As legislative, executive, and judicial branches, as well

As we mentioned before, The United States Constitution and the Texas Constitution both have many similarities yet differences between them. Here are some similarities: A first example of a similarity that they both share is that they have a bill of rights included in them which is a very important part of it to us as citizens. Secondly, they both vote for their representatives. A third example of similarity they share is having a bicameral legislative branch, which consists of congress separated into a house of representatives and a senate. Lastly, they both limit the power of government through the separation of powers, which include the legislative, executive, and judicial branches, as well as using a system of checks and balances.In here we will discuss some of the differences: The first example of a difference between them is that even though they both have the bill of rights included in them the bill of rights are located in a different place within the constitution. In the Texas Constitution the Bill of Rights are located in the 1st article and in the U.S. constitution it is located in the ten amendments. A second difference is that the U.S. constitution is very short and non specific which is roughly made up of 7,500 words and only has 27 amendments compared to the Texas constitution which is very long, specific, detailed, and is made up of roughly 36,000 words and has over 600 amendments. This is the reason why the Texas Constitution has been rewritten over several times opposed to the U.S. constitution that hasn’t. Another difference is that the U.S. constitution limits and structures the state and federal governments while the Texas constitution limits the rights and responsibilities of the Texas citizens. Though both constitutions have the executive, judicial and legislative branches, the U.S. Constitution has a stronger separation of power and executive branch than the Texas Constitution. In the Texas Constitution it includes what is known as plural executive, which means it divides the governor’s power among other elected officials and in the U.S. Constitution it does not, it has a unitary executive. There are also differences in the judicial branch as well. In the U.S. Constitution the judicial branch consists of three levels of court which are the district courts, appeal courts, and the U.S. Supreme Court, the final judge on all cases. In contrast to the Texas Constitution judicial branch which establishes two high level courts, one to hear civil cases and one to judge criminal cases.


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