Being within a short time of meeting them,

Being completely truthful to each other and the absence of deceit are the main foundations of a friendship. Such a friendship will attract others. Because of the trust already developed, a friend can be brutally honest. Rather than causing hurt, it is understood that what is said is simply to help and make all individuals in the friendship even “sharper”.

Expectations might be reasonable but, sometimes is not easy to achieve them. Because we know that friendship grows in different ways  and our expectations sometimes differ from others. Even if our expectations might be realistic but for some reasons our friend is advancing slower in our friendship. Maybe we want to spend some more time together or hand out and they do not want or perhaps we feel a bond, but he/she don’t yet.



I believe expectations should be balanced out. I could split expectations as reasonable and unreasonable. For me reasonable expectations are: I expect to be treated with respect, make me laugh, be loyal, and being valued for what I am. On the other hand, unreasonable expectations are: meting someone and impulsively believe we can be best friends, when I like someone I might share my deepest darkest secrets and insecurities within a short time of meeting them, when I am lonely, I want my friends to be there for me no matter what’s going on in their lives.


Key attributes:


Being ourselves- It is very important aspect that we should keep in mind because any friendship won’t last if there’s no transparency and trust. I really try to be myself all the times especially when someone shows respect and good behavior to me.

Being independent and trying to conquer things by myself – sometimes it is necessary to avoid asking for a favor for things I could do by myself with a little of effort. Anxiety that comes with depending on others for even the smallest of tasks can quickly turn negative between friends. While it isn’t unfair to help friends out on occasion and hope for the same in return, putting too much of your day’s weight in the hands of another will usually end disastrously.

            Keep it all in perspective- It isn’t realistic to think you can avoid ever getting your hopes up when it comes to the friendships and relationships in your life. Because it sometimes happens and it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. When this happens, I will try to keep perspective about the situation. Because remember a few of life’s disappointments will warrant a complete mental breakdown. When we believe everything went down and feels catastrophic, we need time and space that could help us shed some light on this situation and leave me reflecting on what my role might have been in how it all played out.

            Get over it- this shows that we are overgrown children with conflict resolutions issues. It takes two people to create the blows, but only one to walk away and move on. So, is weather we fix what is broken and continue our lives working in our own happiness or let go unnecessary negative things in our lives and move on.


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