Based the European partners wchich has been so

Based on research, we got to know that the there is decline in relation of the European partners wchich has been so marked, so that today they were not only no longer a world power, but they were not in the first rank even as a European one. Income per head in Britain is now, for the first time for over 300 years, below that in France. They were scarcely in the same economic league as the Germans or French. We talk of ourselves without shame as being one of the less prosperous countries of Europe. The prognosis for the foreseeable future is discouraging. If present trends continue we shall be overtaken in gdp per head by Italy and Spain well before the end of the century. This train of thought did not come completely voluntarily but came about as a result of a number of factors, these include but are not limited to:
World Wars & debt – As fellow Quorans have quite rightly pointed out the world wars which were very much about challenging the existing world order took it’s toll on Britain. The human cost and monetary cost was a huge burden on Britain and with the loss of India in 1947 maintaining a huge navy and military infrastructure to support the empire was no longer viable.
Democracy – Holding onto the empire would have meant cracking down on freedoms and engagement in wars against the armed struggle in the colonies. Britain being a well established democracy by the 1950s would not have accepted this type of behavior by it’s military abroad. No British PM could would survive if the administration hadConclusively on how the British Empire was been dismantled, it was got to know that the wake of the First World War the pressing question for Britain and France was less one of future mobilisations and more of how to demobilise their vast imperial armies. Returning soldiers proved not just a logistical nightmare, particularly given the post-war shortage of merchant shipping, but were also a potential source of domestic unrest. Many of the veterans returning to the French colony of Guinea resented the local chiefs who had helped force them into military service and, during 1919-1920, were at the forefront of industrial disputes, assaulting chiefs and settler plantation managers, symbols of the unequal colonial system of economic and political rule. Many colonial territories were particularly unsuited or ill-prepared for the sudden injection of a large number of young male workers back into the economy. In the case of Jamaica, returning soldiers from the British West Indies Regiment were frequently disappointed by the lack of job opportunities within the restrictive plantation economy.


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