Business had restricted alternatives for exchanging information with

Business Communication
& Etiquette

How has communication transformed with the use of technology? Share any 2
technological tools you use for efficient communication and how they have
helped you contribute more effectively in your organization.

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Communication has
transformed with the use of technology:

long time ago people had restricted alternatives for exchanging information
with each other. Communication is essential to successful business operations.
Twenty-first centenary Communication exchange has modified how many we join in
accordance with the World into three essential ways: toughness connectivity,
authenticity, or style. Technology is extremely important as it has changed the
way we communicate with one another. Technology has modified current life from
numerous points of view, particularly in the working environment. The
technology of PCs, the scaling down of gadgets and the advancement of wireless
communication have all adjusted the business world. Business communication,
particularly, has seen a segment of the best movements due to technological
developments. Utilizing technology in communication has turned into a need. It
is presently part of our lives. Business communication regularly depends on the
utilization of technology to associate and encourage the flow of information
among people, groups, and organizations. Personals impart through messages,
faxes, Mobile telephones, texting services, video gatherings, video talk rooms
and web-based social networking channels. As time goes on, more emerging
technologies will change the way we communicate and it will be up to us to
grasp them or not.

business communication is key for proficient business basic leadership and the
running of regular procedures. The transcendence of communication technologies
in authoritative life implies it is fundamental that workers have the right
stuff to utilize them. Numerous organization make preparing accessible, yet
progressively bosses anticipate that forthcoming employees will be experienced
clients of desktop and even portable technologies.

of whether we are maintaining a little new company or an overall undertaking,
encouraging viable communication is basic to progress. No organization can
succeed long haul if its laborers don’t speak with each other, and this absence
of communication will rapidly end up noticeably obvious as missed arrangements,
incoherent meeting and sat around idly. Luckily, organizations have various
innovative instruments available to them to make field where transparent blend
is esteemed and regarded.

utilize communication technology to help and drive their business exercises. A
few cases of technology used to convey in business include: E-mail among
employees, management, and customers

Social media locales
used to speak with clients


Video conferencing used
to hold gatherings with telecommuters

SMS (messaging) among

Internet promoting as
approach to publicize items and administrations to clients

Mobile showcasing
techniques to publicize items to clients in light of their present area

Mobile applications,
for example, QR codes and Shazaam offering extra data to clients about an
organization or administration

Two technological tools
for efficient communication:

1. Cellular Phone

of the biggest advancements in communication has been the development of the
mobile phone. Previously, your exclusive shot of achieving employees was the
point at which they were at their work areas, inciting unlimited amusements of
“telephone tag” as Personals endeavored to interface amid occupied
workdays. Presently, employees are reachable regardless of where they are, and
not with standing amid non-work hours. The development of cell phones has
additionally incredibly extended the sorts of business exercises you can
execute when out of the workplace, expanding profitability and extending the

2. Teleconferencing

data connections take into consideration the utilization of teleconferencing,
virtual gatherings held over sound and video joins. Teleconferencing can spare
generous measures of cash generally spent on go by associating vital workers in
far-flung branches together to share thoughts and data. The utilization of
virtual whiteboards, public information sharing stages where remote clients can
collaborate as though around a similar table, additionally increment the
conceivable outcomes of the virtual work environment.

The implications for

also making business communications speedier and more effective, the
advancement of these new specialized instruments and applications has
additionally changed the way we work together in various ranges.

– Mobile communications that enable
employees to get to the workplace from anyplace has prompted numerous
organizations ending up more versatile. The head office with enormous overheads
has turned out to be less essential, and cutting back and workspace sharing are
turning into a more cost-effective alternative.


– Because workers can convey from
anyplace, lodging them under one rooftop is not any more a need. This implies
organizations can outsource many center procedures, for example, records and IT
and can likewise enlist encourage abroad for workers.


– The capacity to speak with anybody,
anyplace, whenever has additionally implied that organizations are never again
confined to nearby markets, so are presently allowed to exchange with worldwide
organizations and grow new client bases everywhere throughout the world.


workforce – New specialized instruments
additionally enable more employees to telecommute, which spares a business cash
through not housing workers in an office and furthermore enhances workers’
work/life adjust. This thus enhances profitability.


travel – Ironically, as the world is opened up
through better communications the need to physically travel abroad is
diminished. Video conferencing can spare a business a lot of cash that would
some way or another be spent on travel and settlement costs each year.

in all, technology has changed the way we impart, it has made a major effect in
how organizations cooperate with shoppers and how companions collaborate with
each other. Innovation has changed the substance of business communications by
making it speedier, more productive and more incorporated than any time in
recent memory. The value we pay for this new receptiveness and
interconnectivity is the security dangers it postures. In any case, giving
safety efforts can at least keep pace with new developments, at that point the
open doors technology offers for business communications exceed those dangers
over the long run.















Communications audit is a snapshot of an organization’s communication
strategies, activities and programs. Provide your opinion on the statement by
elaborating on its process and outcome.


audit is a snapshot of an organization’s communication strategies, activities
and programs. A communications audit is a comprehensive assessment of an
organization’s capacity to send, get and share data with different gatherings
of people inside the organization. It’s an appraisal of the adequacy and
believability of current communications vehicles and media, including
production, site, intranet, online journals, town gatherings, up close and
personal communications, and other communications media.

utilizes procedures, for example, perception, examinations and assessments,
center gathering, meetings and reviews of representatives and other key groups
of onlookers whose help is expected to enhance communications, comprehension
and coordinated effort in the organization.

Communication Audit

Step 1: Determine key
areas to be audited.

a gander at both inward and outside communications. Incorporate everything from
your standard personality pieces (business cards, letterhead, logo and signage)
to special materials to news scope got. Keep in mind to dissect your Web
website and other web based advertising materials.

Step 2: Choose your
research methods.

lead your review, select among various research strategies, for example,
one-on-one meetings, center gatherings, on the web or phone overviews and media

Step 3: Collect and
evaluate your past communications.

all of a year ago’s communications pieces– inside and external– on a conference
room table. Inquire:

How did we educate
people in general about our business? What worked? What didn’t?

Were our designs
composed and messages reliable?

Who were our key groups
of onlookers?

What were our key

Did we contact our
groups of onlookers with the correct messages?

What media scope did we
get? Is it true that it was viable? What media openings did we miss?

Did we effectively
recount our story in our communications?

aside the opportunity to break down every communications piece. Make a composed
rundown of what worked, and what didn’t. Study a couple of confided in staff
and customers. What did they acknowledge and why? What didn’t work for them?

Step 4: Look outward:
Query your customers.

neutral researchers to inquiry your clients. Electronic overviews, one-on-one
meetings, phone meetings or focus groups are a couple of systems. Select a set
number of inquiries to dissect your communications from your client’s
perspective. Solicit: What are your impressions from our communications? What
do you think about our designs, personality pieces, Web website and other
promoting materials? How might we enhance our communications? Keep in mind the
colloquialism, “an objection is a blessing.” (This is the title of
Janelle Barlow and Claus Moller’s work of art, much prescribed book about
reacting to client criticism.)

Step 5: Look outward:
Query your community.

does the group know and see about your organization? Investigate the effect of
your communications. Once more, make inquiries to uncover open recognitions.
This can be accomplished by contracting an exploration firm or a target
Personal to direct a formal group review or by casually talking with group

Step 6: Look inward:
Query your staff and volunteers.

forget your interior audiences. Gather their assessments about your
communications. Ask: What are your responses to communications amid the
previous year? What was viable? What wasn’t? What could be moved forward? Did
inside reports serve your necessities? What future communications could enable
you to work as a major aspect of the organization? You should decide whether
all communications were comprehended by every single inside crowd. Furthermore,
look at how you’re inside groups of onlookers display your organization to the
general population. Do all representatives have an exact, predictable
“lift discourse” about your organization? Do you talk as one voice?

Step 7: Analyze your media

all your press scope in a media folio. This can incorporate TV and radio tapes
and additionally transcripts and Web scope. As in Step 3, spread your media
scope around a table. Incorporate articles and paid advertisements. Take a
gander at the recurrence and reach of your scope. What is the tone and effect?
Are your key messages being advanced? Are your groups of onlookers being come
to? What media openings have you missed? To administer scope, contract with a
news observing administration or utilize Google’s free Media Alerts to track
your scope in the press, websites and Web destinations.

Step 8: Conduct a SWOT
(strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis.

your information together from the past advances. Do a SWOT examination of your
interchanges utilizing a basic diagram:





how you can capitalize on strengths, stop weaknesses, maximize opportunities
and defend against threats.

Step 9: Think like a
communications consultant.

light of your discoveries, what might you prescribe to yourself for future
Communications? Select a group to enable you to break down your review comes
about and strategize about future activities.

Step 10: Put together a
plan for future communications.

your exploration as the beginning stage for making a Communications Plan for
your organization. Either make the arrangement inside, or procure an expert to
outline and actualize your arrangement.

Benefits of
Communications Audit

It enables work to help
for our Communication/HR/or organization change activity.

It exhibits our
responsibility regarding enhancing Communication all through the organization.

It exhibits our ability
to tune in and to react to workers and other partners’ perspectives – a key
advance in building positive relationship, making validity and encouraging
common trust.

A review will discover
what real fragments of workers/partners think about the organization’s
Communication and activities.

A review will convey down
to earth proposal for enhancing Communication in the organization.

A review can spare cash
and exertion as you will have the capacity to limit, or dispense with, the
projects that don’t yield benefits and reinforce, or include, those that do.

A review can turn into
the reason for making a successful vital Communication get ready for your
organization, guaranteeing that we increase most extreme advantages from our
Communication speculation.

An adequately composed
and executed Communication review can be a driver for culture change where we
draw in everybody in building another work culture of open Communication,
believability, and coordinated effort.



You have been invited as the Joint Secretary of the Parents Teachers
Organization to celebrate Teachers Day at your child’s school. Since you are a
counsellor, you also have to give the key note address for the event. Your
child studies at a reputed school which has a legacy of 25 years. Most of the
teachers are very senior with vast experience. The school is modern in its
outlook towards extra-curricular activities but conventional as well when it
concerns academics.

the lunch, you would have the chance to interact with the management, trustees
and teachers. You wish to make a great first impression that lasts and also
seem confident while addressing such an elite audience.

Apart from preparing the speech, you believe your appearance will make or break
the deal. What will you keep in mind while choosing your dress, accessories and
make up for the event?


grooming is the term for how Personals deal with their body and appearance.
Dressing is a critical piece of Personal prepping. Great Personal preparing can
influence a man to look cleaned and organized. Looking great as a rule enhances
a man’s confidence and certainty.

Personal Grooming and
Clothing for Men

Shaving every day is an
absolute necessity.

Trim hair which may
much of the time peep out from our nose and ears.

Keep nails short and
clean, as your hands are seen while conveying.

Use deodorant / Anti
per spirant

Darker suits convey
greater specialist; the most capable hues are dim blue, dark and dark.

The shirt should to be
light hued, either plain or with flat or vertical stripes in light shades

When wearing since
quite a while ago sleeved shirts, sleeves should to broaden a quarter inch
beneath suit sleeve.

The legs of the pants
must not be inasmuch as to fall in folds over the shoe.

A printed, striped or
checked shirt should be worn with plain pant

If the pants are striped
or checked, the shirt should to be plain.

When wearing a shirt
without a tie, just the two neckline catches might be left fixed

Your tie should
complement and add shading to your suit.


Jewelry should be very
simple and conservative

Portfolios should to be
cowhide; darker and dark are the best hues.

Watches should to be
straightforward and plain. Maintain a strategic distance from cowhide, metal
lashes are the best.


Belts should to be
cowhide and should match or supplement shoes (blue/dark/dim suit = dark belt
and shoes; darker/tan/beige suit = darker belt and shoes). The clasp should to
be basic and calm.

Tie sticks and sleeve
buttons add to your expert attitude, so utilize them.

Personal Grooming and
Clothing for Women

Makeup should to be
unobtrusive down to a base.

Never wear
differentiating underpants under light tops as it will appear.

Your shirts neckline,
sleeves should to be spotless and there should tobe no missing catches

Keep your nails perfect
and cleaned.

Use deodorant / Anti
per spirant

Wear enduring make-up

Sari should to be worn
flawlessly in an expert style.

Pin the sari well with
the goal that it doesn’t fall

No cut sleeves shirt,
or diving neck lines please.

Traditional salwar
kameez with dupatta can be worn.

Always convey a perfect

Heel tallness should
not to be too high or low. 2 inch heel is perfect

Never wear brilliant,
silver or sequined shoes to the workplace.

Never wear white socks
to office

Dress for solace and
expert impact.


Pearls, white gold,
silver and valuable stones look extremely exquisite in office than thick gold

Hoops should not dangle
underneath the ear flap. Close to an inch long is adequate.

Nose sticks and studs
are satisfactory. Nose rings are amateurish.

All tattoos must be
secured while at work.

Continuously wear sheer
socks/tights with shoes under skirts. No exposed skin should appear.






While meeting and greeting all the dignitaries, how will you conduct yourself
when you are introducing yourself with an objective to build rapport with them?


Steps to introducing
yourself with an objective to build rapport:

1. Be friendly:
People who speak with an inviting tone and comforting grin quite often have the
edge. The reason is straightforward: we are subliminally attracted to
individuals who are agreeable on the grounds that they influence us to rest
easy and convey greater pleasure to our lives.

2. Think before you
speak: One of my favorite English Proverbs is
“Better to remain silent and be should a fool, than to open your mouth and
remove all doubt.” I locate that many individuals say whatever experiences
their brains without putting any ought to into what they are stating.
Subsequently they say things that end up thinking about inadequately

3. Be clear:
The greater part of us don’t have room schedule-wise nor would we like to spend
our passionate vitality to make sense of what another person is endeavoring to
state. People who are roundabout in their verbal communication and who tend to
allude to things without saying what’s truly at the forefront of their thoughts
are at times regarded. At the point when there is something you need to state,
ask yourself, “What is the clearest way I can impart this point?”

4. Don’t talk too much:
Very few people like to be around someone who talks too much and dominates the

5. Be your authentic
self: Today, (more than whenever amid my
lifetime), individuals are killed by those individuals who want to put on a
show to make their point. Rather, individuals are pulled in to somebody who
talks from the heart and is certifiable, straightforward, and genuine.

6. Practice humility:
Humility is having one’s very own unobtrusive perspective significance. It is a
standout amongst the most alluring identity characteristics one can have and is
a standout amongst the most noteworthy indicators of somebody who is regarded.
Individuals who talk with modesty and veritable regard for others are quite
often held in high respect.

7.  Speak with confidence:
You don’t need to relinquish self-assurance to hone modesty. Certainty is a
confidence emerging from a valuation for one’s actual capacities, though
lowliness is having one’s very own humble conclusion significance. Talking with
certainty incorporates the words you pick, the tone of your voice, your eye to
eye connection, and non-verbal communication.

8.  Focus on your body language:
When you are occupied with eye to eye verbal correspondence, your non-verbal
communication can play as huge of a part in the message you convey as the words
you talk. Your non-verbal communication conveys regard and intrigue. It puts
genuine importance behind your words.

9. Learn the art of
listening: Being a mindful audience is more vital
in verbal correspondence than any words that can leave your mouth. You should
demonstrate a true enthusiasm for what is being stated, pose great inquiries, tune
in for the message inside the message, and abstain from intruding.


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