Assessing The Strategic Human Resource Management Preferences Business Essay

Number of turning organisations believes that Human Resource ( HR ) provides them competitory advantage. It was understood by many organisations that competitory advantage can be obtained by quality work force/employees and civilization. Approach of associating Human Resource Management to Strategic aims of an organisation is called as Strategic Human Resource Management ( SHRM ) ( Bratton and Gold, 2001 ) . It was cited by Bratton and Gold ( 2001, p39 ) strategic direction is defined as ‘that set of managerial determinations and actions that determines the long-term public presentation of a corporation ‘ . Strategic HR ensures that employees/human capital of an organisation contributes to its accomplishments with their accomplishments and public presentation.

Traditional HR is concerned with execution of policies and techniques like enlisting, staffing, wage, assessment etc ( Klabbers, University of Bergen ) . But associating the general HRM and the organisation ‘s scheme gives HR section more range to heighten the abilities of their work force and dressed ore on the vision and mission. This connexion is made to better the organisation public presentation and develop organisational civilization which in bend facilitates invention and flexibleness.

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Overall the cardinal rule of Strategic HRM is to accomplish organisation ‘s vision and mission.Bratton ( 2001 ) describes SHRM as a uninterrupted procedure that requires changeless accommodation in three major countries viz. Value of Senior direction, the environment and the resources available.Fig 1: Three major poles in strategic planning ( Adapted from Bratton and Gold, 2001 )Some writers believe that Strategic HRM is an Result and some believe that it ‘s a procedure. It was cited by Bratton and Gold ( 2004 ) that writers like Ulrich ( 1997 ) and Snell et al had different sentiment on Strategic HRM. Snell et al believed that it ‘s an result designed to accomplish sustained competitory border through quality work force.

Ulrich ( 1997 ) besides stated SHRM as an result of mission, vision and precedences of HR section. HR schemes are more concerned about fiting the Five Ps that stimulates the employee functions for competitory scheme ( Bratton and Gold, 2004, p46 and Cerdin and Ashok Som, 2003 ) . It was cited by Cerdin and Ashok Som ( 2003 ) that Strategic HRM is identified in three degrees viz. Strategic, Managerial and operational degree.

Strategic degree looks to the long term hereafter, Managerial degree looks at the mid term and the operation degree looks at the short term focal point. Different theoretical accounts and attacks were discussed in this assignment to understand the functionality of strategic HRM and how far the organisation able to implement it.

Models and Approachs

There are several attacks and theoretical accounts by which Strategic HRM can be applied but basic strategic HRM theoretical account is widely accepted by many writers, research workers and even critics as good ( Kane and Palmer, 1995 ) .

This basic theoretical account is based on the external and internal environment and basic organisation schemes.Fig 2 Basic Model of Strategic Human resource Management ( Adapted from Kane and Palmer, 1995 )Strategic HRM theoretical accounts show how an organisation links its concern schemes and HR map to accomplish it ends. Though SHRM adopts resource based doctrine, there are three different theoretical accounts defined by writers ( Bratton and Gold, 2004, p49 ) .

These theoretical accounts are Control based, Resource based and Integrative theoretical account.Control based attack by and large deals with control of work topographic point and direct monitoring of employee public presentation. Harmonizing to this attack, HR schemes and direction construction are used as instruments and techniques to heighten labour productiveness and at that place by increasing profitableness.Resource based attack satisfies the human capital demands of the organisation ( Armstrong, 2006, p117 ) .It was observed by Bratton and Gold ( 2004 ) that sustained competitory advantage is non achieved by external market place but careful appraisal of their ain accomplishments and capablenesss that rivals can non copy. Main aim of this attack is bettering resource capableness and effectual use of resources to accomplish the ends set by the organisation. Within this theoretical account there are three different attacks by which organisation can implement strategic HRM patterns ( Armstrong, 2006, p117 )High Performance direction attackHigh committedness direction theoretical account andHigh engagement direction theoretical accountHigh Performance theoretical account helps in developing several procedures by which employee public presentation is improved and impacted. This in bend straight effects the organisation growing.

This theoretical account believes heightening the employee accomplishments and promoting them to larn continuously. This theoretical account involves strict enlisting and choice processs, larning & A ; development activities and public presentation direction system.Kemin nutritionary engineerings in India adopted similar theoretical account in implementing their schemes human resource. Kemin is a maker of animate being provender ingredients and human nutrient ingredients. Their head one-fourth is located in Des Moines, US and holding operations in over eight states. Kemin have more than 4000 employees ‘ universe broad. Kemin ‘s vision is to better quality of Life by touching half the people of the universe every twenty-four hours with its merchandises and services. In order to accomplish this vision Kemin strategically aligned all its divisions to lend to the vision.

HR division developed schemes to better work force capablenesss and convey quality work force into the organisation. They have made certain alterations in their recruiting procedure that will indirectly take them to the vision of the organisation. Now their choice procedure is complex and specifically looks for persons who are fiting to their nucleus values.

The recruiting procedure involves three phases with the initial showing is made to place the ability of the person to accommodate to the state of affairss and show high degrees of resiliency. Individual ‘s unity is besides tested during this procedure. This procedure is fallowed by the proficient appraisal of an person by the concerned section and eventually personal interview is done by the HR to talk about his growing in this organisation, public presentation analysis, inducements and larning prospective.Once the strategic planning is done for the twelvemonth, senior direction roles out the ends and duties to the concerned sections. They invariably monitor the proceedings of their sections and analyze how far they have come.

For illustration, Customer Lab Services ( CLS ) come under the selling section. This section is evolved to back up the selling section technically. All the employees in the CLS have clear occupation duties which will lend the organisation ‘s strategic ends.

If the organisation ‘s ( Kemin ‘s ) strategic program is to better one peculiar merchandise group in this twelvemonth, all the employees in CLS will hold their SMART ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time edge ) ends related to that merchandise class. This SMART ends system is implemented by Kemin to aline organisational scheme to the HR patterns so that they have a competitory border to their rivals. These ends are set during the beginning of the twelvemonth and monitored on a regular basis by the senior management/supervisors. These ends are agreed reciprocally with the concerned supervisor on a regular basis and employees are committed to present them. Kemin in 2005 introduced 360 grade assessment system to analyze the employee public presentation in the topographic point of regular one to one assessment system. In 360 degree feedback system, employees are asked to choose co-workers, equals or supervisors to rate them in the facets of adoptability, development, acquisition, squad work and proficient etc. Again choice of the deserters should be discussed with the employee and his/her supervisor.All the employees are encouraged to take part in team meetings, ask inquiries sing the attack of the organisation to accomplish certain undertaking.

Employees are besides encouraged to subject thoughts which will take to a new merchandise or a new concern chance. Employees are provided with calling ladders to understand about the hierarchies and their future growing. This will enable employee to concentrate more and lend to the organisational growing and there by obtaining personal benefit. Kemin besides identified few employees interested in taking new occupation functions and provided them with horizontal publicities ( Lima and Pereira, 2003 ) .

For illustration an employee who was found efficient in functioning clients was identified and offered to function in selling section where the employee originally belongs to CLS ( Technical ) .Kemin ‘s HR section besides incorporated developmental ends in their regular SMART ends so that employees make an attempt to develop some personal capablenesss which in bend aid organisation or assist the person to execute the occupation better. Kemin on a regular basis conduct strategic meetings with the HR personals to understand their nucleus capablenesss and competences. Some of the cardinal points are listed below. Finally all the employees who are go forthing Kemin are interviewed in procedure called Exit interview ( Arnold, 1995 ) to happen out their experience with Kemin and cognize possible countries of betterment.A clear vision and missionClear occupation description and SMART GoalsRigorous recruitment/interview procedure360 grade assessment systemDevelopmental preparationsHorizontal publicitiesEncouraged to larn and develop continuouslyExit interviewsOne of the chief strategic programs of Kemin is to maximize use of resources without increasing the cost construction. Kemin HR had built a scheme to get by up with this undertaking. HR hired few internship pupils to carry on market studies and research in different locations so that they avoid cost bared by regular employees and their clip and travel disbursals.

These little things contributed in a large manner to company ‘s public presentation. All the sections worked parallel to each other to accomplish the same nonsubjective economy clip and money. Overall by implementing these schemes Kemin ‘s Strategic HRM map aligns with the company ‘s aims, vision and mission. These schemes deliver high public presentation environment for the employees and for the direction. Kemin besides provided chances for its employees to work globally and allowed them to take part in seminars, conferences etc where of all time they were held. Kemin besides made a scheme to retain employees by giving them benefits for remaining long old ages.

Once the employee of Kemin stays longer than 15 old ages he/she will fall in the president ‘s elect commission which plays a major function in taking cardinal concern determinations.The High committedness attack is defines as a focussed attack which concentrates on development of calling ends and trainability and committedness of employees ( Armstrong, 2006, p119 ) . Cardinal points of this strategic attack are developing ownership where employees are given chance to talk and involved in determination devising. The 2nd facet is supplying clear communicating to the employees about the end they are committed to accomplish ( Armstrong, 2006, p279 ) . And the enterprise of this attack is to develop leading accomplishments. Committedness can be increased or enhanced by doing leaders inside the organisation. From this theory it is understood that Kemin besides practiced such type of schemes to better the committedness of the employees. Kemin provide employees with utile preparations like SALT ( Strategic histories and leading Program ) and Project Management ( e.

g. Phase Gate procedure ) .So it seems Kemin strategic HRM is a mix of the two attacks discussed above.The High engagement attack involves handling employees as spouses in the organisation. In this attack employees are given chance to pass on with the directors continuously about the organisation ‘s mission, vision, values and aims.Integrative theoretical account characterized by two dimensions viz. acquisition and development and the venue of control ( Bratton and Gold, 2004, p53 ) . Bratton and Gold explained that Bamberger and Meshoulam ( 2000 ) incorporate two chief theoretical accounts of SHRM.

Whatever scheme or attack fallowed by organisation it is the purpose of the SHRM to obtain competitory advantage and achieve organisation aims.

TASK TWO – HRM Practices, horizontal and perpendicular integrating


Organization now concerned about their human capital and their competitory advantage. Human resource direction ( HRM ) mostly replaced the term Personnel direction. Personnel direction trades with pull offing people in the organisation who contributes to the organisation ‘s public presentation. Human resource direction can be defined as a strategic and consistent attack to the direction of people.

HRM operates in a consistent manner to assist organisation execute better and accomplish mark.HR doctrines, schemes, policies, procedures, patterns and plans are the procedures by which Human resource map works. Valuess and guidelines of rules of people direction ( Armstrong, 2006, p4 ) are described in the HR doctrines. HR strategies define the way of the HR map in accomplishing organisation ‘s vision.Key maps of HR section areImprove organisation ‘s effectivityHuman capital directionKnowledge directionHonoring and employee relationship directionAll the ends and policies are made by the HR section are eventually helps to better stakeholder value by seting the client in the first topographic point.

HR map will play a major function in creative activity of an environment for the employees that enable them to use their capablenesss maximum and profit the organisation ( Armstrong, 2006, p54 ) . HR map besides supports the direction to accomplish its vision through the people. HR map besides aligns with organisation ‘s schemes to accomplish vision and it can besides be described as perpendicular integrating.

Concept of coherency can be described as Horizontal integrating which defines developing HR employment and development policies and patterns. Different theoreticians defined several theoretical accounts Human resource direction. Some of the theoretical accounts include Matching theoretical account, Harvard frame work theoretical account and conceptual theoretical account. Matching theoretical account include four generic procedures viz. choice, assessment, honoring and development. The Harvard frame work theoretical account was developed by Beer et Al of Harvard University, therefore called as Harvard theoretical account. sKemin ‘s HR map employed effectual policies to function employees and the organisation with benefits. By supplying benefits to the employees it is high that organisation ‘s public presentation is improved.

HR map in Kemin operated in organized manner by both horizontal and perpendicular integrating. To incorporate HRM successfully its is observed that people in that section should hold a good thought about how HRM is different from forces direction ( Cathy, 2005 ) . Kemin ‘s vision states that ‘Improve the quality of life and touching people ‘ , and their mission provinces that ‘they provide nutritionary solution to the clients by uninterrupted betterment in their people, procedure and merchandises ‘ . Every section in the company has been provided with a ‘quality policy ‘ for which the section is committed to accomplish certain undertakings. Kemin HR quality policy is to supply best adult male power, better organisational civilization, cut down cost to the company, supply healthy and safe environment to the employees and supply competitory border to the company. Some of the cardinal HR policies and patterns adopted by Kemin are listed below.Code of ConductAppraisal and publicitiesInternet and email policiesChoice of employee and referral planDress codification and corporate vestureSalary addition, increases and inducementsLeave and reassign policiesEqual chancesThese policies make certain that HR map deliver best value to the employees.

Horizontal integrating of HR policies in Kemin was done with preciseness so that employees experience satisfied about the attempts of organisation in handling them. Choice of employee was done with great importance. The interview procedure includes analyzing the individual ‘s ability to set to the civilization, capableness to present occupation and esteem the vision of the company. Salary dialogues were done in the HR interview to run into the organisations demands. Important HR policies sing transportation, publicities, transportations, resettlement were circulated to the employees to do them cognizant of the organisation policies and avoid any sort of confusion.

It is of import for the HR map in Kemin to protect and continue company ‘s valuable information within. The codification of behavior and cyberspace & A ; email policies serves as the protective schemes for Kemin. All the Kemin employees were asked to keep professional relationship with internal and external clients and maintain the organisation civilization.One more basic map which was employed by Kemin was supplying preparations to the employees for defined hours in a twelvemonth. All the employees are eligible for the preparations and the preparations were selected based on the section and occupation functions. These preparation are provided to employees for their personal development and to do employee take attention of his ain calling alternatively of looking for publicities ( Ben, 1998 ) Employee referral system was found to be effectual in Kemin. Every employee can mention a friend, past co-worker or any he knows for any available place in Kemin and when the referred individuals is successful and joins the company, employee will acquire a cautionary benefit. This will promote employees to convey new endowment to the organisation.

Kemin ‘s HR section takes good attention of the new employee in a manner that he/she will acquire familiar with the organisations flow, functions and duties of the occupation. An initiation plan will be provided for the new employee and wise man for the new employee besides assigned to supervise the advancement. All the employees were provided with calling ladder so that employee knows where he stands and understand the organisation ‘s hierarchies. Employee ‘s public presentation was measured twice in a twelvemonth. Performance was measured in footings of SMART ends. Every end set was given with some weightage and employees bound to accomplish those ends. Performance will be measured in ratings/marks gained on the graduated table of 5.

For illustration if an employee ‘s public presentation was analysed as meets the demand, it means he/she achieved 3 on the graduated table. If the employee exceeds outlook it is measured as 5 on the graduated table. If the employee attains 5 on the graduated table, he/she will be eligible to mount up the calling ladder. Increment and incentive strategies were rolled out to all the sections to honor the employees harmonizing to their public presentation.Vertical integrating of HRM trades with the alliance of HR schemes with concern schemes.

This sort of integrating encourages everyone in the organisation to take duty of HRM, non merely the HR section ( Cathy, 2005 ) . It was cited by Cathy ( 2005 ) that HR function besides requires a concern spouse function along with the HR director. Kemin ‘s HR director was effectual in presenting undertakings related to people and commanding concern procedure every bit good. Kemin ‘s HR director was involved in many operation meetings and board meetings and developed thoughts to accomplish the strategic ends. This can be explained by an illustration by which HR director made a difference in cut downing cost to company and assisting the strategic end accomplishment. Kemin wanted addition the client keeping and satisfaction by 5 per centum, increase the merchandise gross revenues by 25 per centum during the twelvemonth 2005. To accomplish the undertaking all the merchandise directors had to work jointly in mobilising the gross revenues force. But accomplishing 25 gross revenues growing was something hard without the aid of HR director or section.

It was hard for the gross revenues people to go all over India as it consumes batch of clip money. HR trough so employed internship pupils from different backgrounds to function different sections in different location. This saved tremendous sum of clip and money for the company. The other construct of HRM perpendicular integrating is to supply organisational learning/work based acquisition. Every employee has been provided with 40 hours developing. It was cited by Bratton and Gold ( 2001 ) that formal and informal preparations can move as lever for the organisation in footings of sustained nucleus competences. Trainings such as SALT ( strategic history and leading preparations ) and Project direction preparations make the difference in the employees in footings of competence and leading which are most of import for the organisation.Kemin ‘s scheme is to bring forth advanced merchandises with best procedures.

One of the Kemin ‘s HR policies includes Idea coevals by which employees can subject an thought to better, develop a merchandise or a procedure. Each Idea will be considered after a careful probe and analyzing the feasibleness. If the thought is unsuccessful ab initio, it is recorded for future usage or mention.

Once any thought is successful, thought generator is recognized and rewarded so that it motivates the other employees to lend in the same manner.Retaining the quality staff ever been a hard undertaking for organisations. Reducing employee abrasion rate/ worker turnover ( Ing-chung Haung et Al, 2006 ) was one of the of import ends for Kemin. Kemin ‘s HR employed a new scheme to retain the skilled employees. Kemin offered abroad assignments to the employments where they can work for sometime out side the state of beginning. This lead to belief and trust of the employees on Kemin and batch of employees anticipated and shown positive attack to it. To better the public presentation analysis of employees Kemin incorporated 360 grade provender back mechanism by which employees are rated based on their public presentation and behavior. One of the chief maps of the HR is to pull off alteration in the organisation.

Change direction is the procedure of uninterrupted reclamation of organisation construction, way and capablenesss ( Moran and Brightman, 2001 ) . To better the working status Kemin even changed its office location to Chennai ( India ) metropolis from a rural country. HR played a major function in easing the alteration. He handled the people opposition ( Waddel and Amrik, 1998 ) to the alteration in manner that it had a really small impact on the organisation public presentation. This alteration was anticipated by Kemin to accomplish corporate ends and better working conditions for the employees. Kemin seemed to efficaciously incorporating its HR schemes to its concern schemes.


Although Kemin appeared to be working good in the country of HR direction, there are some countries of concern for the Kemin. Its is suggested that Kemin could utilize best fit theoretical account or the mix of civilization tantrum and best tantrum theoretical accounts to pull off the strategic HR map. Kemin ‘s employees had a dissatisfaction sing the company salary policy and employee public assistance. Though Kemin appear to be good map strategically, its spot neglected the Horizontal integrating portion.

Kemin ‘s employees were diffident about the increase and inducement bundles. In their policies it was reference that how and who are eligible for inducement and increases but it was non clearly mentioned that what is the per centum of rise they will acquire if their public presentation is above outlook. Few of the recommendations are listed below.It is suggested to document and pass on the wages and incentive policies accurately.Conduct regular audits to better HR map and public presentation.It is suggested to Kemin that it employs schemes to better employee satisfaction in footings of wage and compensation policies.Kemin should go on its patterns in analyzing the public presentation of employee and expression for uninterrupted betterment of the procedure.Kemin ‘s acknowledgment system besides needs betterments as they does non affect lower degree employees.

Often people from those degrees hesitate to come frontward and subject an thought. Kemin is suggested to hold some schemes to actuate the lower degree employees and come frontward to take part in developmental plans.Kemin besides should prosecute employees in some cultural activities that enhance squad edifice and group working civilization.Kemin besides should use occupation rotary motion ( Huang, 1999 ) policy to heighten the acquisition capablenesss and alteration to routine occupation duties.These recommendation might assist Kemin in ‘improving the quality of life ‘ of their employees and assist organisation to execute better. Overall Kemin seem to be in good status in using HR policies and patterns both in horizontal and in perpendicular integrating.

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