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Avery TaylorMs. TrevinoScience 824 January 2018What is The Best Way To Make Invisible InkHave you ever wondered what amusement parks stamp your hand with that allows you to not see it? They use something called invisible ink, and for my science project I chose to research the science behind invisible ink and how it works. For my experiment I will be creating formulas to make new invisible inks and find the better ways to make it. My independent variable is what I use as an acidity component for the ink. I will be measuring the ink disappearance. In my experiment I will be putting a drop of the liquid onto the paper and time how long it takes to disappear. The test will take three trails and after I’ll find the mean.OXIDATION AND REDUCTIONWhy does invisible ink disappear? Invisible ink has a key component to helping is fade away and reaper with special procedures. The ink has acid in it, usually lemon juice but most fruit liquid works. This liquid has carbon compounds when heated up the compounds decompose and become “invisible”. The carbon goes into the air as an act of oxidation. Oxidation and reduction are both chemical reactions (Clark). These two processes vary in terms of element relations. For example oxidation is the gain of oxygen although it is also the loss of hydrogen. Therefor in contrast reduction is the loss of oxygen but the gaining of hydrogen (Clark). These two processes are commonly referred to together as “redox” (red-uction and ox-idation). The redox process is important because it is the main source of energy in the world. It generates a lot of energy when the bonds are released (chem.ox.ac.uk). Almost all chemical reactions are the result of redox. Invisible ink is a prime example of oxidation. Invisible inks hydrogen and oxygen bonds are broken which creates the invisible effect. Although you can see the hidden message by holding the paper that has the message up to an ultraviolet hot light. INVISIBLE INKThe history of invisible ink goes back to the early 300’s BCE. In the first formfulas the ink was made of natural plants and milk. Later on the ink was developed to use acidity components such as vinegar and lemon juice. Back in those times they tested their ink on eggs (McKay). In WW1 the ink was given to spys (Mckay). The invisible ink was also used in our revolutionary war as well as the cold war and even WW2. Invisible ink was a very important tool for these spies, they created secret messages for the CIA (McKay). The ink was so important to the classic malitas that the secrets behind the it were kept classified for a time.Invisible ink jalls into two categories organic fluids and sympathetic liquids. The organic liquids are natural liquids combined to make the invisible ink such as: lemon juice, milk, and even people’s own urine. Sympathetic invisible ink is composed of more chemical like substances (McKay). There are endless ways to make new invisible inks so there are also many ways of revealing the hidden message. Some inks require an ultraviolet light, a light, a chemical reaction, and some even need to be heated. CONCLUSIONI choose this experiment because I love chemistry and invisible ink. In this experiment I will be trying to make my own invisible ink formulas as well as trying out some already created. I want to try and find out which links disappear fastest (in minutes) and which inks are most visible after it dries and after i expose it (scale 1-10). From my background research I have developed a hypothesis, I believe that the inks with more acid and lactose will be the best formulas. I think this because most of the inks used in the past used acids in fruits and vinegar and were also incorporated with some lactose component.


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