AuthorProfessorAmerican a stronger nation and develop periodically. As

AuthorProfessorAmerican Government30 January 2018From Congressman I, Congressman Neel Patel of your 2nd district appreciates your vote to elect me as your representative to the United States Congress. I have set a goal to fulfill the public of 2nd district to the United States Congress. My previous work in the United States Government has encouraged me to serve my fellow residents of my district. Therefore, the United States Congress grants me to list my activities, role of committees, legislation, and policies to Washington D.C. and my 2nd district. I wish to provide best effort to serve my people, set standards, and policies that can provide the federal services through pork-barrelling.Secondly, as your representation to the Congress, I wish to strengthen our education, defense, energy, agriculture, foreign affairs, and economy. Through education, we can build a better nation, where each individual consists general knowledge.  Through defense, we can provide a better safe and secure nation. Through energy and agriculture, we can control wasteful energy, and protect our farms. Through foreign affairs, we can pay off our nation’s debt. Through economy, we can overcome the limitations of our local governments. Additionally, as my policies to 2nd district,  I would establish services on flags, internships, more information, and military academy nominations. Above the following, I would like to distribute flags, internships, and more information on the government to my 2nd district residents, where I can thankful be to my taxpayers. And lastly, I would like to nominate exceptional nominees to our military services.However, my work in committees and discussion with politicians would greatly impact our nation’s government. Especially, my congressional committee and subcommittee will focus on vital issues that our nation is going through; make a stronger nation and develop periodically. As of my communication with other politicians, it can open different doors to discuss specific issues inside of our government or outside of our government. And the issues of drafting legislation, then we will come together and make wise decision to proceed or not by following facts. Furthermore, these ideas will push me to secure your representation to the Congress. Then, these actions will be discussed with my 2nd district by raising questions, statements, and solution; resulting in the stronger bond between me and 2nd district. Altogether, this statement will support my promises and policies to the Congress and 2nd district. This will form a strong bond between your representative and the public. In Washington D.C. bills will be drafted, signed, and passed to federally or locally. And all I hope is that my service to my voters is not wasted.


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