BHP their people’s wellbeing and security and making

Billiton is among the world’s top producers of major commodities item including
iron ore, metallurgical coal, copper furthermore uranium. The organization also
have interest in oil, gas and energy coal.


company extracts and refines oil, gas and minerals from their creation
operations which is mainly located in Australia and the Americas. Their items
are sold all around the world. Furthermore, their sale and promotion headed
through Singapore, Houston and United states. BHP Billiton worldwide
headquarters are in Melbourne, Australia. (About
us BHP Billiton)

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organization has employees more than 65,000 representatives and contractors,
they mainly look after their people’s wellbeing and security and making sure to
create an environment free from injuries, occupational illness and fatalities.


big organization permits them to settle on serious commitments to communities.
The ongoing nature of operations help them to build collaborative community
relationships. Their goal is to expand their social and economic benefits of
their operations, achieving economic growth and diminishing their environment.




















Process of Presentation Information


group has chosen to follow the standard layout and process that has been
provided within the tutorials. With this we have agreed on equally divided work
that has been assigned to all group members.



Introduction on BHB (About the
company’s, financial position, share price)


Chapter Topic (What the chapter is
about, what relevant theories relate to BHB)


Issues in the company (Does the
company have any issues that relate to the topic)


Discussion of the Issues (Analyse
and examine the issues and synthesise this relating to the topic)

Recommendations (What are your
recommendations for BHB on how to deal with these issues)


Conclusion (Summary of the
reflections from recommendation)



this format, we are able to present enough information providing the audience
with information on BHP and what they do, relate the chapter topics and
theories that will be applied to BHP, identify and describe the issues relating
to BHP. Then using the topic and theories along with the issues previously
addressed, we will discuss the impact that these issues will have on different
types of ethical issues.


will then be able to present our recommendations for dealing with the issues,
and providing a final conclusion on our report for BHP Billiton. This process
for the presentation should be delivered in a coherent and cohesive manner
toward our audience.












Discussion of finding information


has many programs and although many of its top executives in recent times have
focused on the environment the company is notorious for the detrimental impacts
it has had on the environment, as well as being notorious for a number of
social issues. BHP has a terrible record in dealing with areas in relation to
indigenous rights, environmental sustainability and climate change. There are
also a number of new breakout social issues that have affected BHP and the
mining conglomerate, perhaps the biggest being the increasing suicide rates in
the mining industry. 

one of its more infamous examples of indigenous conflict is uranium mining. An
example of this is during the fifties and sixties hundreds of Aboriginal
communities were cleared out into cattle stations, towns and cities, when
Australian and British governments using the uranium sourced from mines tested
atomic weapons in the South Australian desert and off the coast of Western
Australia. This left many Aboriginal people with serious health issues such as
cancer and other unexplainable sickness’ as well as homeless. The BHP-owned
Olympic Dam in south Australia is another example of mistreatment of sacred
agricultural sights. The uranium mine draws around 30 million litres of water
everyday from the Great Artesian Basin, an ancient underground water source,
sacred to the Aboriginal people.The company also has no plans for the
management of 60 million tonnes of radioactive tailings dump that the mine
creates, leading to further environmental issues.

entities contribute 2/3rds of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions from
industrial sources, BHP are among the major emitters of greenhouse gas.
Alongside other major corporations such as rio tinto BHP have emitted 914
billion tonnes of carbon dioxide over the last 150 years, and in 2015 was
ranked as the 20th largest polluter in the world. As a result of this BHP has
come under major scrutiny for their methods in dealing with the environment.


rates in fly in fly out workers remains high, although BHP have began to
implement programs to combat this issue, the suicide rates among employees
remain lengthy, with hundreds of miners committing the act every year. Welfare
cutbacks and loneliness are the major contributors, as mental health is
becoming a more concerning prevalent issue. A statement given to The Newcastle
Herald from a BHP spokesperson stated following the large number of BHP
employee deaths “we will continue to work to improve their existing programs
and look to what other mental wellness measures could be introduced”. However
rates are ever climbing, and the problems and issues are not being combatted

Appendix Information



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