
b) on, on   c) at, on   d) none, in


Error Spotting:-

I. You may snigger if you (1)/it is
a thought borrowed from a (2)/ certain another phone we know but i7 did (3)/
promised to give what others do at a reasonable price (4)/ No error (5)

1       b) 2        c) 3      d) 4       e) 5


Sentence Improvement:-

1. As trouble brews and livelihoods
suffers over the High court’s ban on encroachments along MG Road.

a) suffering over b) suffered over c)
suffer over d) suffer in e) No improvement is required




1.  Levity


Jollity                    (b) Praise                        (c) Solemnity                             (d) Blame


Spelling Correction:-

1. a) preposturus b) preposterus c)
preposeterous d) preposterous


One Word Substitution:-

1. Clearly revealed to the mind or
the senses or judgment

a) verdict b) apparent c) apprehend
d) obvious



1. articulate

a)enunciate                  b)bumble         c)verbalize       d)express



1. Stone’s throw

a) close in relationship

b) close in distance

c) close in fighting

d) close in hitting




Sentence Rearrangement:-


1.         These
are vital questions one should raise before attempting an essay.

2.         A
good essay should contain original points about a particular topic and
necessary explanation there for.

3.         No
one is expected, to write an essay of the standard of eminent essayist of the
world like Addison, Cherles Camb and Virginia Wolf.

4.         The
errors in spelling and grammar also have their share in lowering the standard
of an essay.

5.         What
to write? How to write?

6.         But
today essay writing of the above nature has become a difficult task.

135462        b) 135426        c) 264531        d) 264513



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