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“Bottom-of-the-funnel content should prove the value of a purchase and explain how the products and services will be implemented within the organization,” says content management platform Kapost.For example, you can drive sales by serving ads for:How-to videos for setups and integrationsStep-by-step guidesCase studies showcasing results for similar customersSales demos4. Promote Your Best Mid-Funnel Content While organic reach on social is falling, brand familiarity has a big impact on conversions. Promoting your most effective content can help you find eager eyes amidst the winding and noisy customer journey.Case studies are the preferred mid-funnel content for B2B buyers (78%), according to a DemandGen Report. You can use Google Adwords for retargeting or boost your posts on Facebook to spur conversions while conserving your budget. Boosting Facebook page posts for just $5 per day let Buffer, a social media management service, reach an impressive 787 people. Why does this work?Because mid-funnel users are also the most engaged on social, according to the digital advertising firm Blue Fountain Media. (Source)Advertising your best content helps you to stay top of mind and pull your best leads deeper down the funnel.5. Outsmart the CompetitionConsidering your competitors, keeping customers focused on your ad messaging is a real challenge. Rather than worry about rival advertising, use their hard work to your advantage. Feel squeamish about spying on the competition? Just consider that competitive intelligence strategies are practiced by 90% of Fortune 500 companies.You can use WhatRunsWhere to see where a competitor is running ads and with what copy. SEMRush will show you what keywords your competitors rank for, their backlinks, and their advertising keywords. As seen below, this data can be very helpful in diverting their traffic to your site. Here are a few other ways to improve your ad performance through your competitors’ efforts :Disrupt competitors videos with YouTube adsDownload and target your competitors Twitter followersTarget users whose interests include your competitorsUse your competitors’ brand names to keyword target your Google and Facebook ads6. Use StumbleUpon AdsStumbleUpon is a massive (though underrated) collection of the internet’s best pages. It’s one of the top seven traffic-generating channels and boasts over 1 billion monthly users, according to Statcounter. You can use StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery feature to bring people directly to your site. For $0.05 – 0.25 per engagement, you can set your budget per day, audience, and topics to attract fresh prospects.StumbleUpon also lets users stumble through specific topics, helping you serve native advertising to relevant leads and generate traffic. This targeted and random engagement pattern lets you reach users who would otherwise be unaware of your product or service, for free.(Source)To leverage StumbleUpon for traffic and brand awareness, ensure your content is relevant, beautiful, or entertaining. Popular media formats like videos, how-to’s, and infographics will garner the upvotes and downvotes that enhance your visibility and click-throughs.


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