Blogging has become asource to earn through the

Blogging has become asource to earn through the use of social media. Read to know the role of the best high speed internet provider in order to earn

The frequent use of the internet today has made blogging a source of earning rather than just something that is done to kill time. You can find many bloggers who are earning a handsome amount of money just via their blogs. But having the skillset that is required to write blogs and the out of the box ideas are not enough to earn you some dollars using your passion. You will need to have services of the High Speed Internet Providers in Your Area to make sure the blogs are uploaded and published on time.

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Are you a blogger who wants to earn money in 2018 through the blogging website you already have? Are you someone who is planning to start blogging to make some dollars in 2018? If the answer to any of the above asked questions is a yes, then these are the ways social media can help you make money.


Facebook Tools

Facebook is one of the oldest and yet the most active social media platforms. It was designed to bring people closer through communication and interaction. But with the passage of time it was started to be used for other purposes as well. Facebook is used widely by bloggers to earn. A huge number of people who use Facebook is the core attraction for bloggers. But the real challenge is to make people want to open your blog in order to make cash.

Though there are many ways Facebook can be used to promote your blog but here are some easy ones;

1-      Affiliate Marketing: You can choose a brand or company to shake hands with and then write to promote their products while having your edge. It makes a proper win-win situation for both the partners as both gets money out of it and the names of blogger and brand are promoted as well.

2-      Paid Ads: You can sign up for paid ads to attract people on your site. It gets you more viewers for sure which increases the amount of money you earn.

3-      Use of Apps: Many applications have been designed in order to help you earn using your skills and Facebook. If you are into Music, you can check MusicBlaster or if you are good in advising, then you should check Ether.



Twitter is one of the top hot favorite social media websites. It is not as old as Facebook but still loved by a large number of people. If you have a blog, you can use Twitter as well to make cash. All you need to start making money using Twitter is a Twitter account, any favorite product, a website and a list of people who are interested in that particular product.

Once you have all the things mentioned above, you can follow the steps written below;

1-      Read about the product and come up with topics you can write on regarding the product.

2-      Write regular blogs and publish the link of each article with a catchy description on your account.

3-      Customize the website with a few pages dedicated entirely with praising and convincing details of the selected product.

As soon as your blogs start becoming viral you will start getting sponsored tweets from the company which will bring you lots of money.



LinkedIn is a new social media platform which was introduced some time ago. It connects the people whose interests lie in the same circle and so, it has the capability of making a huge impact. You can post recommendations and views about anything and everything on your business portfolio followed by a wave of opinions and suggestions.

LinkedIn also consists of various groups discussing various issues and things. You can become part of any group you feel inclined towards. Since, LinkedIn is a site created by professional people, there is a big chance that you will meet the like-minded people. This will promote your passion for writing, expand your skillset and can even bring you opportunities to earn.



Instagram is one of the most active social media platforms with 400 million active users per month. It is the easiest platform to make anything go viral and all the credit goes to the #Hashtagtrend. Hash tags make it easy for the similar-minded people to get connected and go along the same path. Bloggers find Instagram a good source of increasing their number of followers which ends up bringing them more money.


Though Instagram just allows you to insert one link in your bio but the way you create stories each time you upload a blog gets you views. Since, people open Instagram more often than they open Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or any other social media site, this gives an extra edge to Instagram to make you followers that are sure to view your every blog.

The above mentioned tips are more than enough to make you surf 2018 with both hands full of dollars. But make sure you get internet services of the Cable Internet Providers in Your Area in order to make your work seamless. 


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