At can be applied into practical aspects and

    At the end, the technology development
topic has always been and will always be controversia with both negative and
positive impacts on the society. There is absolutely no doubt that technology
has brought in a level of comfort, luxury and expansion into humans lives
however, this technology development will not stop at a certain point but
scientists will continue to discover new techniques that can be applied into
practical aspects and societies should consider the long term as well as the short
term dangerous impacts that this development will bring within.

    Perhaps, one of the most quickly developing
technologies that are noticed by the majority of the society is the
communications technology. Only 20 years ago human beings couldn’t imagine
being able to call their beloved ones who live on the other side of the planet
and be able to actually live chat with them clearly! Communication technologies
are enabling people to stay in touch with the family and friends and keepi up
with their activities regardless of their living zones through communication
and social media applications like Facebook, Instagram and Skpe. Also, people
now can pay their electricity bills, internet cable monthly fees and even
driving tickets through applications that connect the users to the service
providers, consequently saving time and effort for both users and employers in
the companies. A great example is ”Nordstrom” this is one of the biggest
fashion retail businesses in America. Nordstrom utilized its Facebook page to
update followers about new things and discounts.  On the expense of making the lives of the
hardworking citizens easier, cybercrimes have benefited to easily access
financial information that is needed to steal the money available in bank card
accounts and it is a struggle to track these anonymous thieves. Also,
concerning social isolation, Sigman, in a February 2009 article in “Biologist,”
the journal of the Institute of Biology, said that the lack of real
face-to-face contact fostered by online communication could alter gene
functioning, interfere with the immune system, adversely affect arteries and
impair mental performance. By contrast, personal interaction has a positive
effect on our well-being, Sigman notes. Another topic
of concern is the children and teenagers safety while they’re using these
technologies, as it might expose them to sexual predators that use location
stamps to find their victims so it is important to monitor the kid’s usage of
technologies like internet chat rooms.

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     Now regarding the transportation technology,
from cars, to trains, ships and airplanes, all these complex technologies have
made ease in human beings mobility, and has also contributed to the ease of
goods obtainment. Transportation has become convenient for students who travel
to explore, families that take vacations and business men that are in charge of
deals not only in their country, the ease of transportation has expanded
peoples knowledge of other cultures and countries, and has also played a role
in products movement and businesses establishments. The price of this expansion
has become the major pollution caused by transportation vehicles by fuel usage
which has resulted in global warming. Global warming is the leading cause to
earth’s climate changes that is threatening to have catastrophic impact on this
planet. However, the production and selling of cars that are run by electricity
is available right now and there are aims of completely giving up on the usage
of burning fuel in the near future.

    People wake up to their alarms in the
morning, drive using the GPS to places that they can’t find, and relax after
work on the couch watching TV, kids are taught in schools on smart boards and
data shows, and office workers spend hours in front of their computers, thus,
electronics are almost involved in every life aspect of the society. The
industry of all these electronics has made available job chances for the
society members in the manufacturing field, it has also contributed to widen
the career horizon  for post graduate
studies as they can specialize in the fields like MTech, MS or ME. And on
another note, an employee can simply reply his boss’s email when the situation
is urgent but he happened to be in Hawaii. 
Now on the other hand, planet resources like aluminum are needed for the
production of electronics that are demanded and used by billions of people
worldwide, and the extraction of these resources in these amounts will
eventually cause their depletion because it took them millions of years to form
in the earth crust, so this issue questions what the world shall do when their
important resources like aluminum are finished.

     The word technology has become very
popular in this modern world, but in fact, many people misunderstand the actual
meaning of this word. Technology is the use of a specific obtained knowledge
and applying it into practical aspects of human lives, the practical equipment
can vary from simple to complex ones. Here we come to technologies that exist
at the moment as for example: electronics technology, transportation
technology, and communication technology. These different aspects of technology
have a striking impact on the society, and relatively these effects of which
some are positive and others are negative are to be discussed.

Impact on the Society


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