Assessment Of The Operations Management Processes Tourism Essay

Operation direction plays an huge function in success of both fabrication every bit good as service industry.

The given undertaking trades with operation direction patterns and tactics used by Hotel Novotel, a well-known four star hotel in UAE. After supplying required information about the hotel, its operation direction procedure has been discussed in-depth. Later on, the competitory precedences of the hotel every bit good as analytical techniques used by the company have been analyzed. Using the needed information, major challenges bing in the operation direction procedure in the hotel has pointed out. Finally, some executable solutions to extenuate the jobs have been suggested. Information has besides been given sing the possible hurdlings to be faced by the hotel while implementing the needed alterations in the operation direction patterns.

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About the Company

The undertaking has chosen the Hotel Novotel in order to supply an in-depth analysis of the operations direction in the company. It has about 400 hotels and resorts which are located at 58 locations all across the universe.

The company chooses the metropolis centres of the of import concern finishs, tourist musca volitanss and concern territories in the universe. The hotel constructions are based on modern and simple designs. The hotel provides the leisure travellers and concerns broad and modifiable suites for working and loosen uping in standardised offers.

Furthermore, the company ‘s eating house repasts and nutrient services are offered throughout the twenty-four hours. Apart from these, it provides meeting suites, an attentive group of staff and relaxation and fittingness centres for the kids. The company reflects huge sense of duty through its engagement in Accor ‘s Earth Guest plan to accomplish sustainable development. It has besides committed to all its hotels to get the “ Green Globe enfranchisement for environmentally responsible traveling and touristry by 2010 ” ( Novotel-a, “ About 400 hotels throughout the universe ” ) . The most outstanding hotel of the group is the Novotel World trade Centre based in Dubai. The company provides the best location to carry on concern from or to research Dubai. The company is located really near the leisure and concern hub of Dubai.

This makes it the most preferable and attractive option for the professional travelers and vacation shapers. Staying at the hotel one finds oneself really near the most attractive and popular tourer attractive forces, celebrated shopping promenades and the best dark musca volitanss in Dubai. ( Novotel-b, “ Practical Information ” )

A critical appraisal of the operations direction processes in the company, with an rating of the successful and not-so-successful facets of the procedures

Operation direction procedure in the company

Dubai ‘s cordial reception is one of the fastest turning sectors that have witnessed several alterations in last few decennaries.

Like any other company, the function of operation direction is every bit important in a hotel. It will non be incorrect if one says that success of an organisation operating in cordial reception industry extremely depends on efficiency with which operations are managed. The same is true of Hotel Novotel World Trade Centre Dubai.In general the function of operation direction is to command and organize four critical maps in the hotel. Among these maps, the most critical one is “ nutrient production ” .

This map deals with purchase of merchandises and be aftering the bill of fare card. Therefore, this subdivision is chiefly related with the supply concatenation direction and keeping the hygiene. The 2nd most map is “ nutrient and drink service ” . This deals with purchase of vinos and drinks, run intoing the invitee and taking the orders and rendering services to the clients. “ Housekeeping ” is besides every bit critical map for a hotel. Apart from the above mentioned maps, there is one more map that needs to be managed expeditiously ; this is front “ office operation ” . This map deals with response every bit good as adjustment of the invitees and rendering them with farther services.

Hotel Novotel World Trade Centre Dubai is rather witting about the quality maintained in its merchandises and services offered to the visitants. The direction has taken utmost attention to understand the altering demand of the invitees that visit the hotel. Apart from the local invitees, figure of international visitants is besides turning at a faster rate. Therefore, the hotel prefer to retain international criterions in footings of the nutrients and drinks served to the clients and the quality of the services offered to the clients. However, the kernel of its local civilization is clearly seeable at each and every portion of the hotel.In Novotel, the duty of the client relation direction section is to find the degree of satisfaction among its client base.

This section work manus in manus to happen out altering demands of the invitees that visits the hotel. As per the informations collected from the market, the direction introduces required alterations in the nutrients and drinks served to the client, the internal environment and the efficiency degree of the bing staff. For this, the hotel gives particular accent on engineering to keep high degree of coordination and fast flow of dependable information from one section to another.

Competitive precedences of the hotel

The term “ competitory precedences ” had its beginning in fabrication sector. It takes into history elements like monetary value, quality, deliverability, flexibleness and innovativeness. Corbett and Wassenhove ( 1993 ) pointed out that these elements are frequently used to mensurate external every bit good as internal fight possessed by the company ( Abdullah & A ; Bakar, p.21 ) . Therefore, the term competitory precedences can be defined as “ a set of ends for fabrication, consistent with the corporate or concern unit ends ” ( Abdullah & A ; Bakar, p.21 ) . However, competitory precedences are applicable to the service sector besides. Traditionally it has been noticed that a company or an organisation can accomplish competitory precedences chiefly through four distinguishable manners ; these are low cost, quality, bringing clip and flexibleness.

Subsequently on the 5th component in signifier of invention has been added.With clip, the cordial reception industry in UAE has emerged out as one of the attractive sector for the new entrants. The authorities is taking particular involvement to boom the UAE ‘s cordial reception industry and therefore several international participants are acquiring attracted to come in this sector. Such an environment has increased the grade of fight among the bing hotels and they are utilizing different schemes to derive a competitory border in the industry.Hotel Novotel World Trade Centre Dubai has paid particular attending on the quality of the service rendered to the visitants. To heighten the quality of the service, the hotel paid particular attending towards information engineering. The direction decided to do extreme usage of information engineering to better operations by organizing the supply concatenation, doing the staff member friendly with IT and a client relationship direction ( CRM ) system that is based on latest package and engineering prevailing in developed states.

In the 2003, the hotel arranged IT developing for the staff members so that they can acquire accustomed with three IT systems. Property Management System ( PMS ) , Fidelio was introduced to the staff members so that they can hold easy entree to information sing bing figure of invitees, handiness of suites and specification about rates. This package makes the procedure of booking through cyberspace from any portion of the universe rather simple and fast. The staff members were besides do accustomed with Accor Group ‘s Central Reservation Systems ( CRS ) , TARS to do the engagement procedure versatile.

Novotel ‘s Yield Management System ( YMS ) was designed to assist the streamline groups and the corporate groups so that they can hold proper information about forecasted room tenancy and its handiness. The hotel besides introduced latest engineering to carry through demand of the invitees in best possible mode. The visitants can utilize cyberspace to look into mails, wage for measures, do hi-tech conferencing and many more ( United Arab Emirates, “ Novotel World Trade Centre Hotel, Dubai – staff trained in latest information engineering ” ) .

Therefore, the direction introduced engineering to better the quality of the service offered by upgrading the accomplishment and cognition of its staff members.Apart from developing the human resource, the hotel has taken utmost attention to do the services flexible plenty. This has been done to carry through alone demand of different invitees who visit the hotel. For the corporate invitees, the hotel has 8 to the full equipped conference suites with soundproof walls. The interior environment is rather bracing and offers adjustment for 150 people to carry on conferences, seminars and meeting. To fit with the demand of its clients, the hotel provides 24 hr response and handiness of airdrome bird round the clock. Other installations like ATM, babe sitting and feast is besides available to provide demands of its invitees.

All these installations provide required competitory border to the hotel.

Analytic techniques used to better the efficiency and effectivity of operations

Hotel Novotel World Trade Centre Dubai relies extremely on quantitative and analytical techniques for doing determination. The hotel has a cardinal informations warehouse which has entree to informations from each and every functional section.

This information is of great aid as the direction churns them to understand the public presentation and the alterations taking topographic point. As for illustration, the selling section will utilize the informations derived from the informations warehouse to analyze alterations taking topographic point in the tenancy rate in past few old ages. Sing this information, they will calculate the future tendencies in approaching months.

Again this information will be used by the finance section to develop forecasted hard currency flow and hard currency direction policies.Similarly, the information from cardinal informations warehouse is used to place the alteration taking topographic point in client satisfaction degree. If the direction determines that figure of client ‘s complain sing the service quality is increasing, so they ask the client relationship direction section to supply the ground buttocks and to take required action to happen out the root cause so that the bing loopholes can be rigidified. Management besides introduces alterations in the rates, policies and services offered to the clients.

Major challenges faced by the operations direction in the company. Outline of the bing jobs in operations direction in the company and designation of possible causes of these jobs

One of the most of import ventures of the company has been its effort to fall in custodies with Suitehotel. The thought was to unify the already good client base of both, which would ensue in the outgrowth of an enhanced concern.

However, it is obvious that Suite Hotel would derive greater advantage over the former and that Novotel would endorse the demands of the hotel and aid in its growth and taking up the market criterions. ( Accor, “ The new coevals of Suitehotel is Suite Novotel ” ) . It is possible that this move would take to the loss of market of Novotel.

Furthermore, Novotel already had a trade name image which was runing successfully. This move would take to the alteration in its trade name image which would necessitate new advertisement schemes.One of import challenge that the hotel might hold to face is the rapid alterations in engineering. Technology in the signifier of communicating, computing machines, mechanical instruments and personal devices has a critical consequence on the operations of the hotel. Since the hotel is meant for travellers and business communities, it would necessitate extremely advanced technological instruments. Most travellers would desire high velocity of information accretion, transportation, storage and use. Peoples would anticipate that when they would lease a hotel room it would maintain them every bit proactive as they would be in place or in office ( O’Fallon & A ; Rutherford, p.

2 ) .The universe is besides witnessing alterations in the travel forms of people. Changes in the air hoses ordinances have besides changed the figure of visitants to the hotels or the frequence of visit of travellers. In fact hotels are progressively taking to turn up themselves near the air hose hubs.

This is because it is known that concern travellers would non desire to travel into the insides of metropolis. Meetings and conferences can be established in the hotels. Novotel must confront the challenge to supply such prompt services to its travellers in order to remain in front of its rivals. The company besides has to maintain altering its form of investings.

Presently the hotel operations do non merely depend on a individual enterpriser ‘s vision. The direction must plan schemes and tactics in order to accomplish any unforeseen fiscal ends ( O’Fallon & A ; Rutherford, p.2 ) . The undermentioned figure shows the altering form of occupants of UAE.Figure 1: Change in disbursement form of UAE occupants

( Beginning: Zawya, “ UAE occupants passing form additions in 2010 ” )

Recommendations provided to better the state of affairs.

What would be the possible impact? What are the possible troubles in execution?

First of all unifying with another company requires complete restructuring of the present policies and schemes. It is recommended that there is no autumn in the degree of public presentation ensuing from the meeting. Merging is associated with uniting two different civilizations and schemes. The set of operations of Suitehotel would be different from that of Novotel. The company would hold to develop and implement common civilizations and operational processs which would be followed by all.Today the universe has become highly competitory. It has been altering quickly with the turning demands of concerns. The hotel is most often visited by business communities and travellers who would necessitate the most advanced instruments and devices.

It must maintain upgrading its engineering harmonizing to the demands. The people coming for concern intents should be given technological aid which would non impede their work advancement. The suites meant for meetings and conferences should be made available whenever required. Portable computer science, PDAs or personal informations helpers, and cyberspace services should be made available which allows invitees to hold a passage from place, travel or concern to the hotel.

Since the company has several hotels across assorted topographic points, the market for them would besides be different. Situations vary between states and parts. Each hotel has to provide to different types of clients. Thus it would be non be wise to follow the same form of operations and services in all of them. Each hotel must work towards run intoing the demands of their peculiar clients. However, the hotels must besides provide to the demands of foreign travellers. Recently the traveling form of travellers has besides undergone a drastic alteration.

The frequence of visits made by foreign travellers has besides increased.It is besides recommended that company undertake corporate duties more sharply as this would heighten its good will to a considerable extent. It must set about societal duties apart from its concerns and gross coevals.

The overall acquisition from the undertaking

While making the undertaking it was felt that operations direction is a critical portion of any concern. It is more of import for a concern running across different states. It requires coordination of activities for successful running of its concern. Since the cordial reception sector has been dining at that place would be many rivals for the company. It is important for the company to retain its market and go on accomplishing sustainable development.

Businesss remain highly vulnerable to the fluctuations in the economic system. The alterations in market conditions and consumer disbursement besides need to be monitored on a regular basis. The company needs to put in research and development to turn to any unforeseen state of affairss. The company besides remains vulnerable to the alterations in outwardnesss, like the authorities regulations and ordinances. The authorities may implement alterations in belongings monetary values which would adversely impact the company. It besides requires watchfulness on the portion of the company. It is of import that the company does non go against the regulations at any cost, instead devise schemes to utilize them to its benefits.

It must guarantee to fall back to ethical patterns while making concern. Any fraud patterns would be harmful for the company and would ensue in destroying its good will. Finally the company must do a feasibleness survey of its concern before embarking. Every measure that the company takes must be backed by a feasibleness survey. It should maintain history of the any unanticipated state of affairs which might face the company.