Business Plan

Executive Summary American Wing is a small-sized hot wing & fish restaurant, which will be located at beside the Kroger shopping center where the prime commercial area with high daily traffic patterns. In a severe competitive restaurant, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to differentiate one restaurant concept from another.

American Wing does this by being the only restaurant to provide quick and delicate customer care service in combination of unique, tasty hot wing & fish cooked with special sauce. Our menu will be specialized in hot wings & fish with high quality raw material and organic and creative taste. The business has great potential for growth in revenue, and with attractive location, long-established traditional taste of hot wing & fish at value prices and satisfactory and responsible customer service, substantial growth in revenue should be realizable in next 3 years. II. Key to Success

The keys to the success of American Wing are: 1. Top quality foods with unique seasoning: we provide top quality foods with fresh raw materials and unique seasoning. 2. Exceptional service that leaves a great impression: Friendly staffs with bright smiles will provide the best service in town. 3. Strict control over all costs, at all times, without exceptions: We won’t allow to money wasted and will be alert on every cash-in/out flows to maximize net cash. 4. Hiring the best people available, training, motivating and encouraging them, and thereby retaining the friendliest, most efficient and talented staffs possible

III. Operations Management 1. Owner driven business management: Mrs. Lee, who has 3 years experience of hot wing restaurant “American Wing at Union city” will be full time manager for the business. 2. We will keep a comfortable and well-known restaurant where a diversity of people will come to for great tasting of hot wing & fish. 3. “Customer Opinion Box” will be located at the counter, so that suggestions and comments can be promptly reviewed for better service. 4. Store hour will be open from 11 a. m. ~ 9 p. m. for Mon through Thurs and from 11 a. m. ~ 10 p. m. or Fri and Sat. 5. For the convenience of customers, we will deliver our food within 2. 5 miles. IV. Marketing Strategy Our main focus in marketing will be to increase customer awareness in the surrounding community. We will price our products moderately, keep our standards high, and execute the concept so that word-of-mouth will be our main marketing force. Furthermore, we will do outside marketing using multi media where the people easily recognize our restaurant. Primary advertising will be made on yellow pages, flyers, and local news papers. Relationship with Suppliers

Maintaining good relationship with suppliers and vendors are also important to us in order to get lower product cost. We also keep quick disbursement policy to the vendors to build good credit. To keep our food cost down, we purchasing non-perishable food items in large quantities for discount. Competition No direct and potential competition detected from the new business entry into the market within 2 mile radius. Employment We will set-up an efficient and organized work shifts system for the employees to provide quick service to the clients during launch and dinner hours.

Since the business requires high standards of customer satisfaction, management will educate employees about the importance of the quality service that creates best customer service through regularly scheduled evaluation meeting, competitive wage for highly qualified serving personnel, and creation of cooperative working environment The Prospect The tasty and unique sauced hot wing & fish food, satisfactory customer service, and cozy atmosphere will be bring success to our business without any doubt. PRO FORMA INCOME STATEMENT AMERICAN WING YEAR PROJECTION [pic] (Note) All the factors except depreciation & amortization expense will be increased by 3% each year. Net Cash Inflow will be as followings. 1st Year: $86,162 which is $68,626 + $13,703(Dep. Expense) + $3,833(Amortization) 2nd Year: $ 88,807 3rd Year: $ 91,531 Assumption Sales The following is the summary of the one year projection sales. [pic] Cost of Good Sold Cost of good sold is calculated 33. 3% of gross sales amount. Advertising The borrower plans to advertise through yellow pages, flyers and local news papers.

It will pay $300 for yellow pages, $500 for flyers and $1,000 for local news papers per month. ($300 + $500 + $1,000) * 12 months = $21,600 / year Depreciation& Amortization The equipment and furniture will be depreciated for 5 years and 7 years respectively using straight line method. Equipment : $35,000/5 =$7,000/year Furniture : $20,000/7 = $2,857/year Total Depreciation Expense per year = $13,703 Goodwill will be amortized over 15 years using straight line method. Goodwill : $ 57,500 / 15 = $3,833. 00/year Payroll Tax Expense 8% of salaries: $30,240 * 8% = $2,419. 0 Salaries The owner plans to hire three part-time staffs. They will be paid $7 per hour and be supposed to work 5 hours a day in rotation. Total salary expense is estimated at $2,520/month. ( 3 part-time staff * $7 * 5hours * 6 days * 4 weeks = $2,520 ) Supplies : Supply expense is subject to 5% of gross sales. Rent The rent expense assumed $2,000(including CAM) for first year. And it will be increased by 3% each year. Owner Financing Owner Financing amount is $20,000 for 2 years with 7% interest rate. Monthly payment = $20,000 * 1. 07 / 24 months = $891. 66/month


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