Bullying Children should not have to be subjected

Bullying is a serious problem in our society, where other children use intimidation, to torment children, and to mess with a child’s psyche.  Many students around the world are bullied every day, and are too afraid to talk about their issue, or don’t receive any help.  Cyber Bullying and sexual harassment are other forms of bullying, that are affecting the lives of our students.   Children should not have to be subjected to bullying because of ways it messes with a child’s psyche and thoughts of suicide due to these forms of bullying.  The parents are a significant factor in preventing these issues.  Parents can even prevent their child to follow in the footsteps of the stereotypical bully. After watching the inspirational documentary, Bullied, I had realized that Jamie Nabozny had a rough time getting through his adolescent years, due to him being openly gay.  He was a big target, but he wasn’t the only kid getting bullied.  Nabozny stated that  “Kids get harassed for all kinds of reasons.  They’re too fat. They’re to thin. They’re too tall. They seem too smart. They’re too dumb.  Gays and lesbians are picked on.”(Bullied)  All different kinds of students get picked on for different reasons.  Whether it be how much they weigh or based on intelligence, race or sexuality.  This shows that people are going to try to find a way to bring you down.  There are many bullies in this world that will pick on you no matter what.  We commonly see that some students receive no positive feedback, with little to no one standing up for them.  David Buckel has stated that “Too often what we see is the response is, that there’s something about the target. Maybe you shouldn’t be so openly gay, and what could be the worst possible message in the world for someone attacked and harassed because of who they’re perceived to be.”(Bullied)  Creating hurtful statements will never make someone feel better about themselves.  These messages are the worst because they undermine the victim.  This shows that negative comments are the worst thing for the victim because it messes with their psychological thoughts. Messing with a child’s psyche is not valuable to their growth because it can damage their brains that can lead to possible weaknesses in the future.  “Words can have a powerful effect on your nervous system. Certain types of adversity, even those involving no physical contact, can make you sick, alter your brain–even kill neurons–and shorten your life.”(Feldman)  Nabozny’s parents even struggled to help their child.  Carol Nabozny, Jamie’s mother stated, “I felt helpless. I couldn’t do anything for him. I was trying. We were calling the school, we were doing what we thought we should do as parents to deal with all these things. And nothing was happening and he felt that frustrated that he’d tried to commit suicide.”  “I felt helpless. I couldn’t do anything for him. I was trying. We were calling the school, we were doing what we thought we should do as parents to deal with all these things. And nothing was happening and he felt that frustrated that he’d tried to commit suicide.”(Bullied)  The parents couldn’t do anything because nobody was listening.   The school didn’t help Jamie and his problems.  This shows that nobody cared about Jamie’s issues.  The school never took the time to stop the bullying.  Jamie didn’t feel safe in his school.  Throughout Jamie’s struggles, his parents never gave up the fight.  They never stopped loving their son, and wanted him to feel safe.  His parents were his biggest supporter, and always had his back. As we go more in depth about bullying, children are keen to having thoughts of suicide.  “The suicide rate among 10- to 14-year-olds doubled between 2007 and 2014, for the first time surpassing the death rate in that age group from car crashes, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2014 alone, 425 middle schoolers nationwide took their own lives.”(O’neill)  Suicide rate has skyrocketed in our society, especially between students around the world.  We need to teach our children that suicide is not a way out, and that students can seek help, in order to prevent taking their lives. It is very common that we can tell when a child is having thoughts  of suicide.  “Research has shown that four out of five teens who attempt suicide showed warning signs beforehand, Flatt said. “If we can train people to recognize those signs and respond, we can reduce the numbers,” he said.  Training educators is essential, experts say. “Training teachers is the single most impactful thing a state can do,” Flatt said.”(O’neill)  Training teachers to recognize when children are having these symptoms of suicide is important because this would limit the suicide rate of students drastically.  This would be beneficial for the youth of today’s society.Sexual harassment is a very serious problem that is linked to bullying.  This form of harassment is very common, and to one’s surprise can happen in a school setting.  “Meanwhile, 27 percent of middle school-aged girls and 25 percent of boys reported that they had experienced verbal or physical sexual harassment or violence, the most common being unwanted touching, according to the University of Illinois study.”(Sultan) Molestation is a serious problem in schools, especially in middle schools with students.  This study shows that this not only between both boys and girls, but also, sexual harassment is a serious form of bullying.  “The most basic lessons we teach toddlers are the same ones we to need to hold them accountable to as they grow up: Be respectful. Keep your hands to yourself. No matter how large or fragile your ego, you don’t have the right to grab anyone.  Not even if you are the smartest kid in the science class, a star athlete or the boy next door.  Not even if you are the most powerful producer in Hollywood or the president of the United States.”(Sultan)   There is not one person in this world that has the right to sexually harass you and take advantage of you.  We are taught to prevent sexual harassment at a very young age.  It’s just that we didn’t know that it was a serious issue that people would end up committing.  We all know better as a society.  A way that we can control sexual harassment in our children, is if we monitor what they are watching on a daily basis.  “The easy access to and widespread consumption of pornography among tweens and teens reinforces warped attitudes of women as little more than sexual objects.”(Sultan)  Due to pornography being easily accessible too many people,  Children and teens,  are brainwashed into believing what they see is authentic.  Pornography is not intended for teens, but teens need to understand that they shouldn’t replicate what they see in real life.  Pornography definitely isn’t helping to cutback on sexual harassment, especially between adolescents.  Parents can easily monitor what their child can view on the internet.Speaking of the internet, many children are involved in social media in today’s world.  We have to take into account that our child can be a  potential target of a cyberbully.  Cyberbullying is a very serious form of bullying.  “In most ways, he says, online abuse is similar to bullying in that it involves people, power and relationships. But technology, he adds, is an amplifier of what’s good and bad about humanity. “When we give kids cell phones we are giving them access to the most powerful tools known to mankind,” says Mr. Belsey”.(Offman)  Technology and social media is a tool where bullying could be a much bigger problem.  Our cellphones are tools that are the potential catalyst of this harassment.  Cyber bullying could have a much more wider effect on a person, due to today’s technology being very convenient.  “While the crime is hard to define in a single word, being the victim of cyberbullying is not an ethereal experience. Data suggests that virtual abuse inflicts a more heightened kind of torment than its real-world counterpart. Social media gives bullies a vast, virtual playground that is nearly impossible to police.”(Offman)  Cyber bullying is a more of an increased torment, that makes the victim experience more abuse than they would in the community.  Social media makes bullying more available to the bully, where nobody might ever witness the acts going on.  The scariest part is that you might never know who is teasing you.  Social media is a very complicated realm, where many children struggle to find a secure safe place.  A cyberbully doesn’t have to abuse you physically in order to destroy one’s self-esteem.  “Words are powerful.  Cruel words may even be fatal.  Be mindful of this fact and stop to think before you speak, write or hit “send.””(Jacobs 161)  Think before you say because words can be hurtful.  Calling somebody a name is heartless, and people need to be more aware that they can be psychologically tearing somebody’s being.  “Parents need to discuss bullying with their children, to help them understand what it is and what it can do to a person. Young people must also be told: Bullying is never ok. No one deserves to be bullied. All youth have the right to feel and be safe. And everyone deserves to be treated with respect.”(Home News Tribune)  Bullying is not acceptable, and should never be partaken in.  Parents need to educate their children about bullying so as a society, we can stop bullying as a whole.  We need to “Recognize and respect the rights of others, even in cyberspace.”(Jacobs 150)Bringing things back around, after successfully winning his case, Jamie Nabozny said “So a lot of people ask me, why did I do this and why do I fight. And I’ll tell you why.  I fought for all the kids who can’t fight back.”(Bullied)  People question Jamie’s motives in fighting.  His statement shows that some kids are vulnerable, and don’t have the courage to defend themselves.  Jamie fought for everyone who couldn’t because he wanted to create a better society, in where people like him can feel safe.  Many students feel like they can’t fight back.  That is why parents are the solution to these many issues such as cyberbullying and sexual harassment.  A child’s psyche can remain healthy and undamaged, and thoughts of suicide can be abolished.  A loving and caring parent is only the best remedy in kicking bullying to the bucket.      


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