Before And After School Club Children And Young People Essay


This study has been conducted from a recent literature reappraisal on the importance of drama in kids ‘s development drama. This study forms portion of a little scale rating of the Waddington Kids Club before and after school nine service, provided by 4Children. The Kids Club is located on a Royal Air Force ( RAF ) cantonment located in Waddington Lincolnshire and preponderantly used by RAF forces. The principle behind this for this was to see why parents sent their kids to the nine and how of import drama is for their kid / Children. While the consequences and decisions drawn here are drawn from the primary research undertaken and can be summarised from the consequences, it should be noted that they will be presented in a wider context in a larger study to be published in the hereafter the administration the writer is employed by.


Wadddington is a big rural small town situated in the North Kestevan territory of Lincolnshire and is located four stat mis from the South of Lincoln. And is besides place to one of the most of import Air Force bases in the United Kingdom RAF Waddington is located to the E of the small town ( Shane Chapman 2013 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //

Harmonizing to the 2001 nose count Waddington small town had six thousand and eighty six ( sing population ) . ( Statistics about Waddington 2013 ) hypertext transfer protocol: //

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Of which houses three hundred and ninety four functioning households of whose kids attend the Childs

Club ( Hive 2013 ) . hypertext transfer protocol: //

The United Nations Convention ( 1989 ) province that all Children have the right to play harmonizing to Article 31 which provinces:

Childs have the right to take part and prosecute drama. hypertext transfer protocol: //

Childs have the right to play

“ All kids and immature people have the right to play and necessitate to play: free to take what they do – lively or loosen up, noisy or quiet – with the opportunity to stretch and dispute themselves, take hazards and enjoy freedom. The right to play is enshrined in Article 31 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child ” ( Play England 2009 p3 )

hypertext transfer protocol: //


The parents of the kids go toing the before and after school nine were the targeted group for the research. A sum of 60 questionnaires were sent out to those households and carers whose kids attend the before and after school nine in January 2013. A transcript of the questionnaire can be found in Appendix A.


Of the 60 questionnaires sent out, 36 were returned giving a response rate of 32 % . The undermentioned chart inside informations the grounds parents gave for seting their kids into the before and after school nine. Parents were allowed to take as many options as they felt applicable.

Chart 1: The most frequent ground for go toing Waddington Kids Club

Parents Stated: They are able to travel out to work and their kids are able to socialize with a larger group of kids. Parents found the location really accessible with it being in the same locality of their topographic point of work and easy entree to the local primary school that their kids attend.

Chart 2: Will demo how parents rated what the Kids Club had to offer for their kid / Children

The two chief features rated most favorably are the staff at the Sessionss and the equipment provided. After that the other factors of the Sessionss are rated about the same. Merely one ‘poor ‘ response was made and this was mentioning to the bites provided at Sessionss.

However some parents made some remarks when they returned questionnaires and some of these are included below.


“ These are healthy ”

“ more fruitaˆ¦ ”

“ would wish to see fresh fruit every hebdomad ”

“ aˆ¦a batch of assortment ”


“ non so much Sand ”

“ in some Sessionss there are non plenty ”

“ ever a broad choice for all ages and kid penchants ”

“ as my kids have got older they have found them less stimulating ”

“ some different thoughts on the uneven juncture to excite drama ”

“ Childs are able to take what they wish to play with ”

Structured activities

“ helps to develop concentration and to follow instructions ”

“ child excessively immature ”

“ demand to be more seasonal i.e. H2O drama in summer non winter ”

Unstructured drama

“ Help kids to research happen their ain infinite and learn through drama ”

“ Childs are able to run unit of ammunition and bask themselves without worrying about aching themselves ”

“ It gives the kids a opportunity to play with what they choose ”

The parents were asked if their kid ‘s behavior changed when playing out-of-doorss and if they felt out-of-door drama was of import. When asked most parents ‘ believed that out-of-door drama is of import for their kid ‘s development.

Chart 3 – Children ‘s behavior alteration whilst playing Outdoorss

The bulk of parents did experience that their kids had benefited from go toing the Kids Club Sessionss and believed that it had helped with their kid ‘s behavior and has given them some freedom for more out-of-door drama. Department of conveyance ( 2006 ) Children today do non acquire out to play that frequently as times have changed fewer kids are playing out-of-doorss due to the dangers. There was merely one individual that disagreed on their kid concentration whilst playing outside most

parents agreed that their kids play outdoors better as they are non confined to one peculiar infinite.


The response of the inquirers sent out to sixty parents was quit hapless as merely thirty six where return for research intent this is rather low. In future when inquirers are sent out to the Kids Club parents the writer will necessitate to look at a more effectual manner in acquiring the information back.

Information gathered from questionnaire shows why the kids attend the childs nine with the most popular being parents at work and easy entree as the Kids Club is located at RAF Waddington and the bulk of those kids that attend the nine live on the cantonment.

The construction of the Sessionss is favorably reflected in parents ‘ responses to the single facets. Although merely one facet was rated ill by a individual

respondent, the qualitative remarks made on the questionnaires do supply a richer context to see the single constituents of the Sessionss. Singing was rated favorably by all parents that attended it bar one who made the remark that their “ kids were scared of the vocalizing ” . While this is merely one respondent out of 36, to supply as inclusive a service as possible all parents should be offered excess support if there is any portion of the session they feel unable to entree. With kids afraid of the vocalizing session little Sessionss with merely the parent and staff may assist them construct the assurance to take part in the larger group exercising. It is clear from the remarks made

by other parents that the vocalizing is a valuable exercising for their kids ‘s acquisition and development, so every attempt should be made to do it available to all. One really promising remark made by one of the parents offers a clear justification for the whole construct of Stay and Play Sessionss. “ I learn new vocals as good. ” Stay and Play Sessionss were designed to promote parents to interact and play with their kids in a quality environment with adept advice and support available. It is hoped that the accomplishments they learn/observe at the Sessionss are taken place and practised at that place. This remark would propose that precisely this is go oning. Bites provided at

the Sessionss were the lone facet of Stay and Play to have a ‘poor ‘ response. In add-on many of the remarks suggest are think of the bites being provided is called for. At the clip of the

questionnaire biscuits were being offered at every session with fruit being

offered at bite times often but non each clip. The feedback received from the questionnaires is bespeaking that the parents want the Stay and Play Sessionss to be back uping a healthy eating civilization by supplying a assortment of fresh fruit at each and every session. While the playthings provided at each session were rated favorably on the graduated table responses the remarks made were more assorted. A subdivision of parents felt that there were non plenty at some Sessionss. What can non be determined here is whether a session has non adequate playthings or excessively many attendants. Further research is needed in this country to be after the best class of action for future service bringing.

In add-on there was one remark made that H2O drama should be used less. It is non the remit of this study to do recommendations outside the writer ‘s expertness, but one suggestion may be that the parent would be happier with the H2O drama if they were forewarned it would be go oning. An issue with H2O may be that it requires a alteration of apparels that the parent does non needfully hold with them. The structured activities received the most ‘average ‘ remarks, which compared to the other facets does bespeak there could be betterment in this country. Again the remarks made provide utile information as to issues with this portion of the Sessionss. While those that did take part felt the activities were valuable to their kid ‘s development and larning non all kids were old plenty to take part, which may be a ground for the somewhat less

favorable evaluations. In add-on staff be aftering the activities need to bear in head the season so that they are non possibly making uncomfortableness for the kids, e.g. acquiring them wet during winter. Again, though, prevising would enable the parent to convey a alteration of vesture. From the remarks made by parents it would look those planning and running the Sessionss have got the unstructured facets and the continuance merely right. No unfavorable remarks were made by any of the parents nor were there any suggestions for betterment. The remarks made about staff were about overpoweringly positive with the huge bulk of the parents offering high congratulations for those easing the Sessionss. Merely one negative remark was made but what can non be explored here is whether this is a individual remark due to ongoing hapless experience of staff interaction or merely a individual incident that has been reported here.The consequences displayed in Table 3 are interesting for the fact that many of the professions are being reported as seen often, while others seldom. This is interesting because the professionals within the squad attend the Stay and Play Sessionss about every bit. The professionals that form the nucleus squad and on a regular basis ease the Sessionss are the community support worker,

accoucheuse, wellness visitant and nursery nurse. In add-on the instructor, who runs

Sessionss alongside Stay and Play will besides hold been seen on a regular basis. This

suggests at that place needs to be more transparence at the Sessionss about the

expertness of each squad member so that households know what is available and

who to speak with to entree them.

To exemplify this point clearly there is a nursery nurse at every, individual session

yet merely two out of nine respondents were cognizant they had seen one. What

would be an interesting hereafter research country would be to look into why the

accoucheuse and wellness visitant are much better known than the other squad


Table 3 besides contains information for future session planning. When asked

who they would wish to see at Sessionss the four clearly most popular petitions

were wellness visitant, dietician, employment/training adviser and alveolar consonant

advisor/hygienist. While a wellness visitant does on a regular basis attend Sessionss, many

respondents feel that there should be a wellness visitant go toing more

often. The employment/training adviser is an approaching enlisting for

the squad so future research will necessitate to look into how they best present their


At present there is no proviso for a dietician, nor are at that place any programs.

There is nevertheless programs to use a dental hygienist as portion of kids ‘s

Centre planning. MORI research completed in the country, due to be published

shortly, has shown dissatisfaction with dental services in the country, with entree

being a primary trouble. This grounds suggests it ‘s a function that is desired by

Certain Start households now.

A primary focal point of all Sure Start work is to supply noteworthy results for those

households accessing the services. Table 4 evidences the positive differences

Stay and Play has made to the households go toing. Out of 36 respondents, 30

felt that their kid now played better as a consequence of go toing Stay and Play.

With drama being such an of import portion of a kid ‘s development and acquisition

this is a really promising result. The bulk of parents ( 24 out of 36 ) besides

felt that their kid shared toys better and 21 out of 36 parents felt their kid

concentrated on undertakings more. While these are still good results they are non

as widely acknowledged as the kid playing better, which suggests there may

be a demand to be after future activities around these two countries.


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