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As someone who has been an exercise “enthusiast” for over 20 years, I take much pride in helping students learn to love and value exercise and good nutrition. At a young age, I have always strived to embody a healthy lifestyle and help others achieve the same (or greater) level of fitness and athletic success that I have experienced in my life. As a result of my passion for fitness, the driving motivation for a Becoming Youth Athlete trainer is to help fitness novices, youths, and experienced athletes reach their full potentials. My life experiences reveal that fitness is not a temporary means of achieving good health, weight loss, or sports championships, but rather it is a way of life. My main goal is to transform people’s lives so they can have an optimal life. In order to Become Fit, I want to provide my clients with good techniques and practices for fitness and nutrition. This introduction is not a summary of my fitness “career”, but more of a commitment of the “stick- to-it-iveness” I have to demonstrate that fitness and wellness start early and continues on through life – it’s not a phase or a gimmick ….. It’s THE lifestyle that should be at the forefront of what you do, how you think, who you are – you get 1 life … live it well!With prior experience with group training (Hi/Low Impact, Hip-hop classes, Conditioning), and as an entrepreneur that has provided fitness sessions for adults, conditioning classes for youth sports teams, and organizing camps and clinics, I encourage better living and healthier lifestyles. Working closely with small groups (adult and youth) to reach their fitness goals, I provide progressive conditioning and strength sessions that suit all fitness levels and ages. Youth sessions are geared to overall agility and conditioning using compound exercises. Adult sessions focus on specific lower and upper body moves to isolate and strengthen muscles. All programs include specific cardiovascular training to build endurance and manage weight. I provide support in adding wellness habits to their lives, giving them feedback and keeping track of their development. I conduct fitness and exercise classes and demonstrate proper movement and technique to reduce the chance of injury. Ability to motivate and encourage individuals. Experience in training various people/ages from all kinds of backgrounds and fitness experience. Moving up in a career as an athletic director is as simple as running a clean program, improving graduation rates and showing on-the-field results. You’ll touch every part of young athlete’s lives. From stressing the importance of education to the developing athletic skills, every aspect of this position is gratifying.There are frustrating moments when dealing with young adults, but nothing is more satisfying than inspiring a student during their formative years. Influencing a life choice or counseling an adolescent on a personal, educational, or professional problem can be the difference between realized potential and wasted possibilities.Business leaders are made, not just born. Some individuals are blessed with innate leadership qualities; however, for the most part, anyone can learn to become an effective leader through practicing consistent efforts and continued learning. By learning more about human resources and organizational leadership skills, such as hiring, problem-solving, employee development, and other management leadership principles, you will soon be prepared to help direct an organization into the future.I believe earning a degree in organizational leadership can pave the way for high-level executive careers with strong salary potential. This degree provides foundational leadership skills that graduates can build on with workplace experience. Furthermore, a degree in organizational leadership leads to a broad range of high-paying careers that help create real, positive change in the community. One of the most rewarding aspects of working in organizational leadership is the process of setting goals, creating action plans to reach those goals and then seeing the positive impact of achieving them.After I earn my master’s degree, I intend to pursue my dream of trying to be Athletic Director at a prestigious high school or college. Molding the youth of the world into well-rounded citizens is a profession that pays far more rewarding dividends than just money.  In high school I believe I can make the greatest contribution, utilizing my leadership background and fitness/health as a former athlete and physical education teacher to rebuild a program.I am highly aware of the superb reputation of your school, and my conversations with several of your alumni have served to deepen my interest in being part of your graduate program. I know that, in addition to your excellent faculty, your reputation is among the best in the state. I hope you will give me the privilege of continuing my studies at your fine institution.


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