Before medical facilities, health, housing, and education. In

Before the Cuban revolution, under
president Fulgencio Batista, Cuba was plagued with
unemployment and limited water infrastructure. Less
than 50% of children were given education and hygiene was very poor.
Furthermore, Batista was far more dictatorial than anyone had expected. He even
let American companies dominate the economy and formed links to organized
crime. 75% of Cuba’s most fertile and arable land was
owned by foreigners. All of this contributed to making life worse for
Cuban citizens and angered them. During the revolution, there wasn’t
much change in the lives of Cuban people, but if you were supporting the
revolution or joined the military of Cuba, you would have to fight for your
cause. You would be given access to food and water as these were two
necessities for survival and you were valuable as a supporter. After Batista
was overthrown and most of his government officials were either executed or
imprisoned, the new government presented laws to deliver equality for black
Cubans and to provide greater rights for women. Attempts
were made to improve communications, medical facilities, health, housing, and
education. In addition, places of entertainment and art were opened such
as art exhibitions, concerts, and theatres. Throughout time, all children were
given education, unemployment and corruption were greatly reduced, and huge
improvements were made when it came to hygiene and sanitation. The new
government also subdivided the larger pieces of land into smaller cooperatives,
therefore providing more jobs and increasing the living standards. The
government also nationalized all privately-owned property. They were able to
nationalize $25 billion dollars of property. The government also nationalized
all religiously owned property because they declared the county as an atheist
country. Bishops, popes, etc. … were expelled from the country. The government
also took money from mafia leaders and arrested them. For all foreign land
owners, private land owners, religious people, criminals, mafia leaders, or
anti revolutionaries’ lives was made horrible because they were exiled,
executed, or imprisoned. The lives of the rest of the Cuban people had greatly
improved from what they once were because of all the efforts of the new


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