As, research that Private Companies have more capacity

we have evidenced the contemporary issues and their impact on the workplace
about the research that Private Companies have more capacity then Public Companies.
Our main objective of the research is to support that how Private Companies
support in the growth of Canada’s Economy.

Economy of Canada encourages and motivates the Private Ownership. Since from
the past Canadians have been motivated 
to establish Privately owned Companies to manufacture goods and
services. As due to increase in population growth over the time the capacity to
establish many Private Companies were created to earn more profit. Aa a result
of these it became interconnected globally which helped to expand the Canadian
marketplace for international trade. Meanwhile, within a certain time Canada
become a nation in which it was easy and possible to take a initiative and
become an entrepreneur. For the goods and services Canada’s economy is heavily
relied on the Privately Owned Companies. The Private Companies mainly focuses
on what is needed, what is demanded and then in response to that they produce
the product and services. If they are successful then profit are earned and
many job opportunities is created, which helps in expanding the business1.

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Companies are far more better then the Public Companies in many ways.

1.      For
a Private Company it is not necessary to reveal its financial report to the Public
while the Public Company has to announce their report every quarter. Hence the Private
Company are not having any pressure of expectation of analyst and the

2.      It
is not difficult for Private Company to make an investment in long-term for Company
growth. The Company can easily achieve the short-term goals, but if they plan
to put some effort into the investment and Research and Development that may be
not recompense immediately.

3.      The
Private Company is more independent and flexible in term of corporate
governance. They don’t require to meet the requirement of complex accounting
rules as per the standard of Public Company, but the Private Company should
make the practice of complete accounting details.

4.      One
of the major benefits of Private compare to Public Company is that they don’t
share their business details with the Public which is helpful in terms of
competition. As it would be disadvantage for Private Company if the competitors
if they know the secrets.

5.      The
owner of the Private Company has a legal right to not answer to anybody, until
he/she is under some law designed by the government as the Public Company has
justify for every decision taken. |The Private Company has more authority and
decision making power then the Public Company.

this analysis we can say that the Private Company has better rules then Public
and due to the above mention reasons it can best serve to country for the
growth of the economy.2

Private Companies is also
better then Public Company and has a huge effect on country’s economy in terms
of Pay, Hours Worked and Qualifications.


As we know that the pay for Public Companies
is always higher then the Private Companies. But according to a survey carried named
The 2011 Annual Survey for Hours and Earning describe that  after the recession period the Private Company
was ahead of the Public Company till year 2008.

Hours Worked


The above figures graph shows the Weekly
Hours worked by the Public and Private Companies. The average weekly hours
worked by Public Company is 30.5 hours while the weekly hours worked by Private
Company is 33.2 hours. From this we can clearly figure out that the Private Company
works longer then the Public Company, and as it works longer it benefits the
country’s economy.


this graph, it depicts that people with high qualification are actually paid
less in the Public Company. In addition, people with Degree are paid 4.1 % less
in the Public Company. In contrast to that the people who are more qualified
are paid a huge amount in Public Company3.

with all these factors which are the advantage for the Private Company, many
people are going for Private Company rather then Public Company.


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